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7 Ways to Spend Your Spare Time

Updated on January 28, 2016

Listed below are some very interesting ways to spend your spare time and at the same time, enjoying it. It depends on whether you feel bored on daily basis, during weekends or during vacations, you’ll get ideas for killing time even if it’s for few hours. Just try any of them and never feel bored again.

1. Make your Skill your hobby

First of all, ask yourself what you’re good at; painting, writing, gardening, designing or cooking? Doing the job you like greatly helps killing your spare time and gives you relaxation and enthusiasm as well. Whenever you feel bored, you may start designing your favorite object, or look for a good recipe to try. It will keep you busy and as a result you’ll also get new beautiful drawing or a yummy food in front of you. So give a try and see how beautifully you kill your spare time and feel good once it’s done.

Cook when you're bored

2. Read

Reading actually helps a lot, a lot more than we can imagine. If you like reading, then it is the best way to kill your time. Reading takes you in a complete new world where you become the part of the book you’re reading. Be it a novel, magazine, article or just a biography, reading enhances your thinking and makes you disconnect from the world.

3. Spend time with friends

You've got some really cool friends, colleagues, cousins or neighbours, haven’t you? Then killing your time isn’t a big deal. Ask a friend or a cousin to come over and watch movies and videos together, order a pizza or bake some good food and enjoy with your best friend. And if you’re not sure about inventing them, then why not plan a short trip to a museum, or park or go out for dinner? This way you can get some fresh air as well and you'll easily kill your time

4. Learn some sports

Do have any interest in sports or other extracurricular activities? Then why not sign in for any good hobby and enjoy spending your time learning your favorite stuff. Kung fu, calligraphy, dancing, singing, all these hobbies are really enjoyable and once you start doing any of these, you won’t even know where does your time goes. Make friends at sports clubs and gyms so you do not feel lonely. These are good for your health, body, and mind as well.

5. Start earning in your spare time

Why not make some money with your skills while you can? If you’re a good cook, you may start a cooking magazine. If you’re good at writing, why not become a content writer? If you paint very well, make some real good ones and do a small exhibition in your yard. These don’t need large investment or lots of your time; you can manage your little business in your spare time. At least it will give you some revenue, which is also a good point, and of course you’ll be busy and will not get bored or lonely.

6. Make new friends

If you love socializing and learning at the same time, then spending time in front of your computer or laptop is a great idea to kill your time. We all know how advanced and enriched the world of web is. Attend virtual seminars, be a part of group discussions you’re expert at, meet new people and get to know about other cultures, languages, and customs.

Enrich your circle

7. Spend some time alone

If none of the above applies, still no need to worry, one can always spend good time while taking a walk along beautiful roads or parks and eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant and enjoying it all by yourself, listening to your favorite songs or malls to do some shopping are the best ways to kill your time all by yourself.

It does seem a little difficult to spend your time all alone, but it’s not true. If you do not like surrounded by people, then you will enjoy everything all by your own. Maybe at the start you feel bored, but once you get used to of your hobbies, you’ll find them rather interesting and enjoyable.

Give Yourself a Treat

So next when you are thinking about killing your time, remember these ideas. Depending on your mood and choices, you can always kill your time with smiles and with style! Happy living!

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    • tajoo profile imageAUTHOR

      Syeda Akhtar 

      3 years ago from Shenynag, China

      Specially when you're eating it all alone, you can enjoy every bite of it ^_^

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Great ideas that I love to spend my spare time. Doughnuts!


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