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8 Best Disney Channel Shows Of All Time

Updated on August 30, 2018
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Taylor Christian is a freelance writer and aspiring blogger.

8. Lizzy Mcguire

This old Disney show follows the life of 13 year old Lizzy Mcguire and her best friends Gordo and Miranda as they try to survive middle school. Everyday always seemed like a popularity contest. Every class seemed like a crisis, and on top of everything else, Lizzy had to deal with her annoying younger brother Matt and her mom who meant well despite her nosy tendencies.

Her dad was a sweet guy but he could be totally clueless when it came to talking to Lizzy about her problems sometimes. Lizzy has an enemy named Kate Sanders. The two actually used to be best friends. But then Kate met Claire Sawyer and became popular. Since then she has been mean to Lizzy and her friends.

When you watched this show, you always knew what Lizzy was thinking, and when she couldn't quite say it, her animated alter ego would say it for her. The show ran from January 12th, 2001 to February 14, 2004.

7. Phil Of The Future

The Disney Channel show Phil Of The Future was about the Diffy family who left on vacation from the year 2121, but their time machine broke down and they ended up in the year 2004. Now Lloyde, his wife Barbara, and their kids Phil and Pim must pretend to be a normal family in the fictional town of Pickford. Phil becomes best friends with Keely Teslow whom he meets at high school. Phil eventually tells her that he and his family are from the future. She agrees to keep their secret.

Lloyde spends the remainder of the show trying to fix the time machine so they can go home. Meanwhile, Phil and Pim have to deal with bullies, homework, and not blowing the family secret. This especially happens when they use any futuristic gadgets at school to make their own lives easier.

6. Wizards of Waverly Place

Teenager Alex Russo, her older brother Justin, and younger brother Max all come from a family of wizards. They must learn to master their powers or lose them forever. Their dad, Jerry gave up his powers so he could marry their mortal mother Theresa. Jerry and Theresa own the Waverly Sub Station which is a sandwich shop in Manhattan. Alex, Justin, and Max work there from time to time.

The show follows the three wizards getting into crazy and funny situations as they grow up and face typical challenges like school, friends, family, and magic.The show ran from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012.

5. Hanna Montana

So this Disney Channel show followed the life of Miley Stewart. She was a young girl in middle school who dealt with the typical teen things like friends, trying to be popular, mean girls, and just trying to survive. But Miley had a secret. She is a famous pop singer who goes by the name Hannah Montana. She has a double life transforming herself into a normal kid by day, and a pop star at night.

Only her best friends Lilly and Oliver, her father Robby Ray, and her older brother Jackson know her secret. She uses a long blonde wig to disguise herself when she is Hannah at her concerts, parties, and meet and greets.

4. Even Stevens

A seventh grader named Louis Stevens struggles to find his place in school and his seemingly perfect family. He's always does his utmost to infuriate his overachieving older sister Ren with his antics. He also has an older brother Donny and they live with their two parents.

Louis frequently gets involved in hilarious and disastrous situations. Luckily his best friends Allan who goes by Twitty and Tawny are there to help him out. The show ran from June 17, 2000 to June 2, 2003.

3. That's So Raven

Raven Baxter is not exactly your ordinary teenager. Yes she goes to school and hangs out with friends like any other kid would. But she has a secret. She is physic. She can see the future and have visions. Viewers got to watch her Raven's schemes and misadventures with the help of her best friends Chelsea and Eddie as they try to change the outcomes of her visions.

Raven has a younger brother Cory who is obsessed with money. He is always creating a get-rich-quick scheme to get cash. Raven and Cory live in San Francisco with their parents Tanya and Victor.

2. The Suite Life of Zach & Cody

For teenage identical twins Zack and Cody life is sweet. Their mom Carey gets a job as a headliner for the five star hotel The Tipton located in Boston. The hotel gives Carey and the twins an upper-floor suite to live in. The twins use the hotel especially the lobby as their own personal playground. Girl obsessed Zack plays pranks on people, while Cody is the more mature and intellectual one.

The boys are friends with Maddie Fitzpatrick who is the hotel's candy counter girl and her somewhat best friend London Tipton. London is the daughter of the hotel's owner. She is spoiled, rich, and not exactly the smartest tool in the shed.

1. Sonny With A Chance

Sonny Monroe is a teenager from Green Bay Wisconsin. She and her mother move to Los Angeles when she is chosen to play on her favorite sketch comedy show So Random. However it turns out to not be a fairy tale when she has deal with her diva co-star Tawny and a long standing feud with another show called Mackenzie Falls.

Still Sonny keep her head up high and a smile on her face as she tries to make sure everything turns out okay. Sonny's other co-stars are Zora, Nico, and Grady. The show ran from February 8, 2009 to January 2, 2011.


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    • Rachel M Johnson profile image

      Rachel M Johnson 

      3 months ago

      The old school Disney channel shows were the best! But I think Lizzie McGuire should be number one!


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