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666 Park Avenue -- The New Managers

Updated on October 1, 2012

Gavin and Olivia Doran are watching a concert, as the violinist’s hands start bleeding. The man’s name is Hartwell and he’s the current manager of The Drake. He rushes home to pack a bag and grabs his passport. He also destroys his violin. As he starts to leave, doors slam shut barring his way. The phone rings and he picks it up. It’s Gavin who asks what a man would give who has no talent to be the best violinist in the world. It’s been 10 years. It’s time to pay up. Hartwell begs for another year, but Gavin won’t give him an extension. He breaks through the door to the outside of the building thinking he’s safe and free. Unfortunately, there is no escape for him as he gets sucked back inside the building through a window in the door.

A young couple named Jane and Henry is coming to The Drake to interview for the job as new managers. They come to see Gavin. Olivia greets them and tells her husband, Gavin, that they’re there. Gavin is about to turn them down when Jane asks when he’s going to have the building retro-fitted, and she goes on to discuss some faults the building has, which seems like an unspoken threat to get Gavin to change his mind and hire them. He gets the message that if he doesn’t hire them, she could cause him and his building some trouble, and welcomes them to The Drake as new managers.

As they’re being shown to their apartment, which comes along with the job, they meet Brian Leonard a playwright who is one of the tenants of The Drake. Brian has a wife named Louise, but he can’t seem to resist peeping at his sexy neighbor across the street. Things take on a surreal feel when the woman, Alexis, is introduced to him as his wife’s new assistant. It seems Alexis is well aware that Brian has been peeping at her, as she takes off her robe in front of the window and stands before it naked so Brian can get a good look. Brian and Louise are riding down in the elevator when he asks just how she happened to hire Alexis. As they’re stepping out of the elevator, Louise gets trapped between the doors as they repeatedly crush her.

Olivia tells Gavin she likes Jane. Gavin says she’s how they get Henry. Part of that seems to be inviting Jane and Henry to accompany them to the symphony. While Olivia insists on taking Jane shopping for a dress she can’t afford, Gavin takes Henry to the putting green. While there they meet Daniel Stone, who is no fan of Gavin. He also tells Henry he seems like a nice young man; he should find better company to freak. Henry freaks when he realizes who he was talking with, as if anyone saw them talking they could claim it was a conflict of interest. He works at the Mayor’s off and there’s a dispute with Stone going on.

Jane meets another tenant of The Drake, John Barlow, who has a bloody all over his hands. Jane thinks John looked guilty. She also doesn’t think the blood on his hands was his own. Turns out she’s right. It’s the blood of a judge he killed for Gavin. He freaks when the blood comes back on his hands after he washes it off. John did the deed because Gavin promised to bring John’s dead wife Mary back to him if he did. Gavin’s good to his word to a degree. Mary returns, but while she and John are out walking she gets a nose bleed. Seems Gavin wants John to kill someone else for him if he wants Mary to stay in good health. He wants him to kill Daniel Stone.

John tried to kill Stone, but at the last minute he can’t. It isn’t long before he’s dealing with the consequences of his actions. He wakes up to find Gavin sitting in his room. Hands start coming from the wall as the wall comes alive and John is dragged inside of it.

Jane’s checking out the building when she meets Nona in the basement. Nona tells her someone is stealing things in the building. She finds flyers for all the things that have been stolen on the message board. As it turns out Nona is the thief. She steals Jane’s necklace and when she does, she gets a flash of Jane in a red dress screaming as it looks she’s about to be attacked.

After Nona leaves, the lights in the basement flicker. While Jane is screwing it in tighter a figure with a dead face appears behind her. When she screws the light in tight the figure behind her vanishes without her ever seeing it. Without the light flickering, she’s able to see the basement floor. She finds a strange drawing on the floor. It’s a mosaic of a dragon. Hoping to impress Gavin with her knowledge of the building, she discovers that drake means dragon. She also discovers a room has been walled up in the basement. In 1927 the fraternal order of the Dragon used to hold meetings in the basement.

Jane and Henry learn a little bit of personal history about Gavin and Olivia. Olivia tells Jane while they’re out dress shopping she had a daughter Sasha who died a long time ago and Gavin tells Henry while they’re golfing he started out at The Drake as assistant manager. Jane also seemed to miff Olivia when she refused to let Olivia buy her a red dress she liked, but was too expensive for her to afford. When a box appears outside her apartment door, Jane finds Olivia bought it for her anyway.

When Gavin sees Jane in the red dress he tells Olivia, “Well done,” as Henry and Jane meet them at the symphony. Jane gets a little creeped out by Gavin when she feels him looking at her in a weird way during the concert. For a second it looked like he was going to lick her neck. Wonder how Olivia would have felt about that or do they have an open marriage.

Jane wakes up when she hears a noise in the middles of the night and goes to investigate. She goes into the stairwell and when the door closes behind her it won’t open back up. She sees a hand climbing the stairs underneath her. She ends up in the basement. She opens a door and sees Mary. She tells her before jumping she shouldn’t have come here; there never going to let her go. It’s just a dream. Jane tells Henry she had bad dreams about the building all night long and this building seemed so dark. Turns out it may not be a dream, after all, since the bottoms of her feet are filthy.

Gavin has Jane and Henry sign a contract as new managers. Gavin says he’s interested how Jane would restore the building. The perfect bait to suck her further into his web. Of course, one has to wonder if Jane and Henry haven’t just signed their souls away to the devil.

I really liked this show. It’s a very creepy show. It’s nice seeing Vanessa Williams in a show playing a character that will hopefully evolve into a great opportunity to allow her to strut her stuff, again. She was wasted on Desperate Housewives and never really got a chance to strut her stuff. It’ll be interesting to see if Olivia is as evil as her husband and if Gavin can bring back the dead, why didn’t he bring back Olivia’s daughter Sasha?


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