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9 Inspirational Movies about Pursuing Your Dreams

Updated on October 4, 2016

If there is a dream within your heart, and you think it is impossible to reach, or the people around do not understand or support you, take a look at these inspiring movies to help you in your journey of making your dreams come true.


Two very different people from diverse sides of the tracks, one is a dancer and the other is a hip hop violinist must find ways to fulfill their dreams of what they love the most, despite feeling that they don't fit in. This is an absolute excellent movie to not give up, and to keep hoping and to embrace your uniqueness and the dreams within your heart.

Walt Before Mickey (2015)

This movie is based on the book, Walt Before Mickey. It shows us the early years of Walt Disney, beginning as a child and as a young man. This movie brings to light all the challenges, obstacles he had to face to make a name for himself. It helps us understand our dreams may take a process to come to pass. We should be grateful for small, humble beginnings that will help us get to the top.

Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith stars in this movie which is inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner. He was a San Francisco salesman who struggled to build a future for himself and his 5-year-old son. This movie will motivate you to pursue your dreams in spite of any hard times that may come your way and pushes you to take risks and believe in your dreams.

Chasing a Dream (2009)

This movie is about a young man’s best friend who is a championship runner and who was killed in a car accident while he was running home from a party. Cam, high school football star is filled with guilt from this great tragedy. He felt like he was going out of his mind. Cam decided to quit football and join the track team to honor his friend's dream. He faces many opposition especially since his father is the football coach. He also faces challenges from his friends. This is a very moving, powerful story and full of drama.

Goal! The Dream Begins (2005)

This is such an inspiring movie. Santiago works in a Chinese restaurant and helps his father with his gardening business. His main dream is to play soccer professionally, but believes that his chances are slim, until he is noticed by a former Newcastle United player. He promises that he can arrange a British professional to check him out. There are many obstacles and opposition that occur before he can get to England to tryout. There is also the adjustment in England as well. But in the end he was able to embrace his dream.

Goal 2: Living the Dream (2007)

The dream of becoming a professional soccer player continues for Santiago Munez. In this movie, he is thrilled to play alongside the legends like David Beckham, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane but also have to face the challenges and triumphs. He makes lots of money and you will see the different things he does with his money. He also get caught up with fame and the results of it. In this movie, it also tells of more of his family's story and him finding his real mom and the other relationship in his life. There are many things to learn as you watch this movie.

Ice Princess

This is about a young woman who wants to become a figure skater, but has a mom who is pushing her to a very important university. She must face some challenges and decisions about her dreams and her life to determine which path she must take. In this movie, there is so much you can learn about. It's not only about having a dream, but pursuing it, doing what a person loves, being courageous to take risks and make decisions. It also shows how to deal with pressures from parents, a teen just trying to figure out what to with her life and going for it or not.

Ballet Shoes

This is a wonderful heartwarming movie based on the book Ballet Shoes. It is about three orphans who were raised as three sisters. They are Petrova, Posie and Pauline. They live with their guardian and nanny who are renting out the rooms for money. They desired to leave their sheltered life to pursue their own dreams. Pauline wants to be an actress, Petrova longs to be an aviator; Posie wishes to be a ballerina. The film can teach young people some valuable lessions, such as the good and bad facets of ambition, the perseverance in tough times, and the dangers of being presumptuous. This is a very cute, inspirational movie.

Love's Unfolding Dream (2007)

From the series, Love comes softly, This movie is about Missy's adopted daughter who dreams of becoming a doctor despite the opinions of others and the local doctor. The local doctor believed that doctors is only for men and not for women. Also, because of that time period, the role of women was to marry and have children, but Belinda persevered in fulfilling her dream despite what was the norm in those days and held on no matter what. The local doctor finally gives her a chance to work with an older and very wealthy female stroke victim from back east.


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    • Gil Silva profile image

      Gil Silva 

      6 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Nice hub!


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