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666 Park Avenue -- Children Of The Drake

Updated on November 12, 2012

This week’s episode seemed to be finally cooking on all four burners. It was nice seeing the drama switch from the Victim Of The Week, to the four main players. Although, Henry still remains a dud and Olivia seems to be Gavin’s Yes-Woman.

In 1998, Nona’s grandmother, Lottie, wasn’t like she is now. When her pregnant daughter, Melanie, arrived for a visit, Lottie is horrified she came to The Drake while she was pregnant and said she shouldn’t have talked to Gavin. She orders her daughter to leave and not to come back until after she has her daughter. She also says she can’t leave The Drake.While Melanie is leaving in the elevator it stops and Melanie appears to have labor pains.

In the present day, Nona realizes her grandmother is missing and when she locates her, for the first time in who knows how long, Lottie speaks. She tells Nona she has to stop Jane from leaving The Drake.

Henry excited he’s getting an accommodation for being a hero, but things are still strained between him and Jane. Jane says everything going so well for him, but she can’t stay there. She wants to go home. Jane says she doesn’t feel safe at The Drake. Jane watches has Henry is awarded the bronze medallion. Gavin says Mayor Henry Martin has a nice ring. Especially if Mayor Martin is in his pocket, eh Gavin? Meanwhile Jane tells Olivia she’s decided to leave New York. Olivia accuses her of running away. Olivia’s more of the Tammy Wynette type of woman; stand by your man even if he’s an evil monster.

Brian finds Alexis in his apartment. Brian’s been staying with a friend in Brooklyn. Brian still thinks Louise slept with the doctor. After he finally knocks boots with Alexis, he learns from Dr. Scott that Alexis set the whole thing up. Apparently, seducing Brian was her entrée into The Drake, as she announces she’s now living in the building.

Henry tells Gavin that Jane has been seeing things. Gavin suggests that Henry propose. Gavin says Henry should do whatever he can to keep Jane in New York. Unfortunately for Henry, he may never get a chance to pop the question to Jane, as the building has other plans for her. Gavin tells Olivia he’s not letting either Henry or Jane walk away.

Scott apparently surgically implanted a knife blade in Kandinsky’s gut. Kandinsky pushes the knife blade from out of his abdomen, kills some people and escapes. When Gavin gets Olivia to put on poison lipstick and to lay a big wet one on Victor Shaw, he collapses to the floor. This actually saves Gavin from being shot by Dr. Scott. He’s had enough of his blood tattoo and Gavin’s demands and wants to be free of him. So he comes up behind the monster and holds a gun to his back. However, he puts his Hippocratic Oath over wasting Gavin and accompanies Victor in the ambulance. To his shock he discovers that Kandinsky is driving the ambulance.

Nona tells Jane she can’t leave. Nona says she’s a part of this place. Jane gets in the elevator but it won’t move. Nona says even though it doesn’t feel like they’re moving, they are. Jane gets off the elevator. She sees a girl. Nona says she’s a child of The Drake. Nona says she stepped inside of Jane’s dream. When she wakes up Jane comes to see Nona. Nona says Jane is special. Nona says her grandmother can’t talk anymore. She’s been like that a couple of years since her parents died. Nona says something happened to her inside of The Drake. Nona says a lot of people die or disappear at The Drake.

Nona shows Jane a room with old newspaper clippings on things that happened at The Drake. Nona put the newspaper under Jane’s door about the guy murdered in the 1950’s. She shows Jane a picture that says Jane 1992. She suggests Jane was the blonde child she saw in her dream; that Jane was at The Drake when she was eight. Nona says that’s why Jane has to stay, to find out what it means.

When Henry and Jane return from the symphony and Henry is about to pop the question, Nona tells Jane her grandmother is missing. Jane says she’ll meet Henry upstairs, and she and Nona go to the basement and find her there. Lottie grabs Jane’s necklace trying to look through it. She’s trying to say the necklace fits into the one-eye on the mosaic. Jane fits her necklace into the eye. When she fits it into the mosaic eye, the tiles begin moving back, revealing a secret staircase. Jane starts going down it, despite Nona’s warning. Jane says she’s supposed to go down there. Jane is only a little ways down the secret staircase when the mosaics move back in place and Jane gets closed up inside the floor.


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