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7/9/15 Pre Comic Con MADNESS!!

Updated on July 9, 2015

San Diego Comic Con Is Upon Us!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! The biggest event in geek culture is upon us this weekend and from the event's preview night that took place last night where many flocked to flood Twitter with many shots of the new statues people could buy and the new little teases hanging out around the Comic Con floor as well. Obviously the biggest players of the weekend are looking to be Warners with everything DC and what they have in store for Batman V Superman since Marvel has decided to not attend this year and of course the juggernaut that is Star Wars taking over Hall H as well. A few things I saw honestly in the span of an hour on Twitter because sadly I wasn't able to plan out a trip to San Diego this weekend but I am crossing my fingers for next year but many people have taken shots of the new Dawn of Justice toys that will be for sale later this year along with the Wonder Woman Barbie that will for sure become a collector to those that collect the item. One goer posted a shot of the new speeder that is going to be in The Force Awakens that was jokingly taken as looking like a "Magnum Bar" but it was there on full display to be taken pictures with on the floor. A few non surprises were Warner Brothers brought the trinity's suits to the floor which is something that resides on their lot now like Britney Spears in Vegas but the surprise was they added the addition of Ben Affleck's "Super" batsuit you see him fighting Superman with in the rain in the trailer of Dawn Of Justice. Just seeing how massive and mean it looks gives you a better idea of how it looks in a total 360 view. a few other small things were tiny bat gadgets and a cowl that looks like it comes on and off your head like in the new Arkham Knight game which is interesting.

One thing I saw earlier in the day which I thought was funny was the Deadpool movie released a few more shots for the film but one was Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds himself on a street corner in a poncho and holding a sign that read "Comic Con Porfavor". So part of me wonders if Deadpool is going to be like the Beastie Boys and crash the party in the best way possible in Hall H and give us some great stuff in the process.

A few other little things for the first day/preview day were that in the Legendary Pictures area there was a viewfinder that sort of "Dared" the fan to look and see what was inside and around the area was a giant statue of the orc from the upcoming and anticipated Warcraft movie based on the very popular video game. Another cool tidbit was they had a Lego Chris Pratt on a motorcycle and put the Raptors around him so it was cool that the production was going all out even on an occasion much like Preview night.

Cameron Monaghan Teases More Joker For Season 2

I do apologize ahead of time for the bad analogy reader but here goes it...Gotham was one of those shows that was like the high school crush/tease because the second you thought you were on a roll with her she would shut you down for months with no sign of returning. No offense to Gotham at I am just commending it for being a great show because it kept me going every week and at the last episode I was so amped for more that I wanted September to be next monday. A few shots by a few lucky fans on Twitter and even on Monaghan's Instagram showed that filming is going and big things are happening for the clown prince of crime on the set of Gotham. The Instagram shot is black and white and shows Cameron basically giving his best smile in front of a police lineup and he has his hands up like he's having the best time whether he's in character or not you'll have to wait and see.

The others show Monaghan in a straight jacket being transported and one looks like he's running things and one looks like a fun shot but there is a few of Ben Mckenzie as Jim Gordon and ill just say it looks like he's seen better days as he is on his own with no Donal Logue by his side to back him up.

Possibility Of Star Wars Slate Being Leaked??

Ok for starters I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is BS and that when Sunday rolls in Monday we will have something completely different and if you read this and show anyone the picture that you should take it with like a metric ton of salt. But yesterday morning a picture was flying around social media of what looked to be the Star Wars slate they were going to announce much like DC and Marvel did since its like the thing EVERYONE has to do now. But an hour or 2 later people started to nix it and it seemed like it looked as if someone came in on their phone shot it and ran off as they were vacuuming or something. One big tell is because they did announce a origin Han Solo movie with the Lego Movie directors and in the pic I see a Fett/Solo movie but no Solo Han Solo film(Insert Bad Pun Here). I could honestly see though if this were true with people like JJ Abrams and Kathleen Turner turning into Ari Gold and going all Brock Lesner on a Cadillac because revealing what they worked so hard on with just one click from a camera when they didn't have to come to San Diego is one bad way to start things so I hope they come out on top cause Celebration was nothing but hit after hit after hit and got better and better so more of that please.

Marisa Tomei Circling Aunt May

Back in the Tobey Maguire days when the comic book movies were starting to take shape we had Rosemary Harris in Aunt May role and she kept the role and played it great for 3 films along Maguire. Then Sony went the "Amazing" route and got Andrew Garfield and Sally Field to play Aunt May and even got the man that is Martin Sheen to play Uncle Ben and to me I was all over that. But now where is Marvel Studios deciding to go with their Aunt May??? A much younger route in actress Marisa Tomei..Most people would recognize her for her role in The Wrestler because she blew alot of people away with that and doing roles in The Lincoln Lawyer and The Ides Of March kept her going as an actress and social media was blowing up over the fact that Aunt May in this world will be 50..If you really let that sink in 50 isn't that bad cause Field was 68 and Harris was 87 so having a younger aunt for Peter to work with could help him out in the end when it comes to stuff like having to balance his love life and school since he can't really say he's a amazing superhero on the side. I personally don't mind this decision I just wonder who they will choose as the villain and who will play him as well next cause thats sort of the next big step of where the story could go.

Is It Possible That Ryan Reynolds Is The Comic Book Movie Universe Guy?

Look I know you probably read the header and you either kept scrolling or you got this far and wanted to keep knowing why I put this...So here I go, Well when you think Comic Book movie kings like how when theres "Sports Mount Rushmores" for people more often then not a lot of people have the same 2 or 3 people on theirs because of his work and caliber to it. Now your thinking am I talking about Christian Bale and his growling voice for being the Dark Knight is arguably the best Batman movies ever? Robert Downey Jr. for making the best comic movie character ever? Christopher Reeve for the history purpose of it all and his pedigree as Superman? Or would you go the villain route and put Heath on there for The Joker?? Honestly some of those might make the list but none deserve a spot more then Ryan Reynolds...I know some of you might be reading this and thinking..."WAIT VAN WILDER?!?!!??" "On the comic book movie mount rushmore??" Why yes reader you are reading what I am putting on the page correctly because even though people sometimes turn green like the Hulk when you bring up Green Lantern(Me not included). He is known for so much more then that...

For starters ill give you a list of guys and see if you recognize them..Hal Jordan(Easiest),Nick,Hannibal King,Wade Wilson and Deadpool..Yes I understand that Deadpool is on there twice but if you have see the X-Men origins film you know why since his character wasn't used as much as some would have liked.Reynolds has very much been poetic and public about wanting this new Deadpool to be right and a "Hard R" for the fans so they enjoy every second of it and get the money they pay for it. I did mention above he would be at San Diego Comic Con at some capacity whether its in or out of the the Deadpool costume and its going to be a show which one it'll be.

After doing some research while some may have more movies being one character which I'm not counting but being in multiple comic book films as different characters shows you can spread your talents and do as much as humanely possible. The closest one I could find was Captain America himself Chris Evans because he was obviously Steve Rogers,Jensen,Johnny Storm and Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim...If you really get down into the brass tax of it Evans has quite a few more with TMNT being Casey and that started out as a comic but the film wasn't so when you get to "knit picking" it becomes a big debate.

I think all in all these two need to get in a room together and work out some crazy stuff to have a Avengers cameo in Deadpool or visa versa because fan nation would go bonkers if that happened and so much talent would be in one room when they connect as well which would make for a great scene/storyline.

What Are You Most Excited To Hear About At This Years San Diego Comic Con?

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Deadpool Addresses PG-13 Rating

Cameron Monaghan As The Joker


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