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5 Stars for the Top 5

Updated on June 5, 2014

5 stars

This hub will introduce what 5 stars for the top 5 is:

in this hub it will be like a mini oricon, kpop, billboard top 100 (but top 5 :)for celebrity issues.

1. It will score groups, individual, and anything in between.

2. It will cover issues from who had the best red hair to who had the best debut/ comeback

based on:

1. The top 5 pictures posted in the hub will come from the most searched for on the internet

2. I will try not to be biased and pick only people I want to see, but if there are more the 5 that are popular I will choose who I think is best.

3. I will pick the top 5 topic at random and from the top of my head, unless there is a suggestion

scoring system:

1.The picture will be scored from 5 (ok) to 1 (being the best)

2. The pictures or posts will be give a star

(note: it will not be 1 star to 5 stars)

How stars are awarded:

1. Gold Star (best picture/post) (Drop Dead Gorgeous)

2. Blue Star (Better) (Hot Stuff)

3. Purple Star (Good) (That's A looker)

4. Green Star (Ok) (Pretty)

5. Pink Star (So-So) (cute)

So i hope that everyone will enjoy and look forward to the first post

-Princessallyjayy ♥


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