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7 Ways To Save On Insurance, Housing, And Other Necessities

Updated on April 4, 2011

Eating for free will start you out saving a big chunk of money. There are many ways to achieve this. Eating out of dumpsters, trashcans, and even food wrappers threw along the side of the road. Eating shredded paper and cardboard can make a good filler for your main diet. Social functions, especially wedding receptions, are great places to eat for free. You might even be able to sneak into a few family reunions and also school reunions, such asĀ Class of 1988. Bugs, lizards, and small birds can also be added to your food supply. In many countries these are delicacies and are very high cost. Just laugh at them while you eat for free.

Having a house is a very big expense. House payments, insurance,utility bills, furniture, and appliances all keep money flying out of your pocket. The solution to this is to sell your house and everything in it.Take the money and buy a couple of acres on a hillside. Dig yourself a comfy little cave and rent the rest of the land out for camping sites. This not only save you money but give you a source of income also. Sleeping in caves use to be the rage years ago and maybe you could bring the old days back. You do not really need televisions, computers, and cell phones. Mankind got by without these items for centuries and yet he still survived. This will save you so much money that you will wonder why you bought a house in the first place.

Having a car is another very big expense. Just sell it. This will eliminate car payments, insurance, fuel cost, and maintenance. It will take you longer to walk to where you want to go but by not having a television you will have plenty of time for walking. As you are walking more you will notice less stress and have more energy in your life. You will probably wonder why anyone would want a car.

Do not take a bath, wash your hair, your clothes, or use any personal hygiene. The money you save on soaps and perfumes will be amazing. When you go to social functions learn to stand downwind from everybody. If you start to attract flies, remember your bug diet. If you need to take a bus somewhere or want to watch a movie at a theatre, you will probably have the place to yourself. Tell the people you work with about your money savings and perhaps they will join you and start saving money too. This way no one will complain about the smell cause they all smell the same.

Entertainment is essential to pass the time and keep boredom away. In the evening a lot of people watch television and leave the drapes open. Stand outside the window to watch it for free entertainment. It does not matter if you can not hear it, you can make up your own words for what they are saying. It will probably be a better show that way and also keep your brain more active. Go to free concerts and enjoy your music that way. Look through trash cans for newspapers and comic books to read. Maybe you could smuggle your comic book into your free concert so you could get your reading and music at the same time.

Do not go to college. This will take much money out of your wallet. People have got by without college for centuries and the world kept on going. If you want to be a surgeon, trial and error is still the best way to learn. On the job training so you get paid while you practice your new trade. Why bohter whit fncay wirtnig cuorses. You can still read and write and even understand misspelled words without a college education. If you want to go to college, just go to watch the sporting events.

Having kids is a very big expense so the best thing to do is put them to work as soon as they are able to walk. They can walk to the creek to fetch a cup of water, pick up sticks for firewood, and maybe even clean up around the campsites. There might even be some food left behind. By the time your offspring turns turns two, a great birthday present will be the first shovel. With the new shovel, your child can start digging out his own little cave for sleeping quarters. The children can also help gather meals by collecting insects and worms that they find. Happy money savings everyone.

All kidding aside, there are many ways to save money in our high cost society.Save money on utility bills by insulating and taking advantage of sunlight in the winter. Turn down the thermostat and dress warmer while staying active. Save money on food by using coupons and buying sale items. Just because you have been with your insurance company for a long time does not mean you are getting a good deal. Shop around for the best price for the coverage. Do this by phone or online. Do not waste fuel doing things that can be done from home. Buying a low mileage used car will save you much money over buying new. Keep savings on your mind.


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    • kennynext profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Everywhere

      Thank you ClearBraces. We all need more humor and less stress in our lives.

    • ClearBracesNewton profile image


      7 years ago from Newton, MA



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