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7-20-15 News For Monday!!!!!

Updated on July 20, 2015

Ant Man Wins Busy Movie Weekend

When new films like Trainwreck and Ant Man were coming to theaters to take on contenders like Minions and Jurassic World with Inside Out not doing that bad of a job as well. But when the numbers were in and the dust settled on Sunday it was Marvel who went a consecutive 10/10 on opening weekends with Ant Man making 58 million on the weekend. It was projected at 60-65 so seeing that it shot just under that is concerning but at the same time keeping the opening streak going is a nice touch for Marvel Studios to have as well. The bigger winner even if it wasn't by money making was comedian Amy Schumer's "Trainwreck", As many flocked to theaters and making it a very impressive 30 million which seems like far off from Ant Man's 58 million but many more moviegoers walked out of Trainwreck almost adoring the film when others knew that Marvel would deliver so it wasn't much of a shock. After hearing the numbers and how the film was steadily climbing it was making Schumer's stock skyrocket as well since she has been the "Woman of the week" as it seems having her comedy special air on Comedy Central numerous days and even getting a GQ spread involving Star Wars that is even getting some backlash from hardcore fans of Star Wars. But at the end of the day for writing and starring in a great Dramaedy,Schumer did a fantastic job covering all the steps needed to make her film a hit and do the unthinkable and get more news then a Marvel Studios movie during its opening weekend which is rare and next to impossible in this day and age.

Del Toro Brings Up Hellboy 3...With A Catch...

Director Guillermo Del Toro is known for making movies that can be giant hits and some that can be known as misses or only fan favorites.When I mention hits Hellboy was a total home run him and showing off his style and how he works as a director. Blade 2 was sort of a dark horse on the good sign for me even though its a "Cult classic" film at this point compared to the first. The bad side has been things like "Don't be afraid of the dark" which was very hit and miss to some along with "Pacific Rim" as well. Which brings me to this article, Where Del Toro mentioned that actor Ron Perlman who plays the role of Hellboy in the movies is almost campaigning at a hardcore level for a 3rd film in the series. Where Del Toro mentioned that it "Could be made" by him and fans all around the world could be overjoyed by the news but at the end of the day it'll cost the fans a little bit of time and some money as well. Some fans wondered why Del Toro dropped out with Warner Brothers for making their darkest known film on the slate which would have been "Justice League Dark" and been a completely different take on a comic book story that would have been shown on screen before. But Del Toro didn't see eye to eye with Warners like he had thought along with a "Scheduling conflict" that had arisen which was a surprise to some. We now know that conflict is Pacific Rim 2...

When I watched the first one for the very first time I didn't hate it and I didn't love it so I was very on the fence about it and I still am but at the end of the day its not something I would judge outright as being a "Bad film" in any sense. Guillermo has decided to move forward on making Pac Rilm 2 and continuing that story and when saying that he would do a 3rd Hellboy the only way it seemed he would make that his next option is if Pacific Rim 2 was considered a financial "Success" and made the money needed like the first one sort of did,I honestly don't quite know how to take this because Pacific Rim was budgeted at 190 Million. So in that case to have the same effects and possible better story you would have to think that the budget for 2 would range around 195-210 million. The first films final box office finished out at 411 million so it did its job that way but it did take some time and multiple viewings from some to get the job done. Some articles were written wondering if Pac Rim and Man Of Steel were going to be considered "losses" for Warners because of how giant the budgets were to cover. So just think...In about 3 years from now you could have a release date and trailer for Pacific Rim 2 and all you have to do is see it a few times and if it plays out well and Del Toro is a man of his word we will get a 3rd chapter to the exciting Hellboy franchise.

Sam Mendes Comfirms That "Spectre" Will Be Final Bond Film

After Casino Royale finished and was playing in theaters a lot of people wondered and thought if "Daniel Craig was here to stay?" As the iconic character of James Bond,Then Skyfall came out and was literally could be compared to if you consider the "best" Bond film to be lets say "Live And Let Die" then this film was a complete shot to the heart of the franchise and made millions of lovers of the series and even some new ones completely fall in love with the story and almost every minute of Skyfall was being praised as "One of the best films of the year". When Spectre was announced and the very short teaser was released many knew this one holds a lot of weight as if director Sam Mendes can carry that "Mike Tyson" like punch two times in a row for the same character?? Along with the fact that they are using a classic storyline that even your dad or uncle could get into and having classic bad guy and Oscar winner Christoph Waltz playing the bad position then when the first full trailer for this is released I can imagine all eyes will be on it just like the teaser. Today was sort of a let down as Mendes confirmed that he will move on from the franchise after this film and work on other things so doing Spectre just became THAT much more special of a movie to see this year. There was a slight rumor that the only thing that would keep him going was having Daniel Craig along for the ride which is obvious but he also mentioned that after Skyfall taking 5 years to make he was told he was done then but was asked over and over about one more just one more film so he will consider this his "Last" Bond.

Eli Roth Trying To Adapt Snapchat Murder Mystery

Ok...Readers I know some of you might be at your last rope with director Eli Roth or totally on the other hand want more and more of his work but either way the big rumor is he co hosted this years "Shark Week" for a reason and its because he was looking to tackle a shark horror story and make that his next film. He also is looking to develop a story that sort of goes along the lines of what "Unfriended" did with using Skype and computer technology and being able to make a murder mystery off of the app Snapchat. Yes you read that right a complete movie where the key thing being used is Snapchat..Now don't get me wrong he did make pretty gruesome and terrifying films out of things like "Camping and Viruses" and "Torture Porn" and is even trying to rattle Hollywood's cages with his recently acquired film "The Green Inferno" getting distribution and a release as well and that one has to deal with Cannibals in what looks to be the Amazon. So he can almost take any horrifying detail and turn it into something people will pay to see but for me personally when I first saw the headline about how an app would be used to drive a horror film I was a little turned off by it but then again Skype is an app too and Unfriended made its budget back and then some..

Could The IT Remake Be Back On Track??

Fans of the Stephen King book and film that was done many years ago know just how good the original IT is, Doing the remake just as well if not better is something that needs to be at the top of the studios "To-Do list" once they get started on production. A big hiccup emerged about a month or 2 back when director Cary Fukunaga who directed Season 1 of True Detective and got much praise for his work on the show was set to helm the two part remake of the Stephen King horror book for New Line Cinemas. But then Fukunaga sadly had to leave production and when the news broke it set a storm on social media as fans thought the film would go back down into the depths of movie development hell where it once started. Then enters Andy Muschietti, Director of the suspense/horror film Mama and while that film showed a very different side of Jessica Chastain in her role it wasn't a mega hit but was loved by some fans that saw it. The thought is that New Line will lock up Muschietti to direct and then already having the production team in place they can green light and be off to the races on the first of 2 films for the adaption. If everything plays out well it should be interesting to see how Muschietti's plays in King's classic story and how well rumored cast member Will Poulter(Were The Millers) would do as Pennywise as well since Tim Curry made him such a ICONIC character when the first film/series was released back in 1990.

Paul Feig Reveals Character Names For Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters 3 director Paul Feig has been doing just about everything right when it comes to giving the fans treats such as set photos and character shots and other things that are needed information. On Saturday night he let some more information go that could live on in history once the movie is released. When you first see McCarthy,Jones,McKinnon and Wiig they won't be known by that anymore...They will have much different names and it is their official character names! McCarthy's is Abby Yates,Wiig is Erin Gilbert,Jones is Patty Tolan and McKinnon's character name is Jillian Holtzmann. One thing to take note in is that none of these have the character last names we all know and love from the first 2 films so any rumors of relation to the classic characters is out of the question at this moment unless it turns out one of them is a cousin or something like that. Feig is doing the right thing with the releases and this movie keeps going from being a honorable mention on my "Must see" lists to getting on the Top 10 for the hype it keeps receiving so kudos to Paul Feig and the cast and crew involved.

Ant Man Review

This is the latest from the juggernaut that is Marvel Studios and as reported above it was the Number 1 movie in the country raking in 58 million ants for Marvel to be happy about. I did see this film last over the film below and honestly as both could be considered "Comedies" The story involved with Paul Rudd's Scott Lang character and Hank Pym himself played wonderfully by Michael Douglas are basically showing the struggles they have to deal with having the characteristics when one was known as an inventor of something fantastic and phenomenal and the other can't stay out of jail. Rudd and Douglas's relationship with actress Evangeline Lilly was great because Rudd sometimes felt like the "Brother she never had" at times and she HAD to deal with because of the mission involved. There were two people I could have just seen being played by different people and been totally ok with and one might surprise you and the other not so much. The not so much is Bobby Cannavale because while you did see him every now and then in the film, Playing the part of the "Other" father could have literally been played by a walk on actor or even someone else because I just didnt feel it from him until the last scene he was in. The surprise was Corey Stoll as Darren Cross. I know, I know before you crawl down my throat and completely X out of my page just hear me out...I completely LOVED and adored his role in House Of Cards and literally became one his biggest supporters and cheerleaders from there on out. When he was one of the crazed/funny family members in "This Is Where I Leave You" I even enjoyed that too being built around such a talented cast. But in this and it could be because everytime I went to see a movie from the start of the year I got the preview seeing him it became sort of forced to me and when I saw the final product and how villainous he could try to be just didnt do it for me. Again if anyone else were in that role I might have been all in on it but maybe drama is just more Stoll's game since he seems to excel at it every time he does it.

Now before I grade I will give a little talk about the 2 yes TWO after credits scenes...I won't say what happens but will mention certain hints to looks out for.

The first scene is more detailed then the second and most fans who just went to "See a comic book movie" would understand it more because it basically introduces a new character into the scene of the many MANY the MCU already has laid out. The second was a little more complex involving some regular and noticeable characters that you WILL for sure recognize and it does lead in to Marvels next film that all you get for a Spoiler on that...


Trainwreck Review

So this is the big film written and starring Amy Schumer and while it did only get 3rd at the box office it was all the talk during the week and did shadow almost everything else in the entertainment world giving her a major push at the right time. I saw this movie at a small family owned theatre during a wedding celebration and while I went in knowing and thinking some of her scenes and jokes could be known as "Too far" and almost too "On the nose" for some to even want to see her movie that the first 10 mins I was checking my watch and thinking that I made a mistake wanting to see it. Then it showed certain scenes that just shined through and paid off gloriously. One character who almost was the focal point of the entire film was Colin Quinn's character of the father to Amy Schumer and Brie Larson's character who played Amy's sister in the film. But if you as the moviegoer are a fan of comedy and standup it will literally be a game to you because Amy does a great job in giving some well known comedians and best friends of hers roles even if its cameos so you can get a great laugh from them in the film. One person who I wrote off from the trailer alone but grew on me completely and totally changed my mind was Lebron James. James played himself and he didnt have to go all dramatic or overthink anything because he was basically himself for the whole film but the relationship you can see he builds with Bill Hader and others in the film is one of the great and funny things to see as well. Another one I was nervous about but paid off well in the end was WWE Wrestler John Cena who as you see in the trailer claims he looks like he "Ate Mark Wahlberg", While that scene is funny in itself there is one that is more graphic in nature but Cena literally brings it and had me as the movie fan almost on my knees and out of the seat laughing and making a fool out of myself to everyone else in attendence. Another thing to note in the film is the cameos in this film is almost unbelievable because of how often they pop up and how much it happens but its all good for the story and funny each time it happens too. I cannot write this review without mentioning Bill Hader either who said he wanted to try out more serious stuff and stretch his legs in that field and I will be on the side of the field cheering him on because during the down times in this movie he did fantastic and then on a dime he would become hilarious and make the littlest jokes some you would laugh at 5 minutes down the road(One Im thinking of involves the Exorcist). Overall this film was a very outstanding effort by Schumer and while you will see a score that isn't outstanding below because it did run a little on the long side, The film still was and can be one of the funniest comedies of the this year.


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