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7/29/14 Comic Con Overview!

Updated on July 29, 2014

Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice Shows Footage During Warners Panel

To start off the big Comic Con blog I will have to write about the thing that literally drove the convention center nuts once again for 2nd year running with the footage that was shown for Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice.Now it was only about 40-50 seconds long and if you dig enough on Youtube you can find a camera phone version of it that hasn't been taken down yet.But before showing the footage they ran with the same model as last year having Chris Hardwick who is well known in geek circles for running the Nerdist network and hosting At Midnight while he was dressed in Marty Mcfly cosplay he introduced Zack Snyder and he sort of just hyped up the crowd about the film and asking "Who's anxious?" and "Who's Excited to see it?" with every reaction sounding like a rock concert applause but then he said well then lets bring out some friends how does that sound?? With people going in pure panic mode you see Ben Affleck,Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot come on stage representing what is being called and known as the "Holy Trinity" and that name was burning through Twitter so fast it became a trending topic within the hour.But after them just standing around and waving and doing some pointing at fans and of course the occasional geek out from Chris Hardwick when he cuts off director Snyder and says "Your out of your mind if you think I am not getting a picture with these guys!!!" and he takes a picture with the Holy Trinity that could rival the Oscar selfie in a big bad way.After hearing Snyder say thank you to the fans over and over again he says now we have to go back and finish the film but I am not leaving you empty handed and he showed the best 45 seconds of the 4 day weekend.With the footage showing sounds of pouring rain then showing someone just lighting up a spotlight which turns out to be Batman and then you see then big Batman logo in the sky and Ben looking up all angry but why is he pissed with his logo representing the skies? But there's someone else in the middle of the logo and the spotlight and he has deep red shining eyes and you better believe its Superman flying above just staring at him.Now it cuts back to Batman just staring at him and his eyes light up bright blue and he is wearing some sort of armor that makes him seem huge much like in the graphic novel and then it cut right to the logo and title and the place went BANANA's and it was pure chaos for a good few minutes that was uncontrollable and something that hasn't been seen or heard of at the con for the longest time.

Marvel's Panel Shows Off The Goods

Of course if I start with the DC stuff then you obviously know what is coming next with Marvel's panel and what they had to bring for their big step up for the future of their cinematic universe.First off since everyone that is a fan of the Marvel franchises and their films is on Guardian fever right now they brought James Gunn out to announce that he will return to write and direct the sequel for the film because they have THAT much trust in the man and the film that is being released this Friday.Then they went into the Ant Man material which is sort of going back and forth with issues because with the Edgar Wright business which was brought up at least a few times in questioning from what was mentioned.But then early in the day they released a poster that had Ant Man on the lower part of it with Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas standing side by side of each other and it looked very futuristic and from the looks of a poster which is a crazy thing to say it doesn't look bad but then earlier the day before their panel they announced that 2 actors had dropped out of the film with one being Patrick Wilson who was a much hyped character like Corey Stoll's character since he is branching out since House Of Cards.Then they came out hard with the thing that EVERYONE was waiting for and it was the Avengers:Age Of Ultron panel with the whole entire cast there including James Spader who voices Ultron and Paul Bettany who lends his voices to the character Vision.But when they showed up and did their stuff Downey did his same casual bit and totally did something crazy and weird by running around Hall H and giving everyone roses by throwing them at people and basically giving them to each cast member as well.Then after the question time and everything was laid out then they had some footage to show but not only did they come to play they literally showed everyone in Hall H the WHOLE FREAKIN TRAILER! This is going to be the trailer that people will see in a few months coming now and these lucky people have already got to enjoy it with the great actors in the film.If you wanted a basic consensus of it it shows The Avengers just at Stark Tower partying up and then Thor throws his hammer down on the table and says lets see who can pick it up??? Then everyone tries and fails when the only one who barely moves it is Captain America then everyone in the room's minds go haywire and then they all look out the window to see a robot flying out in the sky and it is non other then Ultron.He basically just states him as the bigger person by saying such things as "You all look like puppets who are trained on strings,But look no strings on me" and such things like "There's only one path to peace,Your extinction."So as time goes by in the trailer from the layouts that are going around online since this one wasn't or hasn't been leaked around much like the Dawn Of Justice has but it ends up showing Iron Man in a wasteland around the rest of the Avengers who are beaten and bruised and down and it got so bad that Cap's shield is even destroyed and cracked and getting people like the Hulk to stay down is quite the task in itself which is something I cant wait to see how they make play out and it looks like Ultron will be the big bad thorn in the teams side which is nice to see because Loki is a big bad villain but at the same time he was very beatable and he had help from others that weren't him at all so we will see how this plays out when we see the real trailer and it is finally released.Also after they wrapped on the trailer to REALLY bring the heat and shut up the competition which they thought they were doing but when it was over Downey Jr. was taking a question and just sort of out of nowhere Josh Brolin came out and sontered his way over to the main podium wearing the glorious hand with the huge Infinity Rings on them forever cementing the rumors and facts that he will voice Thanos in future films and anything else Thanos is involved in in the Marvel cinematic universe and when he came out and pumped his fist wearing the giant hand Downey sort of bowed to him then tried handing him a flower which got a good laugh out of everyone in Hall H so to close out their panel it was a good way to end it.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer FINALLY Releases

So before all the craziness and madness of San Diego Comic Con and everything that was released for it on their first day when everyone was heading on the train to the convention you could be that 80% of the audiences or people going were on their phones watching the new Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer.Now for me myself at this standpoint after watching it and knowing the main standpoint of the story and the characters enough to the point where I don't need to sit down and read every single book and touch myself over it like most older women did when it first came out(Don't deny it you know who you are:)) but nonetheless the trailer is steamy and when everybody was all up in arms that the guy from Sons Of Anarchy didn't play the role of Christian Grey which will end up getting the "Iconic" label on it by the time these movies are done much like everyone in the world knows who Harry Potter,Katniss Everdeen,Tris and whether any of you readers like it or not Edward Cullen,Jacob and Bella Swan.The guy they got to play him has that sleek and calm gentleman style about him so I think they did very well for him and choosing Don Johnson's daughter to be Anastasia I mean she is a very cute girl and looks very innocent which you can tell they tried to do in this film so she could get tortured and destroyed but what he does to her sexually but in the end the trailer was steamy and got me interested there was only one HUGE downside to it.I woke up at about 11:30 that day and saw a few of my old classmates that are girls barely able to type on Facebook posting about the trailer being out and my friends basically saying "It's out and DAMN its hot!" but then I warned the one friend I was seeing that they should have shown the trailer on Monday or when they teased the 15 seconds to you and made everybody wait because 3 hours later guess what happened??? Zack Snyder showed a very up close and personal picture of Ben Affleck in the Batman suit in color and nobody cared at all about the trailer anymore for the rest of Comic Con so if they wanted their own day to sort of be like this is our day to plant our flag and say were gonna be the sexiest thing on screen come Valentine's Day!! Then they should have picked a better time to release their first trailer then hours before arguably THE biggest geek culture event of the year.

Legendary Pictures Panel Brings It To Stand Against The Big Boys

The Legendary Pictures panel has always been known to sort of be one to show off the big surprises and the awesome first looks that no one has ever seen outside of Hall H.The moderator was yet again Chris Hardwick but looking into Legendary's Wikipedia you will see that Hardwick stakes some claim into their name and business so it makes sense.But also having head honcho Thomas Tull there showing off theire future for the company to get the fans excited and he is someone in the movie business that when he stands up to a microphone and talks you shut up and listen.To start out they had a video presentation from director Gareth Edwards saying sorry for not being in San Diego but he is busy working on another film in a galaxy far far away which got a huge roar out of the crowd at Hall H then he proceeded to say that he would be back to continue the Godzilla franchise and he would also be directing the 2nd installment in the films series.After many people were done cheering for joy over that announcement then he sort of went into details about who would show up in the 2nd film and he mentioned the names of Rodan,Mothra and possibly even a Ghidorah appearance as well so instead of having to face 2 monsters like the first film it could be 3 and it is 3 very well known ones.Moving on from that people thought that we were going to get the announcement that sort of like having Adrian Peterson playing with either Peyton Manning or Tom Brady that later on there could possibly be a Godzilla vs King Kong film but Thomas Tull said that wasn't the case sadly and he was sorry to disappoint but he did have something to show and in my opinion this was definitely one HUGE surprise of the weekend for me when he showed off the first teaser trailer for Skull Island.Said to be a prequel to the legendary King Kong films it shows off an island and shows just tons of tree's and plant life then shows off some bugs and dinosaurs with a man talking about how beauty and great life is with its new creations and how great the island is then all of a sudden the screen shakes and you hear a loud "AAHHGHGGHHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!" With it being King Kong running out of the trees pounding his chest and it cuts to black showing off the logo for the film and a release date which me myself I am very excited for because I didn't even think this was a film that was possible to make.They also mentioned a very little bit for their film Dracula Untold that has Luke Evans playing the iconic role of Dracula and I must say seeing this role playing a much MUCH darker take on the vampire genre since the last like 7 films on the genre have sort of been for the Tween age can sort of bring back the dark more violent stuff that Blade had and maybe also be a great film as well.Then to continue on with Legendary's pure dominance of the day you had director Duncan Jones come up and talk about the hotly anticipated film Warcraft which he even brought along some footage for all the hardcore game fans to watch and enjoy and from what I was reading about the panel it is being told from the point of view of Ben Foster's character and the side of an Orc and it is definitely leading to a big BIG war by the end and people were leaving the panel saying the visuals so far were stunning and amazing so what Duncan is doing so far is being very well received.Lastly for their panel they wanted to show something off for Interstellar and Tull said well how about we just show the new trailer we have been showing around and everyone in the crowd looked a little confused but at the same time then out of nowhere Christopher Nolan and Matthew Mcconaughey both come out and talk to the fans and even show a little bit of new stuff but not a lot since you know it IS a Nolan film but it was a HUGE deal in retrospect since I don't think Nolan ever appeared and chatted with fans during the whole Dark Knight times because he was so busy making the 3 and Inception so it was a very big deal and a great GREAT surprise.

Other Big Events At Comic Con

DC also brought along Arrow himself Stephen Amell to moderate the panel and show off the panel for the their new season of Arrow and the first season's of The Flash,Constantine and Gotham.With all these new shows coming into play and also making a very big and positive response even though the Flash pilot was recently leaked online it didn't stop the momentum of the show in any way shape or form and kept it going in a big way and it wouldn't have been an Arrow panel if a giddy middle aged woman didn't ask to see Stephen Amell's abs which she got to see on the big screen and every woman in Hall H basically lost it from there on out.Walt Disney was very quiet with their info during the con and knowing that they sort of have their own con with D23 they did announce one thing and it was sort of their only thing they could announce to keep people interested while they were and they announced that Pirates of The Caribbean 5 is coming and has a very firm release date now with it coming out or set to come out in 2017.So with it being a ways away it still gives them time to get their stuff together and make it right and not make another 4 hour epic about Johnny Depp doing nothing like the last one.The good folks who brought us Hot Tub Time Machine were back to announce the 2nd installment of it by bringing the crowd of Comic Con a red band trailer to watch and god does it look awesome.This time there is no John Cusack but the rest of the crazy crew is back and they go from being in 2014 to the future because Lou gets shot from someone who travels back from the future to kill him so all the goofy hijinks ensue and it still is hilarious with just those 3 helming the group and it should be worth a look when it comes out during the holiday season.Upon Benedict Cumberbatch being there to be on a panel for a kids film he was appearing in most people were interested to see what Peter Jackson had in store for the FINAL Hobbit panel EVER.Now the company did release a VERY awesome first poster for The Battle Of The Five Armies and then showed off the trailer which you can now see wherever you like but I heard having the cast there was very bittersweet and sort of sad since its one of the many lasts they are going to have with the franchise and boy did they go to many many places with it.Sam Raimi did show up and throw something on the fans at a secret panel that was labeled as sort of a nothing showing that not a lot of people appeared at but the ones that did were VERY VERY LUCKY to because he appeared with the creators and supporters of Naughty Dog entertainment to announce that he would be making a film for the video game The Last Of Us and that their will be a TV Series coming out with the story revolving 100% on The Evil Dead and yes Bruce Campbell would be coming back as Ash in the series.When people heard about that it was the panel to be at and I heard they were giving away little posters for The Last Of Us saying soon to be a motion picture and it showed Ellie but covered the face since they don't have an actress attached to act for the character yet although everyone is thinking that Macy Williams from Game Of Thrones should be the front runner even though I am hearing a lot of chatter of Ellen Page's name as well.Another jaw dropping development was that Sony had to announce something for their panel and everyone was wondering where they were going to go with the Amazing Spider Man franchise since the 2nd film sort of hit a curb in big way and they decided to announce that the Sinister Six film is turning out to be priority number 1 for them and if you don't know what it is its like the bad guys Avengers for Spider Man and they set a release date for that in 2016 but then the bad news came at Spider Man fan in a BIG BAD way when they announced that the 3rd installment in the series wouldn't be released until 2018 which is a good 4 years away and almost crazy to think about.In the same news report it was reported that at the con they had also announced the release date for an Uncharted movie FINALLY but with no director or actor or anything really they do have a date with it being firm at June 10th 2016 and to think about it having an actual slated date its doing better then some movies right now.

Other Notes On The Con...

Some big things that sort of got swept under the rug because of all the hoopla with the big footage and everything that was seen was that A with the DC panel they only showed what they showed and never announced this GIANT layout plan that Nikki Finke had come out and reported was her BIG story that she broke and now it is just something that will forever become a rumor and possibly just was a lie until further notice? With Marvel I was almost stunned and saddened to see that we didn't hear who was going to play Doctor Steven Strange since every person covering the even basically almost put money on the fact it was going to happen then they covered what they did and yes they announced Guardians 2 but after that they have all these open slots for movies now that they didn't announce either so they basically did what Nikki Finke reported and gave comic book and comic book movie fans the big middle finger and said sorry but not really since we don't want to tell you looks like your SOL.With the Strange info for Marvel I think is a BIG reason why they didn't win the weekend because they showed a big graph from Variety involving internet traffic and DC's Dawn Of Justice footage wolloped whatever Marvel had by a good 28% and when they were done if they would of been like we have one last thing to address and introduce Steven Strange people would have been a million times more satisfied then what they left with and having whether it be Edgar Ramirez,Jared Leto,Benedict Cumberbatch,Jaoquin Phoenix or Tom Hardy playing the character we wont know until Marvel Studios is done dealing with it and wants to tell us.Overall though it was a very awesome and memorable Con and in a year from now I hope to be attending with one of my best friends and then I can do all of this from San Diego or LA or wherever its going to be and make it THAT much better.

POST COMIC CON:Deadpool Test Footage Released!

Just when you thought that everything good came on the days of the Con right?? Well not this year apparently because a day or two after the fact of everything being done and so called geek storm settling down and everything going back to normal we had a bit of a hiccup that everyone could see if they decided to and owned a computer or cell phone when someone released the test footage for the Deadpool movie that has Ryan Reynolds voice over the character and from the 2 minute piece it shows that if anyone thought he destroyed the character in X-Men origins you are going to be sorely SORELY mistaken when watching this because he literally gives the film and the idea of it a kickstart to the heart because in 2 minutes the clip manages to be hilarious,action filled and violent which is everything that Deadpool is in a nutshell so if you needed any more reason for this movie to want to get made or even to push towards getting it made then this is it and yes Reynolds can do it as well because he literally sounds made to be Deadpool when you listen to him and its perfect because he keeps his brooding macho toughness from the X-Men film he is in but also manages to have that Van Wilder type comedy that is just hilarious for him and tons of people are trying to take this down all over Youtube so try and see it while you can because it is truly something special.

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Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Footage

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer

Marvel Comics Comic Con Panel

Deadpool Test Footage


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