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666 Park Avenue -- What Jane Did

Updated on December 3, 2012

Whoopi Goldberg showed up in this episode as a psychiatrist that was helping Jane to discover what she'd done for those missing 36 hours she had disappeared. Only it turned out she might not be someone Jane should really be trusting.

Under hypnosis Jane recalled what happened to her when she went down the spiral staircase. She arrived at a party in The Drake's past on October 28, 1927 three days before Peter Kramer would murder his wife. Only no one at the party saw her as she was, but she looked like a dark-haired woman named Paige Griffith. Paige was responsible for looking after the Ghost Girl named Jocelyn who had appeared to Jane who was in reality Jane's grandmother. On her first foray into remembering what happened Jane and Jocelyn hid in the closet and heard Peter telling his friend he didn't think he could go through with this, even if after he did it anything he wanted would be his.

In her second foray into remembering Jane recalled that Peter told her to take Jocelyn and get her away from The Drake. But when she did, she couldn't get out. So she hid Jocelyn and pretended she didn't know where Jocelyn was. Bad mistake. When Jocelyn wasn't available they decided to use her as their blood sacrifice instead. That's what Peter couldn't do that would give him anything he ever wanted afterwards: sacrifice his daughter. They took Jane down to the basement and strapped her in the chair and that's what she remembered while she was in the hospital.

In short, if Paige hadn't been used as the blood sacrifice, Jane would never have been born, because her grandmother would have died as a child. Unfortunately, what happened down the spiral staircase wasn't going to stay there. When Jane was looking in the mirror, late, Paige was inside the mirror and tried to pull her inside.

After Jane had finished seeing Maris/Whoopi, she ran into Gavin in the elevator and she lied about what she was doing on that floor. Of course, Gavin knew exactly what she'd been doing. Maris had some symbol carved outside her door, which seemed to work like a cross on a vampire. Gavin couldn't pass Maris' threshold. He wanted to know what happened to Jane when she went down the spiral staircase. Maris agreed to tell him if he'd let her leave her apartment and leave The Drake without anything happening to her. Turns out she hasn't been able to leave her apartment for 28 years.

Gavin agrees to the terms and she gives him a guestbook Jane was asked to sign in as she entered the party. First off, how dumb was Jane to sign her own name. That seems to be all the answer Gavin needs as Whoopi walks out of The Drake. I kept expecting her to get hit by a car. Instead she explodes into a bunch of white doves that flies up to the sky.

Meanwhile Victor Shaw is taking Olivia and desk clerk, Tony, on a magical mystery tour as he claims that Olivia's daughter Sasha is alive. He finally lets Olivia call up Sasha's number and when she answers Olivia recognizes her voice. As Olivia goes up into Sasha's apartment she hears gunshots. When she gets down to the street she finds Victor dying and he dies before he can tell her where to find Sasha. As it turns out Gavin knows exactly where Sasha is as he goes to a bar and goes right to where his daughter is sitting.

Has he always known Sasha wasn't dead? If he has, it was pretty cruel keeping it from Olivia.

Henry's side story this week involved his aspiring political career. Gavin told him a politician's seat was available and set Henry up with a man named Perez to try and get it. Only Perez wasn't interested in him and told him unless he cuts Jane loose he has no future as a politician. He even had a copy of Jane's medical records of being in the psych ward.

Henry wanted revenge in the name of Jane for what Perez did and said about her, so he had his PR whiz Laurel dig up dirt on Perez. Seems Perez hasn't paid his taxes. So he returns the favor by sticking it to Perez about his past. Perez goes to Gavin who promises him that the tax records will vanish and Gavin says someone sent him the file on Jane who is an enemy of Gavin and his plans for Henry.

Meanwhile Detective Cooper helps Jane tear down a wall in Peter Kramer's old apartment to find a fireplace where Jane saw him hide a book in her recovered memory. If he had any doubts about Jane telling the truth, they must vanish when they find the book exactly where Jane says it would be.

Not sure how ABC intends to handle the cancellation. It's supposed to air all its 13 episodes, but while all the other shows were given promos for when they return, no scenes for 666 were shown and no word was said when the show might be back.


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