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5 of the Most Cringe-worthy Moments in TLC's 90-Day Fiance

Updated on February 3, 2019
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Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa seem to be in the relationship for the wrong reasons.
Jorge and Anfisa seem to be in the relationship for the wrong reasons.

Jorge and Anfisa

Meeting your fiance's parents or siblings can always be a tense and nerve wracking moment.You are walking on eggshells here as you are always careful not to say or do anything that may offend them. After all, it is always a difficult choice if the fiance and the family does not get along.

Lourdes is an overprotective older sister but it comes with good reason. Anfisa is a massive gold digger. It is obvious to everyone and their grandmother that Anfisa is looking for the easy way to live the good life. She doesn't know how to cook or clean.She has no job skills. All she does is look pretty.

Lourdes and Anfisa have a heated exchange when they meet as Lourdes knows that Anfisa is a gold digger and does not love Jorge at all. She is just in it for the money. Once she bleeds Jorge dry it is no doubt that she will leave him. Lourdes also chides Anfisa for wanting everything but not doing anything to support her brother. She also accused Anfisa of mistreating him.

Jorge, in the meantime, is caught in the crossfire. Being weak in character. He stood mum while his fiance and his sister were in a verbal spat. Anfisa later gets angry at him for not defending her. His sister meanwhile is very concerned that Jorge is just being used.

Anfisa did not even have a proper job when she met Jorge and it is doubtful she has had any experience in a decent job. Jorge discovered Anfisa in a camgirl website. It is obvious that Anfisa is all looks and no substance.

Jorge lied to Anfisa about his financial situation. He claimed to be rich but in reality is in a lot of debt. Sure selling medical marijuana is profitable but we do not know the scale of Jorge's operations. He has to sell a lot of weed to finance Anfisa's luxurious lifestyle.

Anfisa is a high maintenance girl. She likes to shop. She has spent thousands of Jorge's money or designer clothes, shoes and bags. Even her surgical enhancements were sponsored by Jorge.

Anfisa takes advantage of the fact that Jorge is fat and ordinary looking. No way is a girl like her going with a guy like him. She is obviously using him to get loads of free stuff.She would fight Jorge whenever there is something she wants that he could not afford.As the expenses begin to mount, Jorge asks her when will it end and she replied with never.

It is no doubt that Anfisa would easily leave Jorge once she finds a man who can support her whims and caprices. She was asked that question once and she said she would go with someone else if he were to treat her better.

Anfisa is perhaps the most notorious of anyone who has appeared on the show. She has been called a lot of derogatory things from people such as "Anvisa" (referring to her using Jorge to get a US Visa), a "bitch", a "whore" and a "gold digger."

Jorge's sister Lourdes even said to Jorge "When you have money, that's when she spreads her legs."

What a zinger if there was ever one. Ouch!

Lourdes Confronts Anfisa About Her Gold Digging Ways

Pedro and Chantel

Who does Pedro love more? His family or Chantel?
Who does Pedro love more? His family or Chantel?

Pedro and Chantel

Pedro is being a good son and brother by sending financial assitance to his mom and sister in the Dominican Republic. However, if you are in a relationship, there should be limits as you do have a fiscal responsibility to your fiance as well especially when you are living together. There should be a balance that must be reached.

However this sense of balance doesn't seem to be on Pedro's mind. Far from it. He loves his mother and sister so much that he was able to secure a larger apartment for them - an apartment even larger than what he and Chantel reside in. What they got was a three bedroom and two bathroom condominium compared to the matchbox condominium, Pedro and Chantel lived in. He also loved to lavish them with expensive gifts such as a television set and a laptop.

The two met through Chantel's Spanish teacher who introduced her to Pedro to help her learn Spanish easier. The two soon became an item. However, the financial aspect of their relationship would be a point of conflict.

This conflict heightened when Chantel met Pedro's mom and sister. The mom was supposed to be a lawyer. It is unclear though if the sister has a proper job or even has job experience. The two seemed to be content on mooching off Pedro and Chantel and seemed to like being on welfare. Chantel spent all her savings to bring Pedro to the United States and she expected Pedro to reciprocate. However, the love Pedro has for Chantel is a mere sliver compared to the enormous love he seems to have for his family.

Chantel snaps when Pedro's sister decided to take center stage and point her finger in Chantel's face. Chantel responds by saying that she is "not gonna sit here and be disrespected by two ignorant people right now!” Then the sister tells Chantel to just divorce her brother. Chantel storms out and calls her a “slut ass whore!!!” The mother and sister then call Chantel "crazy."

The Claws Come Out - Chantel Argues with Pedro's Mom and Sister

Larry and Jenny

Larry is immature and Jenny is unfaithful. How will this work out?
Larry is immature and Jenny is unfaithful. How will this work out?

Larry and Jenny

Jenny belongs to a poor family and does not have much in life. Filipinos, whether poor or rich are known for their hospitality and when there is a guest, they will offer you the very best that they could offer. They would offer you the best food and drink available and would even go as far as spending for you in order for you to feel welcome. They would even sleep on the couch and let you sleep in their bed.

Jenny's family is no different. Her family spent a month's worth of wages just to buy a lechon (roast pig) to welcome Larry to the Philippines. The lechon is a symbol of
celebration in the Philippine islands. Whether it be a birthday, fiesta or business opening, nothing is more symbolic of a celebration than a lechon.

In this case a whole pig costs $150 to $200 depnding on weight. Sure based on the average income of an American this amount is not such a big deal. Based on the $7.25 federal minimum wage, it will take 20-28 hours to earn enough to buy a whole pig. However the $150 to $200 is already the monthly income of the average Filipino worker so it IS a big deal It is also not that easy to prepare as it takes 5 hours to slowly roast over hot coals. The pig has to constantly be turned to ensure it is properly cooked. The last time Jenny has tasted this Filipino delicacy was back when she was a kid as it is expensive and not something that most Filipinos could afford.

Larry apparently does not know this fact and seemed to be disgusted at the sight of the roast pig. He also appeared disgusted as he sampled it. Jenny and her family were offended. She even said that he was "rude" as he did not even appreciate the effort and expense that Jenny's family went through to prepare the roast pig for him. He did not thank them nor seemed enthusiastic about the food. He looked like a
petulent child who was served broccoli or brussel sprouts.

Larry was too worried about diarrhea and that the food was unclean to savor it. Diarrhea isn't exactly the most life threatening of medical conditions and can be mostly solved with two Loperamide capsules that cost just pennies. Larry should have just let the family know in advance if he does not eat certain things whether it be because of personal, religious or health reasons. If he sees something he does
not like, he can always pick something else if multiple dishes are served. He does not have to be a rude guest and not be appreciative of what was offered to him.

The Great Roast Pig Debacle

David and Annie

This costly marriage is bankrupting David.
This costly marriage is bankrupting David.

David and Annie

David is a bit down on his luck. He lost his job and he lost a lot of money and assets in a divorce. He however found the silver lining in a young Annie. Annie was singing at a bar when David saw him. It was like he saw an angel as he was mesmerized by her beautiful voice.

David was getting up there in years but being around the young and vibrant Annie made him feel young too. Getting married to Annie was not exactly a walk in the part for the now economically challenged David. David was no longer this styling profiling wheeling dealing son-of-a-gun.He was now under a budget. The dowry that Annie's family was asking was 2-3 million Baht which was about $60,000-$90,000. He tried to haggle it down to 50,000 Baht which was roughly $1,500. To top it all of the jewelry Annie wanted almost $7000. This would have been easy for David once-upon-a-time but losing his house, cars and job all took a toll on him and his finances.

Fortunately, David had a friend in Chris who was willing to house him and Annie while they get back to their feet. At first, he seemed very reasonable. He wanted Annie to help cook and clean. While the Internet blew up on this and said he was treating her like a maid, people have to also think that this isn't a hotel. This is a private residence. David and Annie have to do their fair share. Cooking and cleaning is the least they could do.

The next request literally made everyone's mind explode. Chris ask Annie for a Thai Massage by the pool. This is not only creepy but inappropriate. I would understand it if Annie was a massage therapist by trade. However, Annie was married to David and Chris is married to a pregnant Nikki. The cooking, cleaning and household chores are okay but a massage is a bit out of line.

Annie and David looked at each other upon hearing Chris' request and an awkward silence ensued.

David's Friend Asks Annie for a Thai Massage

Antonio and Cortney

Cortney is Antonio's girl but is she his only girl?
Cortney is Antonio's girl but is she his only girl?

Antonio and Cortney

Antonio is a slick talker and smooth operator. This makes him hard to gauge. Is he being genuine or is he playing you. Once accused of being a catfish, Antonio was actually real. Cortney's friends were intrigued by this "mystery man" and did some sleuthing. They found some rather risque photos of him online. They thought he was a porn star. She would show the images later to him and accuse him of being a porn star.

Antonio did not create a good first impression with Cortney as he did not pick her up from the airport. When they met, he was late and then he invited her to watch a fashion show he was involved in. Not only was Cortney tired from the trip, she was also annoyed. You could clearly see Antonio checking out various women as they run down the catwalk.

You could clearly see Antonio gazing at the gorgeous young ladies as they parade in front of him. He even took a lot of pictures of them. He paid more attention to the show than his tired fiance Cortney.

In a later instance, Cortney and Antonio were in a restaurant. They ordered food and champagne. Cortney caught Antonio looking at the waitress' posterior multiple times. She was irked by this and told Antonio to get the check from his boo. Antonio claimed he knows this girl but Cortney did not buy it.

The thing is that Cortney is back in the United States while Antonio is in Spain and this behavior by Antonio raises some red flags. Does Antonio really want to settle down or does Antonio simply want to be the modern day Casanova.

Antonio is the 21st Century Casanova

The Most Cringe-worthy of Them All

Which is the most cringe-worthy moment of 90-Day Fiance?

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