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Tips to effectively manage your online presence

Updated on May 11, 2016

How Important is it to manage your online presence

Social Media and the internet has allowed businesses to create many platforms to reach their consumers and clients.

These days its imperative for businesses to up their social media game, continuous innovations and the ever changing market has.made social media the perfect platform to gain attention and invite new consumers to experience products and services.These tips will help your business get a one up on your social media and digital press game.

  • Quality over Quantity getting peoples attention is easy, while losing their attention is easier. Loyal customers and clients are hard to come by. Take care of the people who have been loyal to your business be it the consumer or the employee. A loyal following is a major game changer in the world of media management.
  • Too Much Too Fast a common mistake for business owners who are just starting up with social media marketing and management is that they tend to go overboard on posting and advertising. Too many posts in a short period of time will irritate followers and they are more likely to unfollow, unlike and unsubscribe to your social media channels. Keep it short sweet and simple. People dont need to know when your office gets a new printer. (yes Bob we're talking about you).
  • Keep Them Wanting more. People think they want to know everything but they are not going to sit there for an hour reading a long winded post. Make sure that blogs, posts and updates are precise and detailed enough with 2-4 paragraphs.
  • Utilize photos and Info graphics. A picture that says a thousand words and tells one story is an ideal method of catching a persons attention. Keep it interesting aesthetically pleasing and enough information to cover the 5 W's (who, what , where, when and why) The HOW is up to you so make it good.
  • STOP LIGHT a method that can apply to virtually anything. Tracking your presence on social media and digital press is important. There are sites that provide a "tracker" or statistics on how many views or visits your websites has in a certain time frame.Keep tabs on what posts got the most views or visits and learn from the ones that did not do well with the consensus. GREEN posts (posts that got the most attention) should be your template for new content. YELLOW posts (the ones that slowed down traffic for your site) should trigger the question "why did this slow down or decrease my online traffic?". Which brings us to the RED posts (you dont want this) it causes loyal consumers to dislike and altogether stop being loyal patrons
  • Feedback. Reviews are your best friend, both good and bad reviews should be taken as a learning opportunity. Your business will thank you for it, taking and addressing issues is part of growing a business effective media management will help you take control and steer your business in the right direction.

Social media and digital press is a opportunity that should not be taken for granted, especially when its FREE! Be responsive, respectful and responsible.


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