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666 Park Avenue -- Sasha

Updated on October 15, 2012

It’s the anniversary of the death of Sasha, Gavin and Olivia’s daughter. And Olivia is keeping a secret from Gavin about how their daughter really died.

The episode opens with Jane still trapped inside the secret room, which seems to be a storage room. She feels someone grab her ankle and hears a voice. When Henry opens the door and lets her out, she tells him she thought a child was in the room with her. As they walk away, a child runs behind them. Jane wasn’t imagining things, after all.

Annie, a writer friend of Brian’s, whose writing obits for the local newspaper, laments having to write obits. She runs into Gavin in the elevator and tells him she’d do anything to get off the obit desk. Wrong person to say that to. For some reason, she decides to write a fake obit for a man named Diebold, and much to her shock she finds what she wrote coming true, as a state funeral is being held for the man.

Then she decides to write a fake obit for her mother. Suddenly the picture on her desk of her mother has changed, and Annie finds herself dressed in a more upscale outfit then what she’d been previously.

Annie’s dream to become a feature writer seems about to come true when she’s given an assignment to write a story on a man named, Kandinsky, who she made up in Diebold’s obit. She writes some lurid tale about him being a torturer and much to her horror, Kandinsky shows up at her door. The last we see of Annie she’s tied to a chair being tortured by the man.

Meanwhile, Louise and Brian are about to make love when Alexis shows up and walks in on them. That’s enough for Brian. When he runs into Henry, he asks him to look over their lease to see if there isn’t some way they can break it and move out of the Drake. While Henry is in the apartment, he’s also drawn to watch Alexis at her window, but when she sees him watching, she closes the curtain. Unfortunately, when Louise hears of Brian wanting to move from the Drake, she won’t hear of it.

Henry encourages Jane to not tell Gavin she took down one of the walls in the basement, but she goes to Gavin wanting to find the original plans for the building. He makes a deal with her. He reveals to Jane it’s the anniversary of his daughter, Sasha’s, death, and asks Jane to spend the day with Olivia. He also warns her Olivia can get destructive on this day.

That’s kind of an understatement when Olivia nearly drives her and Jane into a wall. She reveals this is the spot Sasha died on. She also reveals to Jane something that she never wants Gavin to discover. It was no accident. Sasha drove into the wall on purpose. She left a note that Olivia found.

Olivia says Jane reminds her of Sasha. That she liked to explore the Drake, too. However, something happened when Sasha was 15 and something changed; Olivia could never reach her after that. Sasha and Gavin had a falling out the day before she killed herself.

Later, Olivia burns the note. One line that sticks out in the note as she burns it is, “He’s evil.” It seems that Sasha killed herself to be free of Gavin.

While Jane is hanging with Olivia, Henry is doing likewise with Gavin. When Henry says he’d like to be the Chief of Staff for Councilman Edwards, Gavin encourages him to go and pursue his dream position, and it appears Henry gets the job.

Unfortunately for Henry, Councilman Edwards won’t help Gavin get the Green Point Towers Project, and Gavin pushes him down an elevator shaft [that may lead straight to hell]. Afterwards, Gavin seems to be encouraging Henry to run for Councilman, himself. Probably so Henry can help him get this Green Point Towers Project.

Jane hears a noise coming from the radiator. She goes to investigate in the basement. She sees blood dripping from the uncovered door. A little girl is there saying it’s bad. The blood and child vanish when Gavin shows up with the original blueprints. She also sees the child in the hall. She warns Jane, “Don’t let him out.” The HIM may be in a suitcase that Jane finds making tinkling noises in the basement that she brings up to her apartment. When Jane isn’t looking the suitcase seems to be almost breathing.

Could the little girl Jane keeps seeing be Sasha? Does her ghost still haunt the halls of the Drake? In regards to Annie, why let her dreams come true, only for her to be seemingly killed by one of the lies she created? Just what does Gavin gain by that? You’d think Gavin would only make deals with people who he’d get something in return from or he could use in some way, like John Barlow.


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