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7-12-15 Comic Con Aftermath

Updated on July 12, 2015

Preview Night

Thursday started with Preview night where people could just walk around and look at anything and everything including the newest and hottest toys and collectibles to get right now. Some other additions that were added on the floor was a GIANT orc statue for the Warcraft film where people could take photos in front of it and even hold a sword in front of it and look like they were fighting with it as well. There was multiple props from Star Wars:The Force Awakens including the new speeder and some other small gadgets for fans to snap shots of. One shot that was a big photo pit for the weekend was the cases of the Batman,Superman,Wonderwoman and Batman Super Suit on display and for some it was the first time they were able to even see it in person and it was an amazing thing for some. Another fun thing was the lego area that had "Lego Chris Pratt" and many other lego set ups for people to take pictures with and around as well.

Overall Grade:C+

It was just showing the little things and while it was great it was called "Preview night" because it was the appetizer to what the fans truly wanted coming the next few days.

Star Wars Panel

This panel had a lot surrounding it with the news right before Comic Con started that the supposive slate Disney was going to announce in Hall H leaked online for all to see but it was quickly nixed and denied which is good for the panel because when they announced "No new footage" not a lot knew what to expect really from them. But being basically one of the biggest if not the biggest franchise's ever they came out and were "Star Wars". Now I know that sounds bland and not what you want to hear because it doesn't sound like it knocked my socks off but they actually performed to the crowd and gave them a show without showing any footage as promised. JJ Abrams was in attendance as well as some of the new cast and Kathleen Turner and they showed some behind the scenes stuff and had the character come out that crept behind Abrams fundraiser video and gave him a name so that was fun to see. But after a while the panel was flipped on its ear when Carrie Fisher came out to greet the crowd and talk a bit then after some time Mark Hamill came out and did the same as Fisher leading the one and only Harrison Ford to come out as well leading to having the original big 3 on stage in San Diego and giving the crowd at Hall H that nostalgic feel they were looking for if they have gotten something from new a trailer. When the panel closed JJ Abrams had a surprise for everyone by inviting them to a "Surprise" Star Wars concert that everyone in Hall H got to attend and after everyone lost their collective minds then the panel closed and moved toward the concert when carried on into the night.

Overall Grade:B+

I Know don't lose your minds cause it didn't get an A or A+ but it promised something involving material and stuck to that and didn't show a poster either which are iconic now as well. So the way they handled their panel and how it all shook out even with the Kevin Smith drama gets them that grade which isn't bad because I know somewhere deep down inside they knew they were Star Wars and they don't have to promote something they have basically already sold.

Warner Brothers Panel

This panel was Saturday morning at noon and it had SO MUCH hype surrounding it with what it would bring to the table and how they would handle their hour of time they had in Hall H and to me personally...MY GOD DID THEY DELIVER! The panel started with the newish wraparound screen going all the way around Hall H really showcasing whatever will be shown will show to the fans on a grand scale. Moderator Aisha Tyler came out to the stage to talk a little The Man From U.N.C.L.E along with the cast coming out shortly after the release of a new 5 minute Comic Con trailer.The cast took some quick questions where actor Henry Cavill joked with a fan that his Superman shirt was "Sweet" after the fan asked his question then they had to move on. After UNCLE it was Pan and with Twitter being lukewarm to UNCLE it was interesting to see how they would receive Pan since so little was shown on the whole film itself. Hugh Jackman comes out and riles out the crowd for the film and is the films PERFECT hypeman for this situation and shows a scene introducing his character "Blackbeard" in the film. As I was sitting in the car following the panel on Twitter everyone was so restless because apparently the Warner Brothers panel started 15-20 minutes late and then to start with 2 projects that aren't on a lot of peoples radar, More then a few people on Twitter were growing restless and sounded like they needed some saving from the power of the DCU. Look no further then Suicide Squad director David Ayer...When I saw his name come across the screen I was in a crowded aisle and I couldn't control myself because whatever he presents involves Suicide Squad and if you read this you know I am a little biased towards a certain Character/actor in that film...But back to topic...When he comes out he just starts flinging curse words left and right about how the fans run stuff in San Diego and everything lately has been all "Good Vs Evil" and it needs to be more "Evil Vs Bad" and things are gonna change. He even took time to mention that the Marvel/DC feud is basically like Tupac/Biggie and called it a East Coast/West Coast rivalry and acted as if everyone should grow up then moved on and mentioned that he brought something with him that he found online which led to an eruption of applause and mayhem. He later adds to just say "Anyways roll it" It took a few seconds to kick in but by many people surprise and to the thousands in Hall H...WE HAVE A SUICIDE SQUAD TEASER! That was the first tweet I saw after seeing the rivalry jab and couldn't contain myself after reading it honestly but for you reading it if you would like to watch it you can dig around online as there is no "Official" one online yet but hopefully will be soon but Ill just leave you with this...Its dark,gritty,awesome and unlike any comic book movie I've ever seen.

After the trailer reveal Ayer was getting applause all around then the cast appeared onstage to greet the fans and hype them up and the only one missing was the Joker himself Jared Leto but director David Ayer did leave the stage by "See ya next year San Diego" so expect more of them before their release next year.

Next after that wild and unexpected turn from the Suicide Squad portion Zack Snyder appeared for what most of the people in that room wanted and it was everything Batman Vs Superman. Snyder started by talking a bit then bringing out the cast to do some questions which were asked over time and then after a bit everyone was graced with a new 3 minute trailer. The trailer ties SO much together and even shows Wonder Woman and Kryptonite as well. After the lights came on it was one that got SO much applause it garnered a standing ovation and was later played again at the end of the panel for the fans who just simply wanted to see it again.

Overall Grade:A+

I know you can throw the bias card at this all you want but without Marvel being here this year and this basically being the DCU's coming out party for how they are going to handle things..They came out in a 1/2 punch and blew everyone away so much that it got a standing ovation and people are clammering for the Suicide Squad trailer online now even after the Dawn Of Justice one has pulled almost a million views in a day. If you strictly only like DC then you were doing backflips wherever you were because it was a good day for you.

FOX Panel

The FOX Panel had a picture pop up in Hall H and it showed 5-6 movies and for me I wondered how they would cover all those films in an hour if everyone had footage and things to talk about and show? But they did it beyond expectations and even almost exceeded the expectations that I just gushed about with WB. Fantastic 4 did their thing having the cast come out and basically show new footage and since the film is a stones throw from coming out they didn't surprise the crowd too much and gave some shots to see and took questions before going on to the next film. When it came time for X-Men there was sort of a two part series with this because out comes Hugh Jackman again and yes Pan is good and cool for him but seriously he will always be the Wolverine until the day he dies. He came out again and did his hyping up and talked to the crowd and mentioned that their would be one more solo Wolverine film and he would be old and just told the crowd to take that as they would. Which basically means when that movie comes out they are going to use the fan favorite "Old Man Logan" story which I have always wanted them to use because I find it as an interesting take for them to do and it will be Hugh's last ride so why not? Then X-Men came in full force and when they were in Hall H last time they had like 20 people on stage for DOFP and it was LEGENDARY so this time they had to try something different and memorable to leave their mark for Apocalypse. It started early in the day by giving away IMAX type posters showing off the villain played by Oscar Isaac on the poster and Xavier's school for learning in ruins below. But when the cast came out and took questions with director Bryan Singer and only 5 weeks of shooting under their belt...They pulled the ultimate audible and revealed a teaser for the film. When the word "Teaser" was mentioned someone said for a few seconds in Hall H you could hear a pin drop in there before the place erupted because it was such an unexpected surprise for them to bring. It did show Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse and does even show Magneto dropping the F bomb which honestly surprised me personally when I heard it. Another person who wasn't expected to be there but surprised the crowd was Channing Tatum aka Gambit as they are starting to ramp up the scale on his solo Gambit film so he had to be there to hype up that promotion even wearing a Gambit shirt as well.

But as I mentioned before Ryan Reynolds wanted to be all over Comic Con with Deadpool whether it was mocking posters or even cosplaying as the character himself he was going to do it to promote this movie! But when it came his time to take the stage at Hall H?? He took it like Wayne Gretzky takes a breakaway shot and does it in stride and almost perfectly. He brought out some of the Deadpool cast to the stage and joked with them like comedian TJ Miller who is just a funny guy in general saying that the director of Deadpool thought some of his jokes were sometimes "Too Far". But then Reynolds offered fans the chance to see a Teaser and fans almost broke the chairs in excitement and lost it and when it came on it did have about 25-30 seconds from the test footage seen months and months ago just a different song in the beginning and then a continuation after it ends but trust me if you can find it somewhere online its WORTH IT!

Once the dust settled on the FOX panel Nerdist's own Chris Hardwick brought Marvel's godfather Stan Lee out to take a selfie with everyone who was on the panel which was like 30 people and it was one of the highlights of the night/day and basically put a cap on the Comic Con in the best way possible.

Overall Grade:A+

Yes I give this an A+ too but I mean how couldn't you??? Just reading it and looking at the pictures makes you wish you paid and waited through all the lines to get into Hall H to be there.

TV Panel

I thought the TV panel happened sort of out of place or maybe it was just reported then but it was after WB and FOX had their panels so it was after all the madness that those two studios brought. But with the TV panel brought your shows that are on now like Arrow,The Flash and Gotham and the future ones as well. Some things that happened was some cast from Gotham came out and answered questions during a panel and they all looked like they had a good time the whole weekend as well. Another show making waves on a different station is Scream on MTV and they had a street team covered in the new Scream masks and they were crowding San Diego and taking pictures with peoples and leaving their mark for sure scaring some as well. The cast for Scream was on hand as well and even signed a few things and answered some questions regarding the show throughout the week to fans too.

Overall Grade:B

Just good to all the good TV out there that they can and as long as the actors have fun doing it it is a win/win in the end.

After going through the page, What Panel Would You Have Liked To Be At?

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Dawn Of Justice Trailer 2

Scream TV Series Comic Con Trailer


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