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666 Park Avenue -- Jane Ends Up In The Psych Ward

Updated on November 27, 2012

The whole thing about Jane being trapped under the floor and going down the spiral staircase turned out to be much ado about nothing. Jane was on the empty streets of New York where an old woman told her she shouldn't have come, then she got bumped into and she was back in the real world, roaming around the streets of New York with no memory of what happened.

She was put in the psych ward and she kept trying to get Henry to get her out, but he was worth spit, as usual. Detective Cooper was the one who got her out. But before he did, Jane heard the nurses talking about Julian Waters who was also found roaming the streets of New York with no memory and reacting the same way Jane did when they tried to put a blood pressure cuff on her.

Jane sneaks out of her room to go see Julian Waters in Ward D. He's in a padded cell and tells her he didn't go down the spiral staircase he went up. The next time she goes to see Julian he's hung himself.

Speaking of being worth spit. Nona did squat to help Jane when she was missing. She didn't tell anyone what really happened. Then when Jane back she took her to someone she said could help her remember what happened to her once she went down the spiral suitcase.

After his tryst with Alexis, Brian suddenly was over his writer's block. Louise returned from rehab, which was arranged by Gavin. Louise finally told Brian she's been having a problem with pills. When Brian rejects Alexis' overtures when he writes on the computer it won't show up on screen. Neither will it show up on paper when he tries to use a pen. Alexis says Louise is the reason Brian can't write and only with her can he write.

It turns out Alexis is working with Gavin and says she doesn't want to do this anymore, but Gavin tells her she has to pay if she wants to play. I'm guessing that was her ticket to getting an apartment inside The Drake.

The problem with all these people that Gavin's messing with is just what is Gavin getting out of this. Particularly with Brian. It's one of the many problems the show has.

Gavin gets a little of his own back in the form of Victor Shaw who reveals his daughter Sasha killed herself because she hated Gavin and that Olivia has always known the truth but kept it from him. Gavin goes to Olivia and she admits the truth. Olivia suggests Gavin use Victor's Achilles Heel against him to find out where the red box is, so Gavin dons the visage of Victor's father and he tells Gavin he left the box with a priest in the church. It was interesting to see Gavin enter the church. It didn't cause him to be set on fire and he got the box back from the priest.

Meanwhile, Victor told Olivia her daughter is alive and if she lets him go, he'll take her to her daughter. No surprise when Gavin and Kandinsky go to kill Victor he's missing.


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