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50 Cent / Curtis Jackson

Updated on June 10, 2012

A new perspective on Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent

Impressed, profound, strategic intelligent, charismatic, charming and extremely loveable=Curtis Jackson

It was my pleasure to watch Oprah and Curtis sit down and discuss comments made and the reason behind those comments. They confronted their differences in a way that represents effective conflict resolution:

(a) Agree to disagree

(b) Gain clarification

(c) Understand someone else’s reasoning behind their position

Most memorable take away from the interview

“Either pray or worry but don’t do both” Curtis Jackson.

I loved this interview because it allowed the viewer to take in the handsome, charming, and intelligent Curtis Jackson.

The lesson:

Often we see rappers and entertainers through the eyes media images. We judge and make assumptions about the character and substance of a man or woman based on the “finished product.” We rarely sit down, and in this case, take a look at the childhood and life situations someone has experienced which makes them the person that they are today. We are all human and we all have experiences that shape who we are. Perhaps a person is doing their best with the deck of cards given to them. Keep in mind that it takes time to grow, experience life, and process your life situations for the everyday person so why do we not give celebrities the same opportunity?

There are two sides to Curtis Jackson which he acknowledged. I love his humble perspective and the love he has for his family and his ability to always be this sweet guy who can still sleep downstairs at his grandparent’s house. His behavior reveals a lot about the person who can have a mansion to die for and still sleep in a humble bed downstairs at his grandparent’s house.


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