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666 Park Avenue -- October 31, 1929

Updated on October 29, 2012

Is Jane's past connected to The Drake?

Oct 31, 1929 –

The Smoke Monster is named Peter. He and friend went through strange ritual that was supposed to bring them power. He says they invited evil into their homes. Ghost Girl is Peter’s daughter. He tells his wife in heaven she’ll be truly happy, then he takes a hatchet to her. I had a Lost flashback when Ghost Girl hid underneath the bed. It reminded me of Sawyer’s flashback when his father killed his mother as he hid beneath the bed. Before she dies, Ghost Girl’s mother gives her her necklace and tells her to keep it safe. It looks just like Jane’s necklace and I think she said it belonged to her grandmother. So the big question is could Ghost Girl be Jane’s grandmother?

Present day –

Smoke Monster is milling around the lobby. When Gavin is targeted my a mystery person who tries to run Olivia down and texts Gavin that he won’t miss next time, I thought maybe we’d be getting a Gavin vs. The Smoke Monster scene. However, it would have been odd if Smokey had just come out of his bottle and suddenly knew about cell phones and texting.

Henry being interviewed by First Cup New York. Interviewer says Henry is available. Laurel Harris, media consultant tries to attach herself to Henry. She suggests he could use this for political gain. Suggests he run for Mayor. Gives him her card. Could she be working for Gavin, since Gavin seems to want him to run for mayor, too?

Brian sees Louise with her shirt off with a doctor. Says her ribs are super sore. Louise wants to set Alexis up with the doctor, whose name is Scott. She takes some pills while alone. Later, she reveals to the doctor she used to be a pill popper, but she went to rehab. Since the elevator accident she’s gone back to popping pills. He suggests she may be having problems in her personal life that’s driven her back to the pills. When he tries to kiss her, she pushes him away.

Meanwhile, Alexis claims she’s going to stop being crazy stalker chick and gives him back the key to his apartment. Unfortunately, it’s just a crazy stalker chick trick. She pretends to be into the doctor so she can steal his cell phone and steals Louise’s as well. Then she sends a text that makes Brian think Louise is having an affair with the doctor.

Henry and Jane, dressed as an Old West Cowboy and Tippie Hedren from The Birds, are in the elevator with the Smoke Monster when he sees the necklace she’s wearing. Smokey heads down to the basement where he looks at an old photo of his family and declares he has to end it. He takes up the hatchet he used to kill his wife.

At the Halloween party someone bumps into Jane and she spills her drink all over herself and has to go upstairs to change. She doesn’t realize Smokey is hot on her trail. Ghost Girl appears to Jane, again. She tells Jane he got out. Her daddy got out. Jane finds the suitcase and it’s empty. Underneath the lining is a newspaper clipping about Peter Kramer and Jane remembers seeing him in the elevator as he stands behind her.

Jane goes on her computer looking for info on Peter Kramer. She hears creaking in the apartment. She grabs a pair of scissors and investigates. Then she runs into Peter Kramer who grabs her with a hatchet in his hand. Luckily, the power goes out and Jane manages to escape, but he’s hot on her trail. He hatchets a man Jane meets in the hall as Jane runs for the basement.

Olivia shows 2 women apartment 5F where Peter killed his wife with a hatchet. Olivia bets her friend she can’t last five minutes. As her friend goes inside, Olivia gets sprayed by someone in a gas mask. Then the man cuts off all the power to The Drake. Gavin gets a call telling him he has Olivia. Asks how he likes to have the shoe on the other foot since he likes to play with lives. Says it’s up to him to find Olivia in time.

It’s actually just a diversion. He wanted to get access to Gavin’s safe and steal this evil looking box Gavin had in there. Gavin finds Olivia on the balcony, fine.

Jane ends up in the basement and crawls into dumbwaiter and starts pulling at it. Smokey hears her. He cuts the ropes. By some twist of fate Jane seems to end up in Smokey’s old apartment. She calls Henry to come and save her. Smokey corners her and gives her that same creepy line about Heaven as he prepares to hatchet her. His hatchet hits the wall, and it causes the Drake Birds to come out and take care of him. Jane uses the attack to escape and runs straight into Henry.

The police arrive to investigate Jane’s story, but The Drake makes everything vanish, so there’s no proof of what Jane said happened. Jane lies she didn’t see the killer’s face, knowing it wasn’t possible for Peter Kramer to be trying to kill her.

The interesting thing about this episode is it showed that Gavin truly loves Olivia. Up until now we’ve only seen his bad side. So he does have a good side and that good side is his feelings for Olivia.

Jane didn’t seem to make any personal connection with Peter Kramer, but if Ghost Girl is Jane’s grandmother, it would explain her strange connection to The Drake. Peter might possibly have been the first Gavin of The Drake. The gatekeeper of The Drake. And if he was Jane’s grandfather, that could be the real reason she’s found The Drake or it lead her to The Drake.


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