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666 Park Avenue -- The Smoke Monster Got Off The Island

Updated on October 22, 2012

And got trapped in a suitcase

Throughout the episode we kept getting ominous flashes of the suitcase trying to figure out the combination to let itself out of the suitcase while the Ghost Child watched in fear. When it finally did it turned out it was an ominous cloud of black smoke. It could explain the mystery of Gavin. In the final season of Lost The Smoke Monster took on Locke's persona. Maybe when Hurley took over as Island Guru, The Smoke Monster shipped himself off the island in a suitcase to The Drake then forgot the combination to let himself out of the suitcase. I've wiped the memory of the atrocity that the last episode of LOST was, that I can remember what happened to The Smoke Monster on the show. Seriously, the black smoke looked exactly like the Smoke Monster when it rose-up and looked Tony the bellboy in the face and then suddenly Tony was outside of Jane's apartment like he'd never entered it.

I have to admit I was hoping whatever was in the suitcase would possess Henry and give him a personality. The character is just so bland and uninteresting. Henry's big story was his boss, Commissioner Pike and the ADA threatened to accuse him of being Gavin's inside informant in the Mayor's office unless he got the dirt on Gavin for them. So Henry snuck into Gavin's penthouse and copied filed off of his laptop and on to Henry's flashdrive. Of course, Henry left behind the top to his flashdrive and Gavin found it.

Meanwhile, Jane was given the task of finding The Drake Thief, when Olivia's diamond broach was the latest thing stolen. When Nona's psychiatrist Ingrid mentioned to Jane that her sunglasses had vanished and she saw Nona with them, Jane put two-and-two together. She confronted Nona and for getting the items back, she promised not to out Nona. Nona returns the favor when she touches Henry's watch, accidentally, and sees him getting shot at the Mayor's party. She warns Jane to keep Henry away from the man with the compass tattoo.

We also got a continuation of the story with Annie and her made-up villain, Kandinsky. He had her tied to a chair and was threatening to cut out her eye, so she lied that her editor, Ned, was behind her outting him to the world. After she managed to escape her apartment, she found her editor dead, so she went to Gavin for help. He told her that if she wrote one last article for him about Commissioner Pike being a crook with mob ties, she would never have to see Kandinsky, again. She did what Gavin wanted, but things didn't turn out the way she planned.

When one of her co-workers said Kandinsky would probably go and kill Commissioner Pike, Annie rushed to stop it. At the same time with Nona's warning ringing in her ears, when Jane saw Kandinsky's compass tattoo, she yelled at Henry to be careful, preventing him from being shot dead. Henry ended up saving his blackmailing boss, but no one saved Annie, as she ended up being shot in the head and killed.

Henry gave Gavin his flashdrive with the information he copied without ever looking at it, including a file on him and Jane. He apologized for letting Pike make him doubt Gavin. So all was once again right in Gavin's world.

As for the question I asked last week of why Gavin helped Annie, I guess we got our answer, this week. He somehow knew it would lead to Henry being named a hero for saving Pike's life and for Pike being outted as a crook, thus ending his investigation of Gavin. The question is how he knew. Could Nona had told him what was going to happen?

Maybe Gavin and Nona made a deal where she gets to stay in The Drake in exchange for telling Gavin what she sees. Nona is pretending her grandmother is taking care of her, when just the opposite is true. Her granny is in a wheelchair and staring in a catatonic trance. Nona is the one taking care of her. Maybe Gavin knows all about it and keeps silent as long as Nona tells him what he wants to know.

While watching this episode it occurred to me that this is a show that takes awhile to get its groove and for people to really get into it. Have to admit, I haven't reached that point, yet. The question is will viewer and ABC stick with it long enough for that to happen? Seems ABC plans to as it's ordered more scripts for the show; viewers wanted instant gratification, however, might be another story.


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    • profile image

      Jack Black 5 years ago

      "Henry gave Gavin his flashdrive with the information he copied without ever looking at it"

      Henry didn't give the drive to Gavin, there is a scene near the end that shows him throwing it into the fireplace.