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7 Sites To Rock Your Soul

Updated on April 24, 2012


Where To Find Free Downloads

When it comes to music I believe everyone is one . Music is able to calm even the fierce soul. whether you are interested in Country, Rock , Hip Hop, or downright boogie beats there are web sites available for every interest.

I have included all the links at the bottom of this hub for your ease of use. I always appreciate when I visit someone's hub, and I find available links to give me the opportunity to go directly to the information I am most drawn to.

Hope some of these sites are to your likening.

Spiral Frog

Spiral Frog: This website literally have hundreds of thousands of songs that are legally free to download . Before using this particular web site you must become a registered member which is also free this is a web site that I personally use for my free downloads . This website also requires that you log-in at least one time every 30 days; e-mail notification are available to remind you to log in to renew your account .


Deezer is a different musical site. It offers a social competent with the accessibility of having an online community where you can interact with other users. This site is a combination of social networking on topics of different music genres.

With this site you have the choice of using the free download service, listen to music, or make new friends.

Free Musiczilla

This site is very attractive for any music lover, it has no annoying adware or spyware cookies attached to their site. This sites application gives users the ability to download music through other media via, myspace, or pandora. This site is unique simply because you have the advantage of downloading free music using any web browser.


For the heavy metal rock lover in you. This website is truly loved by individuals who love the tunes of metal rock and indie rock. When it comes to rock lovers this site rules.


Y'All Wire

The name says it all. If you haven't guess by now this is the country lovers zone. You can download all the Reba McIntire your little heart desires. All for free, download your favorite artist, or group. Its your pleasure.

Ever been to country heaven, if not this is it. All the country tunes your little heart can handle.


Artist Direct

For all the hip-hop lovers, and rappers this is the first stop you should make. You will find all the free music videos, downloads for free. It paradise island for all hip-hop lovers.


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  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 9 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi vims, enjoy, you are welcome!

  • vims profile image

    vims 9 years ago

    Great Collection of Music Websites dear adrienne2!

    Our souls are enjoying and thanking you.