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8 Actors who could play the next Doctor

Updated on July 6, 2017

As you probably know, Peter Capaldi will be leaving the mantle of the Doctor at Christmas time. This means one thing, somebody else has to take up the role.

In all honesty, I couldn't care less about who the next Doctor is, so long as they do a fantastic job. However, here is a list of 8 people who (in my opinion) would be a reasonable choice to play the next Doctor.

I have tried to pick actors who are unlikely to be on other lists of Capaldi's potential replacements.

Ioan Gruffudd

Gruffudd is a not very well known but nonetheless fantastic actor who's starred in the TV show 'Forever' as well as playing Mr Fantastic in the 2005 film 'Fantastic Four'.

As someone who many haven't heard of, this will be an opportunity for him to become better known.

With his welsh accent in reality, his English in Forever, and American in Fantastic Four, this is clearly a man who can nail any accent that you throw at him. But personally, I think we're overdue for a welsh doctor.

Let's be honest about something... He's hot!

Not to sound shallow, but with a lot of the Dr.Who fandom centered around how 'cute' the doctor is, surely it would make sense for him to know... doable.

Jack Whitehall

Jackie boy is just as comfortable on a stage doing stand up as he is working on a film or TV set. In the smash hit BBC 3 comedy 'Bad Education' he showed us what type of character he is amazing at playing- awkward, relatable, bloody hilarious!

Whitehall is a massive geek and a bit of a doofus. This would make him far more relatable to the average Dr.Who viewer than some supermodel or gym nut.

His work on 'Bad Education' has shown that he is far more than just a comedian. Despite being hilarious, he has the ability to suddenly become serious and sympathetic when comforting another person. That's an ability which and Doctor needs.

His popularity might mean that he doesn't need time to grow on people. He can just buckle up and get on with the role.

The fact that he's more like the class nerd than the class athlete will mean that Whitehall would be a refreshing new type of action hero that many of us want to see.

Will Barton

Barton isn't very famous at all. His most well known role is Boris Johnson in the 2017 Docudrama 'Theresa vs Boris'.

His lack of popularity will mean that Doctor Who fans have an opportunity to learn to like him. But it also means that he'll fit the role better as nobody can say 'he can't play the doctor, he's another character from another franchise'.

What Barton lacks in fame, he makes up for in experience. He started his career in 1995 in the Sci-Fi series 'Space Precinct' and has since played many roles, including a character called 'Midge' on Doctor Who.

Experience and fame aside, he's a great actor! Personally, I think that's a good enough reason to consider him.

Stephen Mangan

Funny. Weird. Lovable.

Mangan knows his comedy. He's a comedian. You wouldn't be a very successful comedian if you weren't funny. I think Mangan's success alone proves that humor is certainly his forte.

Despite being a well known name, he isn't solidified into one role. This will mean that he already has a fan base but nobody is going to mind him taking up the role of the Doctor.

The final point I'd like to make about him is that he has he perfect look for the Doctor. Not exactly a supermodel but pleasant enough to look at.

Stephen Bear

Bear isn't an actor. He's a reality TV star who's best known for the crindgeworthy Ex On The Beach. Steven has a lot of energy, humor, and charisma. If he could channel that into the right direction, I'm confident that he would make a fantastic Doctor.

Bear is already popular among the youths (Dr.Who's target audience) and I feel that his habit of always flirting with everyone will prove to be a hilarious asset to the series.

James Cosmo

Cosmo is old- sorry James!

However, his 20+ years of acting means that he knows what he is doing and is capable of taking on more or less any role. His age would give the Doctor a vibe of maturity that we haven't properly had in quite some time.

James Cosmo is not a model. He's a realistic, down to earth, and relatable actor who would make a brilliant Doctor.

Despite his experience and maturity, he's not a household name. Dr.Who is the opportunity that he deserves.

Gary Carr

He first thing to say about Carr is this... he's black.

After 13 white doctors, many feel that it's time to throw in a bit of representation and hire an ethnic minority for the role.

Colour aside, Carr is a fantastic actor. Anyone who's seen 'Death in Paradise' can tell you that! He can take on any role that he's given. Be it an officer in 'Death in Paradise' or a singer in 'Downton Abbey'.

The final thing to say about Carr is that he's nice to look at. Hot Doctors bring in female viewers.

Anjli Mohindra

No stranger to Dr.Who fans, Mohindra rose to fame for the role she played as Rani Chandler in the Dr.Who spin-off series- The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Most Dr.Who fans know who she is, and based on the success of Sarah Jane Adventures, it's safe to assume that most Dr.Who fans will like who she is.

As she's not a superstar, people who did not watch The Sarah Jane Adventures will be able to fall in love with her as the Doctor.

As I mentioned with Gary, some argue that we're overdue for a nonwhite Doctor. But aren't we also overdue for a female Doctor? Why not kill 2 birds with the same stone?

There are many qualities that the Doctor might have -humor, maturity, depth. Whoever they hire, and whatever type of Doctor they are, hopefully the BBC will hire somebody who absolutely smashes it!

Who on this list would make the best Doctor?

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    • Eric Red profile image

      Eric Red 4 months ago from Taiwan

      I reckon Stephen Mangan could pull it off. Although I need to erase his role as Alan Partridge's soul mate, Dan Moody, from my mind first. Not easy.

    • TopHat Seagull profile image

      SteveO 6 months ago

      My call, as unrealistic as it may be, is either Mark Sheppard (Crowley from Supernatural) or Eddie Redmayne (Newt from Fantastic Beasts).