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5 Reasons To Read Jossip Instead Of Perez Hilton

Updated on October 30, 2012

There are two popular celebrity gossip blogs which are both vying your attention like the media whores that they are. Okay, so there are probably more than two, but there are only two to really care about right now. There's Perez Hilton's blog which has made the man famous enough that he's soon going to be on his own show on VH1. And then there's Jossip.

The two are easy to compare because they're very similar. They post about the same celebrities, they use the same format of big pictures with a bit of text, and they prey upon your need to know the latest in Hollywood gossip. You could just read them both every day and get the opinions of each of them on all of the stars and their mishaps. But let's pretend that you've got a real life and you only have the time to indulge in one celebrity gossip blog each day.

Here are five reasons that it makes more sense to nix Perez Hilton and go with Jossip rather than the other way around:

  • 1. Jossip frequently uses a bulleted style that's reader friendly. Let's face it; you want your blog to be really clear about what's important and what can be skimmed.

  • 2. That bulleted style lends itself well to Jossip's tendency to draw connections between all kinds of different stars. A Perez Hilton post is almost always about one person's one bad act. Jossip takes the one act, sums it up into a sentence and then segues it into a line about another celebrity. So, you get more news. More importantly, you're asked to draw connections between people which makes it almost like a logic game, so you can feel smart while doing your celebrity reading.

  • 3. Jossip makes use of the strikeout in text. It's a great tool for online writing. It takes all of the sarcasm of an entire Perez post and puts it into one line across one word or phrase. Simple. And perfect.

  • 4. The quality of the Jossip writing is just plain better. The sentences are full sentences filled with wit. Whereas Perez writes for the blondes who've been hitting the bleach bottle one too many times, Jossip knows that your affection for celebrity gossip doesn't mean you're a dummy.

  • 5. Jossip trashes Perez Hilton. He made himself a household name and that makes him fair game.

Okay, okay, but there's got to be something better about the Perez Hilton website right? Jossip doesn't have it all. To give some credit to Perez, he's got the better motto. His is "Celebrity Juice, Not From Concentrate". In comparison, the Jossip blog motto ("The Gossip's Gossip Sheet") just pales. But in the end, the mottos kind of sum it up. Perez is giving you juice like you're a little kid at lunch time. Jossip knows that you're scanning the celebrity news during the lunch hour of your own busy day so that you have something new to share over drinks with your co-workers at happy hour.


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  • darron profile image

    darron 10 years ago from New York City

    i may have been convinced!