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7 Top Multi-talented Celebrities with Amazing Hidden Talents

Updated on April 28, 2017

Do you know the various talents of celebrities?

Individuals, who portray their talent in front of the world and are followed by a huge crowd, are known as celebrities. Any talented individual can be a celebrity i.e. a singer, dancer, actor, chef and motivational speaker et-cetera. Some individuals are born in a celebrity family, while some work their talents up the path to fate.

The following is a list of celebrities who are multi-talented and have awesome hidden talents unknown to the world:

1. Conan O’Brien

He is originally a comedian and a talk show host, loved by the whole world. His childhood dream is a little off the path of comedy i.e. to become a professional tap dancer. He was even enrolled in tap dancing classes as a child, which he never gave up in his entire life. He displayed his tap dancing talent in front of the world on his talk show, to give tribute to the movie “The Artist”.

2. Neil Patrick Harris

Famous for his role in television sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as Barney Stinson, Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing actor. The real life Barney Stinson is also a real life magician, who expressed his love for magic in his show as well. He even served as the President of the Board of Directors of Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

3. Carolyn Marie

This singer songwriter from New York is a true inspiration for all. Carolyn Marie is a 23-years old individual, who writes and composes her own songs, is an amazing dancer, a beautiful model for various skin care & clothing brands and a blogger with her blogs expressing her views on music, fashion & lifestyle. Her upcoming music album, Wanna Be Cool, is awaited by millions all around the world and her fan following is increasing every day because of her amazing writing style.

4. Pierce Brosnan

The most famous and beloved James Bond, Pierce Brosnan is one actor who is loved by all. Mr 007 is not just an action-movie actor but also loves action in real life. He is super talented in eating fire, which he learned in a workshop at the London Theatre. Before entering the Hollywood cinema, he was a skilled fire-eater and a part of the circus.

5. Justin Bieber

Being on the ‘World’s Most Hated People’ list, Justin Bieber is still loved by hundreds of millions of people all around the world. This 23-years old singer songwriter has composed music with one of the world’s biggest composers and have one of the ‘most viewed’ music videos on YouTube. Other than singing, he is an expert in solving Rubik’s cube and a skilled instrumentalist, who can play many music instruments.

6. Bruce Willis

The Die Hard action hero, Bruce Willis found fame from his thrilling movies; also has a passion for music. He has found success in music as well; being a masterful harmonica player and displaying his talent in numerous compilations, solo albums and guest appearances.

7. Taylor Lautner

The famous werewolf, Jacob from Twilight saga is not just another fine actor in Hollywood with an amazing physique, but Taylor is also a martial arts champion who received his black belt at the age of 8 years. He has displayed his martial arts skills in various interviews & movies and loved by all.


The list of multi-talented celebrities is a never ending list because the world is full of talented individuals, trying to leave their mark on the world in not just the fields they are famous in, but also the fields that they are passionate about.

Just like the old saying, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, the same applies to celebrities. All of theirs talents should be expressed to the world and appreciated by all.



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