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50 Unusual Things you are likely to find in a Woman's Handbag

Updated on August 1, 2015

Things found in a woman’s handbag do bring about a change in facial expressions. What lies in a woman’s handbag does surprise a large number of men; however the startling fact is a larger number of women are startled by what they find in their handbag. Not many women have a clear memory of how a particular item got into their purse. Women have a habit of stuffing little things in their purse, and blame it on short term memory, what lies in there is forgotten. And so, one fine day when the handbag is emptied, the expression on a woman’s face changes. We hear many women utter the words “I was looking all over for this” when an item they were looking for is found in their handbag.

While it may sound strange or rather absurd to men about women not remembering what they put in their handbag, the realms of absent-mindedness and a woman’s handbag have a close association. Women do not have their purse ready when they are going out. The things women call ‘essentials’ are put in their handbag at the last moment. Women pack their essentials in their handbag at the last minute, and in this hurry, unwanted items get stashed in dark corners of a handbag. While it makes perfect sense for women to have their purse ready before they dress up, majority of women put items in their purse after they are done dressing up. After dressing up women spend few minutes admiring self in front of the mirror, and it’s this ‘admiring session’ that leads to unwanted things being stuffed in the handbag.

Every woman carries items in her purse that are relatively important to her. However, aside from the basic essentials, you are likely to find astonishingly different items in accordance with a woman’s age and preference. When a woman empties her purse once in a blue moon, the look on a man’s face says it all. The stuff that comes out of a woman’s purse does raise eyebrows. Women globally agree to the fact that a lot of things in their handbag are unwanted, but lie in depths of the handbag for reasons unknown.


50 Unusual Things you are likely to find in a Woman’s Purse

1. Earphones- Women carry earphones in their purse. Mobile earphones often lie in a woman’s handbag even if they are seldom used. Young women love to plug in when they travel.

2. Cotton Swabs- Another item you find lying in a woman’s purse is cotton swabs. This utility item is rather popular with women. Cotton swab and women, there is a connection.

3. Eye Pencil Sharpener- The eye pencil sharpener is the need of hour for many women. Surprising as it may seem even women that do not use an eye pencil carry an eye pencil sharpener in their handbag.

4. Earrings- Earrings are often found in a woman’s purse. Many women that hit the dance floor have a tendency to remove their earrings and keep them in their purse. It’s not that earrings are a hindrance on the dance floor; it’s just that women feel comfortable dancing without earrings. Sounds rather strange, but that’s the way the story goes.

5. Duct Tape- This might come as a surprise; many women do carry duct tape in their purse. Come to think of it in times of emergencies duct tape comes in handy.

6. Tape Measure- Some women measure everything they come across. It’s got to be perfect for women that trust their own measurements.

7. Visiting Card- Visiting cards keep piling in a woman’s handbag. For some reason women love carrying visiting cards in their handbag. One fine day, when the purse is emptied, the unwanted visiting cards come to light.

8. Matchbox- Why women carry a matchbox in their purse when they carry along a lighter is rather puzzling. The only thing that comes to mind is…nostalgia.

9. Tissue Paper/Paper Napkins- Women seem to have an endless supply of paper napkins in their purse. Many women pick a small bundle of paper tissues at fast food restaurants to wipe their greasy hands after having junk food. Dumping small bundles of paper napkins in their purse has become a habit with mothers of toddlers.

10. Hand bracelets- Among the many jewelry items found in a woman’s handbag, the hand bracelet is rather popular. At restaurants many women remove their bracelet and put it in their handbag. It’s a wise move when you are hungry. Nothing should come in the way of food when hungry.


11. Old Cellphone- Women love to carry along their smartphone everywhere they go. However, an old discarded phone seems to find place in handbags of woman.

12. Broken accessories- Take a look closely when a woman is emptying her purse and you will find broken accessories. Women have slippery fingers and slippery feet and hence you find a lot of broken items getting dumped in the purse. Broken stiletto heels, broken bracelet, broken earring, broken wristwatch, it’s all in there.

13. Sewing Needle- This may crash the lights in a man’s mind, but yeah many women carry a sewing needle in their handbag. Why? Let your imagination flow.

14. Books- Women love to stuff in a book or two in their handbag before embarking upon a travel trip.

15. Gloves- Regardless of the weather, women love to carry a pair of gloves in their purse. Gloves and women share a strong bond.

16. Portable Fan- Over the years, the portable fan has become a rather popular item in a woman’s handbag. Portable fans are popular with women who are constantly on the move.

17. Snack- Don’t be surprised… most women carry a small little snack in their handbag. It could be cookies, sandwiches, nuts or anything edible you can think of.

18. Portable Media Player- Women that love music do carry their iPod or any other portable media device in their handbag.

19. Glue Stick/Glue Tube- Gluing broken objects is a favorite activity with many women. The glue stick is indeed a handy device in a woman’s handbag.

20. Skipping Rope- Not many women skip to keep fit. However, women do carry a skipping rope in their purse.


21. Plastic Fork/Spoon- Many women pick up plastic forks and spoons at fast food restaurants and keep them in their handbag. Not many women realize they have collection of plastic spoons in their handbag.

22. Recipes written on a paper napkin- Women that love to cook like to scribble recipes on paper napkins and keep them safe in their handbag.

23. Key Chains- Aside from the key chain that holds keys, you also find unused key chains in a woman’s handbag. These key chains are often picked up as souvenir items in foreign countries and are conveniently forgotten.

24. Ice candy Sticks- Some women do fancy putting ice candy sticks in their handbag. Does anybody have answers?

25. Small Wallet- You often find a small wallet in a woman’s handbag. The wallet is often empty or has few small denomination coins and old receipts.

26. Childhood passport size photograph- Passport size photographs are often found in a woman’s purse. Old childhood photographs always seem safe in a woman’s handbag.

27. Fitness Tracking Device- Fitness tracking wrist devices have become a rage with women. Women like to keep a track of calories burned. Why carry a fitness tracking device in a purse when you can wear it on your wrist.

28. Plush Toys- Women love to carry cuddly plush toys in their purse. Mother’s of toddlers often carry their child’s favorite plush toy in their handbag.

29. Passport- Some women like to carry their passport in their handbag everywhere they go. Why women carry their passport in their purse when they go grocery shopping remains a mystery.

30. Herbal balm for migraines/headaches- Aside from the various beauty products that are stuffed in a woman’s purse, it’s the herbal balm for headaches that is gaining prominence in a woman’s handbag.


31. Small Scissor- Some women carry a small scissor in their purse. Indeed, a small scissor is a useful utility item in a woman’s handbag.

32. Scarf- The scarf is a fashion accessory hugely popular with women. Though women do not wear the scarf at all times, they like to carry a scarf in their handbag.

33. Peeler- It may sound absurd, but some women do carry a small peeler in their handbag. This kitchen accessory has found a permanent place in a woman’s handbag.

34. Small Bottle Opener- Guys may forget to carry a bottle opener on a camping trip. However, you invariably find a few bottle openers in handbags women carry.

35. Christmas tree decorations- As weird as it may seem, some women do have Christmas tree decorations in their handbag. Christmas tree decorations commonly found in a woman’s handbag are miniature stars, miniature bells and a miniature Santa Claus.

36. Socks- A pair of socks in a woman’s handbag does rob a man of imagination.

37. Wedding Favors- When women empty their handbag, a lot many are surprised to find the number of wedding favors. Small take away gifts at weddings are often stashed in corners of a handbag and remain there until stumbled upon.

38. Boarding passes- You find boarding passes accumulate in purses of women who fly frequently. The boarding pass is handed by the airline during check-in. Women put the boarding pass in their handbag and don’t bother to get rid of them after their flight.

39. Cocktail Umbrellas- Women love to take along cocktail umbrellas from holiday destinations for memories. The cocktail umbrella gets stashed a corner of a handbag and is forgotten about in a sober state.

40. Woolen Caps- The woolen variety of caps are often found in handbags of mothers with little babies. This headgear often gets stuffed in a woman’s purse and not the baby bag.


41. Refrigerator Magnets- Why refrigerator magnets lie in a woman’s handbag is seriously baffling.

42. Eraser- Is it eerie to find an eraser in a woman’s handbag? Not so if the woman who owns the handbag is a teacher. Yes, teachers do carry a lot of stationary items in their handbag.

43. Buttons- A button that has come off a garment ends up in a woman’s handbag. Why so… is a mystery.

44. Action Figures- Some women like to carry action figures of their favorite characters in their handbag. Sounds childish, truth is there is no age for action figures.

45. Chargers- A charger is present at all times in a woman’s handbag. Most women carry along their smartphone charger in their handbag when they leave home.

46. Swiss Knife- If you thought the Swiss knife was a man thing, let it be known that a large number of women globally do carry this utility survival kit in their handbag.

47. Chocolate wrappers- Women love chocolates. If you take a look into a woman’s handbag, you are likely to find one or two of these… Chocolate wrappers, candy wrappers, gum wrappers and mint wrappers.

48. Zipper Storage Bags- Many women like to carry zipper storage bags in their handbag. Women like to put things in a zipper storage band and then stash the bag in their handbag.

49. Small Umbrella- Some women do manage to squeeze in a small umbrella in their handbag.

50. Bottle Caps- It’s rather perplexing to find bottle caps in a woman’s handbag.



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