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7-16-15 Daily News For Thursday!!

Updated on July 16, 2015

David O Russell's Joy Gets A Teaser

This teaser was released while I was covering yesterdays news so I didn't get a chance to watch it until later but as I did I had to watch it back to back times because the first viewing I kept trying to come up with a clever name for a feat director David O Russell has accomplished..This would be his 3rd film working with Jennifer Lawrence,Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro so either he is like Christopher Nolan and likes working with the people he knows are talented and are his close friends(TDK Trilogy,Inception,Interstellar). But some I were thinking of were "The Silver Joy Hustle" and the "American Joy Playbook".While I am not knocking Joy in any sense of the word I just found it crazy that the more you watched the trailer you saw actors from past films of Russell's. The main plot of it looked to be Lawrence's characters mother telling her as a child when she grows up she would be great and you just see flashes of basically things kicking her around to The Rolling Stones "You Cant Always Get What You Want" and flashes of other characters like Cooper and De Niro and even a cast member from Orange Is The New Black(Dacha Polanco) pops up in there in a flash as well. The end has Lawrence shooting a shotgun a few times and looking relieved after and saying "My names Joy by the way" then showing the title and ending the teaser. It basically fit the description of what it was and it was a teaser and the description of the plot outline on IMDB lays out WAY more then it gives in the teaser so check it out if interested but for now I might have to see more from this one to give it a chance.

Pan Releases New Trailer

The possible trailer that was shown in Hall H this past weekend or footage at least was released today for the film Pan and while the first trailer was more of a foreshadowing making you think something bigger was coming, This one gives you all the things you remember from the classic tale but you might want to be warned when watching it. While watching it I didn't have all concerns because once Peter gets to the townspeople where Rooney Mara is stationed and is basically taken under her wing all of the accents and colors there basically take on a mind of there own much like they did in Hook with Robin Williams and I did enjoy how color played a role in that movie since its such a little thing to think about when watching it. The first think you do see when the trailer opens is talking about young Peter and how he will forever be the "Boy who will never grow up" and you see him laying under his bed with what looks to be paper stars and other things tied to the bed so he has stuff to look at when he falls asleep. Then Hugh Jackman makes his appearance as Blackbeard coming in strong yelling "WELCOME TO NEVERLAND!!!!" and getting tons of people to cheer and applause from it. This is where I start to be a little strayed on the movie because while Jackman is making Blackbeard his own it does remind me of a little Zorro in there as well but they don't show him as much as the others so we will see how it plays out. Another thing I noticed was they do flash little things at you in the sky like a giant crocodile in the sky and a hook in the stars to sort of give you clues of what will come and when you meet Hook who is played by Garrett Hedlund does seem like the dashing young man who could replace that role Orlando Bloom had a while back when the Pirates movies were out and woman adored him but then when young Peter tests his wills how to fly and he jumps the scriptwriters make Hedlund sound like he lost the ability to speak and he says "Well Ill Be Danggunnit" I know Pirates weren't the most literal people in history but you don't have to make everyone dumb as a box of rocks either in every movie for comedy purposes. The one person who gets an appearance but it is only for a second or 2 and is playing the Mermaid is Cara Delevinge and I honestly thought she would have a longer presence to the trailer since she is making a BIG name for herself this year with the multiple movies she's in this year and of course next year as well. The cast is pretty stacked of well known names and I could see the boy who plays young Peter Levi Miller being the stand out of the whole film because during the trailer he was the only one to me that looked like he brought it from the start to finish so it'll be interesting to see where this thing goes.

TV's Constantine Could Show Up On Season 4 Of Arrow

Yes readers you are reading that right!!! If you watched or were a fan of the TV series while it was on "Constantine" before NBC decided to part ways with it and just let it go and basically make the wrong decision since it grew an amazing cult following half a season in. Theres still a chance of seeing the man once more but on a different channel and show later on in the year or maybe next year. It is being reported that its getting hammered out to have Constantine himself show up on an episode or 2 of Arrow and help him when it comes to something he can't handle on his own and then he could bring his fanbase and followers to the Arrow side as well and it could be fun to see where that takes the story too so I am really excited to see where this goes because Season 3 of Arrow did sort of lose me after he went rogue and joined the dark side basically(SPOILERS) but having him back and ready to go is the best part to starting season 4 and also seeing what they can do with Legends Of Tomorrow as well.

ESPY Awards Air Last Night On ESPN

Once every year ESPN gets to have their Oscars of sorts and do the ESPYS and last night was their night. With host Joel Mchale doing the honors and what was said to be a night of emotion and a lot of shot taking at fellow athletes it was overall known as a success and a fun night to ESPN and the viewers too. Best Team went to Team USA Womens Soccer because honestly when they do what they just did seriously? How could you not? Best Female Athlete was Ronda Rousey and when she was accepting her award on stage she took a little jab at Floyd Mayweather trying to rouse up the competition and making it fun for everyone. Best Play went to Odell Beckham Jr and that ridiculous catch he made that I believe ended up on the cover of the new Madden game coming out. Male Athlete was Stephen Curry and he also took home NBA player honors as well. Best game went to the most recent Super Bowl and the biggest OMG finish I think you'll ever see in one as well involving the Malcolm Butler play.MLB player was Mike Trout,NHL was Jonathan Toews and NFL was Aaron Rodgers.

One award that was certainly brought under a microscope and looked into some eyes as crazy and people just didn't understand it was Caitlyn Jenner getting the Arthur Ashe Courage award for everything that has gone on in the news lately with that whole situation. Now I don't mind the whole thing because before I start a comment war on here like my friend did on Facebook I just realize that people can do what they want no matter what the case or consequence. As I got home from eating my friend posted and I will clean it up so this post doesn't get flag by Hubpages later on but he posted on Facebook that it was a "F&#@IN Joke" that she would ever get that award ever in his mind and it made him stop watching the show. Then I went and did something else for 5 mins and when I checked Facebook again his comments shot up from 2 on the post to 29 and it was literally all out war on the topic and his argument was that he wanted it to go to someone who got injured in battle and not a technical celebrity and who was an athlete years and years ago. But I said to my parents if you wanna grasp straws to get what you want...First and foremost I do love this guy so don't take any offense but Stuart Scott would be an exception as well just cause he was a Sportcenter Anchor and yes he did fight with a disease that he ended up succumbing to later on down the road but if you told someone who TRULY believed in this Jenner stuff hardcore to there face what my friend posted they would get violent with you because they take it as seriously as something like a disease and I just posted to him and said I don't understand while you even posted it because its like he wore a fur coat inside a PETA center. Everyone was gonna jump down his throat at the end of the day sooner or later. Now I will agree the every other post about the Jenner change does get overwhelming since we've heard about it SO much that society can only take so much of one thing before we start to reject it and while I don't think it was wrong for her to get the award last night for courage I just didn't think you needed the Kardashian clan there making it a spectacle on Instagram and Twitter trying to make it theirs cause thats when it gets too far.

DCCU Cast Take Epic Photo Stamping History For Films

When people heard about the rumor of DC trying to go the route of Marvel and making a slate of films that would go 6-8 years and be able to string out a line of movies telling a story that would make you feel beyond satisfied by year 8 and wanting more later on down the road some people just laughed and said "Yeah thats not possible". Well look no further to The Hollywood Reporter...THR took out an article where they took some pretty amazing shots showcasing every actor and director for Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad basically showing you who will be here when the groundwork is started and the gun goes off on the race. You see your obvious people like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill along with director Zack Snyder and Gal Gadot alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons with Amy Adams right below all of them. On the Suicide Squad front David Ayer fronts the group as the obvious director and everyone is there except for one green haired maniac but trust me he is an integral part of the family as much as everyone else. Sitting next to Ayer are Margot Robbie and Cara Delevinge who I am not sure if you've been following social media have become quite the team lately so good for the movie making them good friends. Then above Ayer is Jai Courtney and Viola Davis with Adam Beach on Courtney's shoulder. Then off to the side is the rest of the group in Will Smith,Joel Kinnamen,Jay Hernandez,Karen Fukuhara and Adewale Akinnwoye-Agbaje with a big smile in the back. Both have the titles of their respective films above them showing the grand styles and just how big both of them are going to be and if you didn't get an idea from this the teaser for Suicide Squad and the new Dawn Of Justice trailer are the perfect fix to any solution regarding that.

Marvel/Fox Takes Shot For EW With New Batch Of Heroes

Hey wouldn't you know it a studio competition!!!!! But this time its via pictures!! The Hollywood Reporter did the DCCU covering everything for DOJ and Suicide Squad and this time Entertainment Weekly got the big scoop to take a yearbook style/cast photo of all the new additions to the Marvel family in all films. Ones that stick out immediately are Channing Tatum still wearing his Gambit shirt and of course Ryan Reynolds standing tall in the back right behind Hugh Jackman. Another two are Miles Teller and Jamie Bell who play Reed Richards and The Thing in the new Fantastic Four coming out next month. But the bigger thing also is when you see them you see them standing right next to a bald man and think "Who's the bald guy" and then come to realize its James Mcavoy and your head explodes by how crazy good it looks!! He pulls off the Professor look VERY well.Between Teller and Jennifer Lawrence is Michael B Jordan so right there talk about a giant group of talent. Onto the right of Ryan Reynolds where you have Kate Mara and Oscar Isaac alongside Nicholas Hoult and Olivia Munn and sitting on the riser sort of like he is out of place is Quicksilver himself Evan Peters to round out the shot.

Now I am not going to compare the two studios and say which ones are better I am just going to say on this front it is nice to see them all come together in one room and sort of get together and get to know one another before the real work comes into play and they have to put on the costumes soon.

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Joy Teaser Trailer

Pan Trailer

ESPY Highlights


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