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5 of the more obscure, but still good, Stoner Movies of all time.

Updated on June 9, 2011
Wizards (1977) A Ralph Bakshi film
Wizards (1977) A Ralph Bakshi film

Sitting in bed at 2:30 in the morning wondering what movie to watch on my Macbook, I thought to myself, where are all the obscure stoner movies?? Sure, we all know and love the classics- Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), Dazed and Confused (1993), anything by Cheech & Chong, and more recently, just about every Seth Rogen collaboration- but what about the plethora of lesser known stoner flicks? The independent, homegrown films that are constantly being silenced and altered at every step of the film-making process to ensure their political-correctness... what about those? After all, they must be hiding somewhere amidst the piles of crap that we call today's film industry. Well, It's not all crap. Hopefully this list will feature some new(er) titles than did previous lists of stoner movies- which, in my opinion, are becoming way too predictable. In no specific order:

1. Growing Op (2008) This little number came out of Canada a couple years back, and I have to say, it delivers great vibes to the habitual stoner. Forget about all the weed references, Growing Op is still a great movie, with a fantastic final twist! Add in all the weed talk and weed smoking, and the film is a classic. F**king gravy!

2. The Phantom Tollbooth (1970) Yet another classic, from a great era for films. Despite no actual reference to pot, this movie is so brilliantly creative and trippy that you immediately forget that no one is smoking weed in it. As long as you're good and high right from the opening credits- which are accompanied beautifully by "No Time" by the Guess Who- then all will be well. This half-cartoon-half-amazing movie is certainly a must see for all, weed-head or not!

3. Harold and Maude (1971) With or without the slight reference to marijuana, this is just a great f**king movie with an even more amazing soundtrack. Cat Stevens is really just the glue that holds all the beautiful pieces together in this masterpiece of a dysfunctional relationship between two perfectly messed up people. Despite the fact that this movie is nowhere near obscure, it is an obscure choice as a stoner film...

4. Cool World (1992) + Wizards (1977) These two animated gems, created by the brilliant mind of Ralph Bakshi, are equally important to the habitual stoner. Again, neither film references weed, however, the animation is so amazing, and the stories are so right-f**ked that it really doesn't matter. Don't even bother clicking play until you're higher than Woody Harrelson is right now, because there is simply no other way to watch these two films.

5. Outside Providence (1999) This lesser known Alec Baldwin and Amy Smart film has managed to stay under the radar for over a decade. And I don't know how or why. Yet another stoner movie- heavy on the weed reference- that really delivers some powerful vibes to the seasoned pothead. Great acting, great opening act, and an overall hilarious movie to burn one down to. Light up and sit back.

On the Bubble (but really just as good):

1. Return to Paradise (1998) Definitely one of the lesser known Vince Vaughn pictures is just a fantastic movie all around. Joaquin Phoenix and a young Vaughn tear it up on screen in this hash-filled, and heartfelt, story about friendship and justice.

2. Everything's Gone Green (2006) Another Canadian movie makes the list (kind of), and not a bad movie to boot. Featuring that guy from "Roadtrip", and filmed in scenic Vancouver, BC, "Everything's Gone Green" does a great job of normalizing the whole weed, and weed cultivation, thing. Kind of a lame story, but decently funny, and definitely pro-marijuana! It's worth a shot.

I hope this list has opened a few eyes to the numerous stoner movies that are, perhaps, overlooked more often than not in movie stores or online. Too many films get smothered in the over-saturated market and it's up to the fans of these relatively 'unknown' pictures to get them out there and exposed. Thanks for reading!


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