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7-15-15 Daily News For Wednesday!!

Updated on July 15, 2015

Who's Going Out To The Theatre This Weekend?!

This weekend is looking to be another slaughter for one film and one company in particular with Marvel Studios returning to the helm in some shape even if it is at the smallest with Ant Man.The reviews for the film were giving it a ton of good buzz saying that while most Marvel films are known as "A Good Time" and "Funny" this one was more funny then most and was surprisingly good too since most thought that Paul Rudd's Ant Man was just going to be a stepping stone towards what Marvel is working towards ultimately in the end. I have been trying to search around for a estimate for this film and have been hearing conflicting reports as of right now though and some say that it will become number 1 across the board but could not get 100 mill or even close to it in the US like other Marvel films and in their eyes that can at times be considered a "Bust" but I mean for their track record I don't think they are gonna beat themselves up for it. Another big thing is that Minions almost beat Shrek 3 for the biggest animated movie ever this past weekend and kids are VERY persisted with Minions so the possibility of Rudd fighting with Bob,Stuart and Kevin seems more and more likely for that number 1 spot.

Another film coming out that I will be seeing sometime this week to get a few laughs in and is being considered the "Dark Horse" with everything out is Amy Schumer's Trainwreck. Now this is another one that when it premiered in New York the reviews literally blew through the roof and some big reviewers saw it twice because they enjoyed the film so much. But at the end of the day it is something where its a Judd Apatow film with adult content and the leading films out now are Inside Out,Minions and Jurassic World for the kids that haven't seen it and you have another superhero movie coming along too so I don't wanna say its bad timing because I am a fan of Schumer's and like her show but do think anytime a movie goes against a Marvel film they just know they are just happy to be there for a release even though a few spots said train wreck was slated as the "funniest" thing they've seen in a while if not all year and they MEANT it so when you go pay for a ticket at the theatre I guess for once you'll have a decision to make...

American Horror Story Hotel Teases Gaga

In what was a very quick tease and what may not even be her character a 11 second video was released a few days back that just showed a service bell you push when people aren't at the desk and instead of seeing a normal hand do it in a room that looked very red and orange you see a hand stick out in the color thats completely silver and long nails and even looks bedazzled at some parts at just lightly taps the bell and then the screen flashes the title then says "Lady Gaga" 3 times then the video ends. So I mean it doesn't tell you the character name or what she looks like at all but once FX and AHS tease her reveal it could most likely be one of the most watched episodes in the series since Gaga has such a fanbase following her around still to this day.

Warcraft Adds Itself To The List Of Leaked Trailers

First it started with Suicide Squad the X-Men:Apocalypse then Deadpool and now surprisingly at the Legendary panel someone took footage of the Warcraft stuff that was shown as well. Ok readers I am going to admit outright that I have never played WOW but I have been told the stories in some of the games and did watch the South Park episode involving it. But while I was watching it someone who must play the game or who is more into it then me leaned into his friend and you can clearly hear him in the camera and it cuts off the sound of how clear it is but he says "Not interested at all!,Its basically Avatar! Where are the people!" The video was about 3 and a half to 4 mins and it took about 3 mins to see a real human person on the screen acting and not having CGI or something not computerized on the screen. If this is A there real first showing of Warcraft and this is what people are saying? Does this mean that the infectious video game movie disease carries on with this one or could this just be a smoke screen were seeing cause with the over abundance of CGI it does really depend on what you like when it comes to that because some people hated Avatar and some consider it a religion so I mean take that as you will and we will have to see when a full fledged first trailer for this comes out.

Comic Con Changing Its Ways??

Imagine next year going to San Diego Comic Con and waiting through all the madness and the lines and thousands of people to realize that when you got to the main floor and finally got to your seat in Hall H they changed something...Now granted you would probably find out before even going but I am just saying theres always one person who doesn't follow the news diligently like others. Imagine Hall H being just for panels where the cast of films would come up talk about the film and take a few questions and have a couple of laughs then head out to either go back to filming or go on to their next project.Something missing from what you normally hear what goes on in the historic Hall H?? Things might be changing if studios get their way and San Diego Comic Con might just be a place to see the stars and cosplay now and not a place for footage anymore. With all the big footage shown that was considered "High Profile" It started with Dawn Of Justice just releasing the new trailer to the public after it played twice in Hall H and the views started to fly at a rapid rate but then in the next 45 mins to an hour there was talk of a Suicide Squad teaser flying around and finally someone got a decent viewing one online and the internet literally broke and everyone who's topics involve thats eyes were on THAT. Then later on in the night Ryan Reynolds made good on his promise to show up at Hall H and sort of still hold the Marvel flag and showed a Deadpool trailer that was also leaked by someone as well and shared just as much as the others. A few others that took a bit longer to end up online were X-Men Apocalypse and Warcraft but they are both in very watchable quality and the surprising factor is the studio has companies that pay people to take these down and all the bad quality cam ones are still up and getting tons of views until the HD ones arrive online. So when Ryan Reynolds says "3 Weeks" until we see the Deadpool trailer in theaters then everyone is gonna fuel that cam trailer with views over and over for the next 3 weeks until the good one comes online. People who work on the studios are NOT happy about the idea of it, Some more vocal about it then others as I have mentioned in previous posts. WB posted how disappointed they were about the Suicide Squad leak since that was supposed to be their "Grand first look" at Jared Leto as The Joker and you would either see it in Hall H or in a theatre when they were gonna attach it to a movie later down the road but things changed and now its online. Ryan Reynolds sort of stuck with the side you wouldn't expect because he said without someone pirating something I wouldn't be making a Deadpool movie so its sort of a double edged sword and something you just have to deal with. The other studios haven't taken any comments as of yet. I haven't been to San Diego Comic Con yet in my life and consider it a bucket list thing to do before I die because its such a beacon in geek culture not just for film and entertainment but everything else they have there as well. But for the people that HAVE to go for the films and entertainment front it would be a weird feeling having to go and know for a fact your not gonna see any new footage by any means whatsoever. Because the convention center couldn't try and take away cell phones at the door because 9,000 cell phones could be mayhem to give back and leaving them in a hotel room for writers and others is almost out of the question as well. So its a sticky situation. Someone who I talk to that does talk to people within the business I had asked what the situation was involving this and he just replied to my tweet by saying that it "Didn't look good" so lets hope things turn around for everyone involved fans and studios both.

Jesse Eisenberg Sounded Less Then Thrilled With Comment From Comic Con

When asked how his time was at San Diego Comic Con, Jesse Eisenberg responded and talked a bit but then responded by saying that Comic Con was "Some Sort Of Genocide" which every news outlet quickly caught onto and thought the absolute worst on. Now I am just reporting on it because its a topic that happened but in the same right I don't think he meant it the way he did as well even though the context was taken way out of left field. I sent out a tweet after the quote was reported saying "While using Genocide sounds bad I could see how you would hate being the "wanted" item from 60,000 people and it could be taxing". I think his humor is a little different then others if he wasn't serious because when he signed on to play Lex Luthor did he not realize he would have to attend these things until he's at least 35-40?? But I mean doing a signing right next to Superman and Batman and having literally EVERYONE from Hall H and then some more coming up to you telling you things and asking for your autograph could like I tweeted get a little hectic so I am guessing someone caught him at a bad time and he just overreacted. Its either that or he just really does hate it but for his sake I hope its not that cause signing on to a comic book franchise and trying not to go to Comic Con is like putting on your shoes without tying them...It just doesn't happen

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