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666 Park Avenue -- Jane Connects The Dots

Updated on November 6, 2012

While another evil being appears to be kept in Gavin's box

A new player that enters as a potential new love interest for Jane. He’s everything Henry isn’t. He’s interesting. He’s good-looking. And you don’t need to hold a mirror under his nose to see if he’s still breathing. His name is Detective Cooper.

At first, Cooper and his partner are very skeptical of Jane. When she takes them down to the basement to see the dumbwaiter she was in, it’s full of cobwebs and the rope hasn’t been cut. His partner suggests Jane imagined the whole attack on herself and asks if there’s any mental illness in Jane’s family. Turns out Jane’s grandmother was mentally ill.

Henry is further concerned when he discovers Jane is looking for apartments because she wants to leave The Drake. He’s even more concerned when Jane tells him she just doesn’t want to move out of The Drake, she wants to go home to Ohio. That doesn’t sit well with Henry and his growing political aspirations. When he finds the newspaper clipping about Peter Kramer and it eerily resembles what Jane said to her, he makes it clear he doesn’t believe her story and even brings up her mentally ill grandmother.

Lucky for Jane that Cooper does seem to believe her, even when she tells him a ghost was chasing her around. He tells her a story that he could smell his dead grandfather’s cigar and his father purchased a box of cigars to explain away what he was experiencing.

The man who stole Gavin’s box was a Mr. Wallace. He gets a call from the man who hired him, Victor Shaw. He asks if he has it. He offers Mr. Wallace 1 million for it. Then he ups it to 3 million, if Wallace doesn’t open the box. Unfortunately, Wallace doesn’t keep his word and looks in the box. When Shaw arrives he finds Wallace draped over the table barely alive. Shaw takes the box and sets the building on fire with Wallace inside.

Olivia undergoing a blood test at Gavin’s assistance. Gavin asks Dr. Evans to bring him the test results first. Gavin learns doctor is still paying off his student loan and that’s why he’s late on his rent. Gavin offers him a loan. 50,000.

Gavin tells her the results show Olivia had too much to drink. However, Shaw warns Olivia she should have a doctor not in Gavin’s pocket test her blood. He also tells her Gavin isn’t who she thinks he is. He tells her Gavin is a monster and Olivia should distance herself from him. She finds out there’s chloroform in her blood and confronts Gavin. Gavin tells Olivia that Shaw has the box. This concerns her, since it appears a man that was obsessed with Olivia is inside the box and Olivia fears what will happen if he gets out of the box.

Meanwhile Gavin wants Tony to do another job like he’s done for him before. He needs someone brought to the Drake for a meeting who will refuse to come. Tony brings a Mr. Trent to Gavin. It’s the man who tried to run down Olivia. Trent says he doesn’t know who hired him. It seems Trent was just bait to reveal that associate named Sam had betrayed him. Sam’s in the elevator when it starts to fall. It opens on the fifth floor and Sam gets out. He’s in a hall of endless corridors. He breaks through the exit door and finds another hall of corridors. Sam was a rat and Gavin has trapped him in a maze.

When Jane goes to the fifth floor she can hear Sam screaming but she doesn’t see him running down the same corridor she’s standing in. He’s invisible. Gavin finally tells Sam he’s going to let him out of the trap he’s in. He’s found a way Sam can be useful to him. And just how is that? He cuts off Sam’s head and gives it to Shaw as a present.

It seems Dr. Evans lied to Gavin and he doesn’t have student loans to pay off. He’s a gambling junkie. When he loses the $50,000 Gavin gave to him, he notices blood appearing on his chest. He goes to the bathroom and a blood tattoo appears on his chest saying, “$50,000.” Evans’ calls Gavin wanting to know how he got the blood tattoo on his chest. Gavin says he’s not amused Evans lied to him, but he’ll forgive the debt, if Evans does him a favor. Gavin adds when he calls Evans, he’d better answer.

Gavin goes to see Victor Shaw. Shaw says he’s going to take everything away from Gavin the way he does to everyone else. Shaw wants The Drake.

Gavin goes to see Kandinsky. He asks Kandinsky if he wants to come and work for him. Then Gavin calls Evans. Kandinsky has been brought into the ER and Gavin wants the good doctor to help him escape.

Finally, Jane makes a shocking discovery. She notices that in the clipping about Peter Kramer his wife is wearing the same necklace that she’s wearing. She realizes the Ghost Girl is her grandmother.


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