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7 Movies Like The Proposal - Movie Recommendations

Updated on February 20, 2014
Movies Like The Proposal
Movies Like The Proposal | Source

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The movie “The Proposal" is about a young Canadian immigrant woman, Margaret Tate, who creates a very demanding and challenging work environment for her juniors at work. When she heard the news that she is just about to be deported back to Canada because of her expired visa, she decides to rush into a marriage of convenience with her young assistant, Andrew Paxton to stop such a disaster from taking place. Basically, this movie is about two individuals who get themselves into a relationship for the sake of convenience but end up falling in love unknowingly. Here are some of the movies like “The Proposal”

Holidays in Handcuffs
Holidays in Handcuffs | Source

Holiday in Handcuffs

Trudie is a wannabe painter who is working as a waitress at a restaurant. Because of the pressure to make happy her parents happy, she misses a very important interview and as if that was not bad enough, her boyfriend dumps her too, making her to suffer a nervous breakdown. Worried about going back home for holidays without a boyfriend, she abducts a random client at the eatery in which she works and introduces him to her parents as her boyfriend. David attempts to escape several times without any success because Trudie’s family is vacationing at a very isolated cabin. He finally decides to play along until he gets rescued but he ultimately falls in love with Trudie and understands why she had to kidnap him.

My Recommendation

Holiday Engagement

Hillary Burns has always struggled in life and love and always feels the pressure to make for the sake of her demanding mother. At last, this holiday season, she believes she finally has it right. She assures her mother that her fine-looking new fiancé is finally coming to meet her crazy family. However, when her workaholic fiancé unexpectedly broke up with her, she has to struggle and find somebody to replace him or else risk facing her meddling mother’s wrath. She posts an ad online and later hires David to act as her fiancé in front of her family members. Soon, their fake engagement begins to feel real when Hillary starts falling for David. Can Hillary get a way to change this game into a real thing or will her mum discover the truth before the holiday comes to an end?

Family Plan
Family Plan | Source

Family Plan

Charlie is working for a company that has been taken over by Walcott who strongly believes that family values are a priority. The career-driven Charlie does a little lying when under the pressure of Walcott’s standards and believes she has managed to win him over. However, when Walcott invites himself over for dinner at her house, she borrows her friends’ house and daughter and hires actor Buck to act as her husband for the evening. The one night act changes to a full time show when Charlie’s boss decides to rent the house next door for summer forcing them to stay together in the false lifestyle she created.

Wedding Date
Wedding Date | Source

The Wedding Date

A young woman who needs a date for a family event finds the best man money can ever buy. Kat has had her own share of romantic problems. As if that is not enough, she gets news that her younger sister, Army is getting married and that her parents intend to fix her up with someone so that she does not look alone on her little sister’s big day. Kat learns that the best man at the wedding wis none other than her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey who heartlessly dumped her without any notice two years ago. Determined not to show up alone at the wedding, Kat hires Nick, a professional escort who will act as her boyfriend at a fee. After they both fly to England for the wedding, Kat’s family and friends likes Nick and Kat begins to wonder whether their relationship has to be all business.

Hitched for the Holidays
Hitched for the Holidays | Source

Hitched for the Holidays

Due to commitment, Ro breaks up with his girlfriend before Thanksgiving and he is criticizes by her family about his inability to maintain a relationship all through holidays. Because of his eagerness to prove his family wrong and fulfill her mother’s wish of seeing him happy, he goes online and meets Julie, another single New Yorker who is going through the same problem as his. Rob and Julie decide to pose as a couple in the course of the holiday so as to get both their families off their backs. However, things get complicated when their families get involved. Rob and Julie decide to try harder so as to make their relationship look real only to realize that their fake feelings maybe a little bit too real.

My Fake Fiancé
My Fake Fiancé | Source

My Fake Fiancé

Vince and Jennifer, virtual strangers, find themselves short of cash and decide to fake an engagement and wedding just to receive the gifts. They agree that if everything goes according to their plan, Jennifer will keep all the things on the registry and Vince can stop being a punching bag for a thug. Afterwards, they will have a very quick divorce and they will all be happy. However, a fake marriage ends in a real romance for a woman who has lost everything and a man who is in debt to a cruel loan swindler.

Wedding Daze
Wedding Daze | Source

Wedding Daze

Against the advice of his friend, Anderson, a young man is all set to ask his girlfriend, Venessa to marry him. During the actual proposal, she dies due to the shock brought about by the unexpected proposal. After spending a whole year in depression, he thoughtlessly asks a waitress called Katie to marry him although they have never met before. When she amazingly agrees to the absurd proposal, the two have no choice but to deal with of their individual families and friends.


These are just some of the movies that are quite similar to the proposal. The list is endless but all these movies have some things in common - they are completely unpredictable besides being fun and engaging.


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