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666 Park Avenue Review

Updated on May 19, 2012

666 Park Avenue Book by Gabriella Pierce

666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce is about the story of Jane Boyle and how she meets the man of her dreams. Jane is a logical person and is a higly sought after architect working in Paris, France. Jane is quickly swept off her feet by the incredibly wealthy and charasmatic Malcolm Doran and she decides to leave Paris with him after he proposes. Although the 666 Park Avenue novel sounds like a fairytale romance, things quickly change when Jane and Malcom move to New York, and Jane meets her in-laws.

If you think your in-laws are bad, Jane's are worse. Not only are the majority of Jane's new found relatives rich, mean and just unwelcoming, they are also Witches!

To make matters better or worse, depending on your perspective, Jane is beginning to develop powers of her own. Marrying Malcom came with more perks than she could imagine.

Jane has to fight to survive in the world of the occult, where she is only beginning to discover her new abilities and the rules, or lack of rules. Jane's future and survival are at stake and she must carve out a place for herself or risk losing everything.

Gabriella Pierce has already released the 2nd installment of her 666 Park Avenue Novels called The Dark Glamour.

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666 Park Avenue TV Show

666 Park Avenue has been adapted for TV and the TV Show is due to air on ABC later in 2012. Although the 666 Park Avenue TV series will be based on the books there will be a number of differences.

The 666 Park Avenue TV series is about a pair of Newlyweds who move to New York and become the building managers for an upscale apartment block at 666 Park Avenue. The newlyweds are aware that the occupants of the apartment block are rich and know how to have a good time. However, they soon realize that strange and weird things are happening. This isn't any ordanary apartment block, this block houses people with special abilities.

666 Park Avenue sounds like it's going to be a cross between Gossip Girl and The Gates. This makes sense when you consider the TV adaptation of 666 Park Avenue is being produced by Alloy Entertainment, who are resposible for Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. I expect the TV series will feature expensive clothes, people with lots of money and lots of secrets. Perhaps the occupants of 666 Park Avenue will do anything to keep their secret.

I expect the 666 Park Avenue TV show will be a big hit. Witches, vampire, werewolves and zombies have been all the rage the last few years. Twilight, The Gates, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, True Blood, Grimm, Supernatural and The Walking Dead are all perfect examples of this pattern.

666 Park Avenue Trailer


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    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      666 because it's about the supernatural.

    • profile image

      amber 5 years ago

      Why the title 666. I feel like its disrespectful to Christians.