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666 Park Avenue -- The Birds

Updated on October 7, 2012

This episode seemed to be a bit of a homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Jane even mentioned the movie when she encountered a nasty flock of starlings. There was also a black widow spider who was wreaking her own brand of havoc in this episode.

We didn’t learn anymore about what Gavin’s nebulous plans for Henry are, but we had one thing confirmed if we didn’t get it in the last episode. Gavin doesn’t like doing his own dirty work. He prefers to get others to do it for him.

I have to say Henry is a real dink. He’s about as interesting as a piece of cardboard. We really need to be invested in Jane and Henry’s relationship, but there’s really been nothing to invest in. Not really buying some deep passionate love between them. And while Jane is off investigating all the mysteries of the Drake, he’s generally asleep in bed.

The episode begins with the Bitter Betty desk clerk, Tony [he thought he’d be named manager] informing Jane that John Barlow has supposedly left [moved out of] the building. Jane had seen John with blood on his hands last week, and when viewers last saw him he got pulled inside the wall. When Jane’s alone in his apartment she hears a noise coming from the wall. We can’t help but wonder if it’s Barlow. She pecks away at the wall and it’s so old it crumbles away until she makes a hole in the wall. The noise turns out to be a flock of black starlings that come flying out of the wall right at Jane before flying out the window.

Jane’s determined to get rid of the birds and calls in an exterminator. Meanwhile, Nona warns Jane not to mess with the birds, because they’re a part of the Drake. Of course, Jane doesn’t listen and tells the exterminator to exterminate them. She also gets him to knock down the concrete wall in the basement that’s concealing a door behind it. She feels that will be the best way to get between the wall and kill the birds.

Later that night Jane has another of her dreams that aren’t really dreams. She goes down to the basement to get some laundry she left in the dryer. She attracted to the mysterious door behind the concrete wall. She opens the door and hears old music playing on an old-fashioned record player. On the floor she sees a man laying dead, who suddenly opens his eyes and sits up. Jane awakes with a start to see the full laundry basket full of laundry sitting by bed.

Nona comes into the basement as the exterminator is trying to break through the concrete wall. She steals his rabbit foot and has a vision of him being attacked by the black starlings. A vision that comes true a short while later.

The exterminator is walking down the street when a black starling dive bombs him slicing open his cheek. More join the attack as they swarm around him like a black funnel cloud. As the exterminator tries to fight them off, he steps out into the street in the path of an oncoming taxi. He falls to the ground with peck marks all over his face.

Jane and Henry attend a party Olivia throwing. They meet another tenant of the Drake, Danielle. Danielle watches Jane and Henry kissing on the balcony. Gavin comes up. When Danielle mentions she has a date, Gavin offers to make her reservations at a restaurant he knows for Danielle and her date.

Jane comes home and thinks she sees Nona walking down the hall. When she opens her apartment door she finds a newspaper clipping on the floor of the 1956 murder of Edward Paxton. She shows it to Gavin when he and Olivia come to the apartment for dinner. He mentions that the murder took place in the apartment Danielle lives in.

Jane has another of her not-really dreams. She’s back at the room with the old music playing. She sees Edward Paxton lying on the floor. Then she sees Danielle with a knife, but it’s a Danielle that looks like she came from that time.

Danielle’s date doesn’t show up, but Gavin does with a man named Frank Alpert. He introduces them and it isn’t long before Danielle and Frank are hitting the sheets. Unfortunately, this love affair isn’t going to have a happy ending. He tells her he’s married and she knew the score going in, since she had to have seen his wedding ring.

Gavin comes up to find Frank laying on the floor dead and Danielle with a knife in her hand. He reminds her of all the previous men she also killed. When she looks in the mirror her reflection is that of an old woman. Gavin reveals that Frank was cheating him in a deal and was hoping this would happen if he got the two together. The next morning Danielle is back to her beautiful self with no apparent memory of the murder she committed the night before.

Meanwhile Brian is trying to be a good husband and resist the allure of Alexis. He closes his curtains so he can’t peep on her, but when he looks the curtains are open, again. Later when he’s coming out of the shower he finds Alexis in his apartment. He manages to put up a weak protest to her being there, but when she kisses him, he gives into her.

Henry is forced with a moral dilemma. Gavin shows him a building he’s planning to buy. Later, Henry learns the property is built on a toxic waste dump. However, if he tells Gavin the truth he could get fired. Henry opts to keep silent, and Gavin calls him on it. Gavin praises him for his integrity. Olivia says Henry passed Gavin’s test. Gavin says Henry is going to be a hero.

Gavin puts a stop to harming the birds and says to just seal up the wall. Jane goes down in the basement and crawls through the hole in the basement and opens the door. As she enters the room the door slams shut behind her.

The sad fact is Gavin could have easily killed the people he manipulated John Barlow and Danielle to kill. Maybe he’s not allowed to kill them himself. He gave John back his dead wife as part of the deal they struck and it seems he’s given Danielle eternal youth. Of course, the question is what does he want from Brian and Louise? Why did he want Brian to cheat on Louise?


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