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6 Life Lessons Learned From 'That 70's Show'

Updated on April 1, 2022
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.


Eric, honey, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? Oh, wait. It's a 20-pounder. Donna, could you get the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer?

— Kitty Foreman

'That 70’s Show',while a bit exaggerated at a lot of us Baby Boomers a glimpse into what our lives were like when we were teenagers. Our tough parents, the girl next door who we feel in love with all the crazy people who lived in the neighborhood, the Fotomat where you took your film, hanging in a basement with your friends and an old car in which we cruised the highway.

The themes running through each episode of 'That 70's Show' may not be be life lessons for us all but they were truly the times that taught us a lot about life.

Not All Friendships Were Meant to Last a Lifetime

Friends, what happened to all the friends who were a part of our lives back in the 70's. Some are still around but most are lost to the proverbial sands of time. Watching Eric,and all his friends brings up memories of all the friends I had in high school and beyond.

We hung in basements together, at the mall and cruised around in our old beat up cars. Alas the friendship we swore would last forever soon ended and life moved on. I learned neighborhoods are just that, places where we hang out until we move to a new neighborhood and make new friends.


Hanging Out is Still Better Than Social Media

Watching 'That 70's Show' is a reminder that hanging out with the ones you care about is still better than all the social media technology can throw our way.

Spontaneous interaction, laughs at the expense of a friends misdeeds and talking about the days events works best when people are gathered together in one place. Facial expressions and mannerisms just don't work well in a text, a tweet or post.


“A Slinky? Ah, you'll get sick of a Slinky in a day! I'm putting you down for flashcards! Math... that's what you're getting for Christmas!"

— Red Foreman - That 70’s Show

Parents Were A Lot Tougher Back Then

While Red Foreman may not be the first choice for father of the year one thing is for sure - he is one tough father. When he spoke Eric and his friends listened

Red is reminder of how parents, especially fathers, in the 60's and 70's were the law. Many times they didn't even have to say a word only give you a scowl and you knew it was time to straighten up or suffer the consequences.

Music of the 70's was awesome, except for maybe Disco

What most people remember about the music of the 70's - disco music. When i watch 'That 70's Show' I am reminded of all the other music of the 70's from rock bands like Cheap Trick and Aerosmith to heavier stuff like Led Zeppelin, to Southern Rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd to much softer music like Firefall, Little River Band and more.

The list of 70's music is endless and if you add the albums of comedy by such artists as Cheech and Chong, George Carlin and others the 70's were a good time to be entertained.

While on the subject of music who can forget the outdoor concerts. We rocked, we sweated, we lived life with a smile.

First Loves Come Around Once

For many of us who came in at the tail end of the Baby Boom the 70's were the time when we came into our own. it was the time when we got our driver's licensees, graduated from high school and fell in love for the first time.

While many of didn't end up like Eric and marry the first person we feel in love with we all had someone in our neighborhood we fell in love with, someone we wanted to marry. First loves come once, many times are one sided relationship and end all to soon for our linking. The good news is we can carry the memories of that first love in our heart as a treasured part of our youth.

Everyone Knew at Least One Hyde

While most people maybe won't admit it we all knew at least one Hyde. A person of our generation who we secretly wanted to be like because they appeared to be cool and didn't seem to have a care in the world.

While the idea of a being a Hyde was always in our minds the truth of the matter was many of us were fearful of taking the plunge or felt we just didn't have what it took to pull off the change in image.

It is funny even all these years later you can still look at people and tell which people were Hyde's and which people were the Jackie's (those people who were a little uppity).

The Show is No More.

Sadly like all the good things of that era 'That 70's Show' is no more but it lives on in the hearts of those who lived during those times. Oh yeah there are also reruns and DVD's and online downloads.

© 2014 Timothy Whitt


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