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7-14-15 Suicide Squad Teaser/The New Joker Broken Down!

Updated on July 14, 2015
Tttschida1988 profile image

I am 26 and basically am obsessed with movies and music and would like to someday become someone who has a job in the business someday!

HD Version Vs Pirated One?

Ok for starters after openly admitting to what we are talking about and how I might be just as excited for SS as much as I am for Dawn Of Justice. So yes I watched the slightly side cam someone took on their phone in Hall H at Comic Con in crowded room and I watched it a few time throughout the day because overtime as I watched it more and more it made me want to see it more. After a while I had a conversation about it and said that Dawn Of Justice in a day got just about 2-3 million views for a real HD trailer that was released the right way and then you have this straight up wrong way pirated trailer that was making waves online and the more I went to check to see if it was taken down the views grew by 100,000 and at the end of the day it had over 5.5 million just from Saturday to Sunday..So obviously there was some demand even if it was something that the studios didn't want and they did voice their opinion on the leaked trailers from Comic Con over the weekend. Warner Brothers Marketing VP was less then pleased about the Suicide Squad release because she mentioned that it "was intended to be seen specially on those amazing screens for all those fans that were able to get into Hall H and enjoy seeing it for the first time" She also added that it was supposed to be the first teaser and comic con goers were seeing it first then movie goers would see it later since David Ayer and co are still shooting which is another reason why their Hall H appearance was so short and abrupt.But the biggest let down from the VP was that she said only the comic con Hall H viewers were supposed to get that surprise at the end of the teaser so only 8-10 thousand would be able to say they have seen Jared Leto as the Joker in footage but instead one guy standing in the right place made it possible for millions and millions to do it. Now like I said earlier don't get me wrong I should be on the side of this guy since he gave me what I wanted and let me as a fan see the teaser but at the same time I get where Warners is coming from since its basically bad PR and it feels to them like it sets them back it few steps since having a character like the Joker in their Arsenal being leaked is basically like playing cards with your friends and looking at the backs of them. But for how it turned out in a day/weekend where for years and years Marvel Studios has built something so strong and great with their films to get people to go see comic book movies and take them seriously and enjoy them that DC can try and do the same where when the Dawn Of Justice trailer came out and for the fans that caught the resemblances from Frank Millers novel was like seeing the pages come to life and it was a bigger deal then ever before and it skyrocketed DC's stock more then imaginable. But on the SS side like having that many views I wouldn't see anyone picturing it as bad PR at all cause it gets the word and movie out there because when word came for a HD version of the trailer out there yesterday I myself was doing other things and literally dropped everything and watched it TWICE! and when I got a chance to go on social media for 5 minutes straight every other post had Jared Leto's face or Margot Robbie's on it so any worry that VP had she need not worry because it ended up paying off for them in the best way possible because we all knew that butts were gonna be in the seats for Suicide Squad next year but now we know it could end up like Jurassic World and you might have to have people sitting on the floors during screenings as well.

The Tone/Surroundings Of Teaser

First off for the overall tone of this teaser...The Cinematographer did a GREAT job in EVERY shot used and really set the tone in everything you were watching and after each shot ended it really made you think what was next. A nice touch I think they added and need to use in the film is cranking the WB and DC logos up with the sound because while some may think its tacky a lot of others thought it was a nice touch to start the madness to it all. As soon as you see Viola Davis mentioning the Squad to what looks like a general she means BUSINESS and she's only in like 20 seconds of the teaser and I'm sorry Oprah but Viola Davis is a very good choice to play Amanda Waller. She was short,to the point and very on that edge of if you talk back to me things could happen attitude and thats how Waller is and I myself am happy she captured that. When it comes down to seeing all the characters for the first time in their cells it sort of comes down to preference like some wanted Harley to be doing something else but liked it better when you saw her arm tattoo that showed off the logos everyone knows and showing Will Smith beating around a punching bag shows off his hand to hand combat but also is something for the ladies if your girlfriend is tired of watching this trailer type thing. The quick little shot of El Diablo blowing out a match sort of showing you his badass nature with his face all covered in ink. Killer Croc was covered up until later on in the teaser since he's such a force of nature type character they had to sort of Hannibal Lecter him and put him in a wheelchair type thing with something over his mouth.The few things I was surprised they added that make you think and suspect are when they showed Cara Delevingne's character before it looks like she's Enchantress and she's rock climbing when Waller mentions Superman in the teaser? Is that a possible spot for an easter egg area?? I did like that they sort of showed all sides of Will Smiths character being a dad and also being locked up and having the cool get up and mask as he scaled down the building as well all in one teaser which was a nice treat.

So overall tone besides the obvious of DARK is that it looks like it could be something where its a place where anything bad could happen at anytime whatsoever and while you as a viewer watch it its like going on a roller coaster ride because you don't really know what to expect.

Easter Eggs Through The Teaser

Ok this part of the article might be the shortest since the teaser is still being combed over tirelessly trying to find if there are anymore secrets to find in the 3 min teaser.

-Harleen to Harley-Theres a quick shot where you see Joel Kinnaman and Margot Robbie very close as if they were together but Robbie isn't in pigtails and her hair isn't dyed which could give the impression that she is still Ms.Harleen Quinzel who's just a normal person trying to make a living and not the icon we know in DC lore. But in a few other snapshots you see in the same dirty dark doctors office that Robbie is thrown down on her exam room bed and almost forced to stay there and another shot has her tied down and you see some familiar HAHAHAHAHAHAH tattoos above her head as she's looking around in the shot which gives the idea that the Joker is the one capturing her and ultimately makes her the way she is in a sequence in the film which will be awesome to see. Another thing thats just speculation and food for thought is that since Leto is looking down when he has the Paddles and he declares that he's "Not gonna kill you!" could he possibly be talking to a tied up Harley and nobody realizing it since the shots go by so fast?? I mean it is a teaser trailer.

Robbery Costumes-Another hot topic was the robbery scene where it looks like something right out of the game Payday where you have someone wearing a Batman mask,a panda and a few other characters robbing a building and causing chaos and when you get down to the bottom of it and do some pausing you see that it looks to be a normal person leading the charge of criminals causing mayhem and walking down a hallway but when you look in the back part of the window you see a purple suit and after that as plain as day you can see The Joker is with them causing all the problems as well. An interesting take because if they are robbing something like a bank its going a different route then The Dark Knight where Heath hid himself in that beginning sequence and made his grand entrance and getaway at the same time and instead having everything do their own thing and having it work out in its own way.

Which Suicide Squad Character Are You Most Excited To See?

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Suicide Squad Comic Con Trailer

The First Footage Of Jared Leto's Joker!

While I was watching the bad quality version of the teaser in a room filled with like ten people with the volume on like full blast something very weird happened..Now if you have been reading my past few of these you know how excited I am for these films and all the coverage of this movie and the actor playing the character but during the trailer when Jai Courtney said "Well you know what they say about the crazy ones.." and Margot Robbie says "HUH?" the room of 10 suddenly went mute and hearing that loud cackle and hearing him say the first words that ten years down the road are going to be remembered like Jack and Heath's were was something I didn't even know how to feel. I didn't hate it in any way shape or form but the feeling that seeing it on screen actually happened was the feeling and later reading that it was now a hit was a pretty good extra as well.

I wanna say its only 6-8 seconds of footage where the camera is aimed solely on him cause if you watch the teaser and pick it apart you can see his arm at certain parts from the tattoos and see him and his crazy attire in the background walking at times as well. But for all that love to dissect ill go down the rabbit hole with you on this...Some do like to talk about how good a Joker is on his laugh and while his laugh was sort of faded and how you couldn't "really" hear it his next impression was made loud and clear. Where Leto pops up on the screen holding what looks to be 2 paddles straight out of GTA's torture scene and says "Im not gonna kill ya!" then you see him sort of bite down on his shiny teeth and flip the only light in the room up to cut the image and then it flashes to only him up close in your face saying "Im just gonna hurt you really, REALLY bad!!" then flashes the Suicide Squad logo that we will all know of from now on.

I guess my biggest either mistake or gain is that I myself watch reviewers at times and when they watched this teaser I wanted to see their take on it and I watched the one and only Tyrone Magnus first and when it was over I thought he wasn't gonna totally be on board but he actually said he sounded like Mark Hamill from the Arkam games and that was a big enough stamp for me because some consider the way Hamill did it as the best ever but it wasn't done on screen. The other was Ryan Right of the Reel Rejects and while Ryan did go nuts having Batman in the teaser i did like how he ended it by just laughing and saying "Jared F'in Leto" but in a way that was of approval or good job you crazy man which I can get on board with too. While those two guys I just named are WAYYY more known then me it does help to have those big names on board since in late April people were ready to have Leto almost thrown off set and fired for the first picture that was released cause of how apparently bad it looked and now after 10 seconds its like night and day for everyone and we have another amazing DC property to look forward to next year.

To top it off as well since he's no slouch himself next year we will have this film but we will also have Gotham going into its 3rd season by the time of this films release and Cameron Monaghan who plays the series young Joker is an up and comer along with the rest of the young cast too.


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    • Tttschida1988 profile image

      Tyler Tschida 2 years ago from St.Paul MN

      Honestly I am excited to see what Margot Robbie can do to Harley as a character because I have been hearing a lot of "Sid and Nancy" comparisons with her and Jared from the teaser but in the end on my left arm I have Heath Ledger's Joker tattooed on my bicep and on my left arm I have another tattoo for Jared Leto's band so seeing this teaser was BIG for me and Im ALL In for this and seeing how he can bring the character to life in a way no one has seen before because of how method he goes in his films.

    • Oliver Stark profile image

      Oliver Stark 2 years ago from Sacramento, California

      There is a comic invasion coming next year!

      Nicely written hub, loved reading it.

      Which character are you waiting for the most?


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