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8 Best Nick Shows Of All Time

Updated on April 2, 2018
Taylor Christian profile image

Taylor Christian is a freelance writer and aspiring blogger.

8. Victorious

Enter the world of Tori Vega. She is a sixteen year old who has just been invited to Hollywood Arts which is a performing arts high school. She has spent years in her older sister Trina's shadow and now Hollywood Arts may just be Tori's chance to finally shine. She is a talented singer and hopes to be a pop star one someday.

Tori's friends she meets at the school are Cat Valentine, Andre Harris, Beck Oliver, and Robbie Shapiro. Her enemy at the school is Jade West who is Beck's girlfriend. She hates Tori because she got a crush on Beck on her first day at Hollywood Arts. Tori lives with her mom, dad, and sister Trina in Hollywood California.

7. ICarly

This show follows the life and misadventures of Carly Shay. She is a thirteen year old with her own web show called ICarly. Carly and her best friend Sam perform comedy skits on ICarly and Carly's other best friend Freddie is their camera/tech guy. They also show videos of people doing bizzare and funny things to their audience. As the show got older Carly and Sam would let their friend Gibby perform skits on the show too. He is a funny guy who loves to dance and hates wearing shirts.

The web show becomes an instant smash with everybody at school and pretty much all over the world. With her dad in the military, Carly must rely on the help of Sam, Freddie, and her older brother Spencer to deal with her new success. Carly lives in an apartment with her brother Spencer in Seattle. Their mother is never seen or mentioned.

6. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

This Nick show followed the adventures of Ned Bigby and his best friends Moze and Cookie at James K. Polk Junior High School in California. Ned shares great tips and tricks on navigating junior high school hurdles.

Any typical problem you can think of in school...Ned has a solution to surviving it. Ned, Cookie, and Moze are friends with the school janitor Gordy who often helps them with their own problems. The show ran from September 12, 2004, to June 9, 2007.

5. The Amanda Show

The Amanda Show was a sketch comedy show that ran from October 16, 1999 to September 21, 2002. It starred actress Amanda Bynes and her cast members performing sketch comedy skits in front of a live studio audience.

After her success with another sketch comedy show on Nick called All That, Amanda as offered her own sketch comedy show. The show was hilarious and a classic.

4. Drake & Josh

Teenagers Drake Parker and Josh Nickols couldn't be more different, and now that they have become become stepbrothers and live in the same house their differences are all the more obvious. With separate friends and aspirations in high school, Drake and Josh have unpredictable days and hilarious adventures while getting used to being a family.

Drake's mother married Josh's dad and that's how they became step brothers. Drake also had a little sister named Megan. Drake and Josh would often call Megan evil because she played pranks on them and was mean to them for no reason. The blended family lives in San Diego, California.

3. Zoey 101

Thirteen year old Zoey Brooks settles in at her new boarding school in Malibu and makes a lot of new friends. Pacific Coast Academy used to be a boys-only school until they decided to let girls in and since the girls have arrived so has the romance and the drama. Throughout the show Zoey and her roommates find their way together facing teen topics from a light-hearted and comedic perspective.

Zoey's best friend is Chase Matthews who secretly has a crush on her. Chase's best friend is Michael Barret. Chase and Michael's friend and roommate is Logan Reese. Logan is rich spoiled, and cocky. Zoey's other best friends and roommates are Lola Martinez and Quinn Pensky. The show ran from 2005-2008.

2. Unfabulous

Thirteen year old Addie Singer is trying to fit in at school, but always seems to end up in embarrassing situations. Her best friends Geena and Zack, and her parents support her through junior high school. Whenever Addie isn't quite sure what to do she writes and sings songs with her guitar to express how she feels.

Addie has an older brother named Ben who of course she doesn't get along with. Addie's enemies are Maris and Cranberry. They're the popular girls at Addie's school and make fun of her every chance they get. Addie has a crush on Jake Behari all through the show and they eventually end up together in the last season.

1. True Jackson VP

Impressed by her no-nonsense style as she sells sandwiches outside his offices, fashion executive Max Madigan impulsively offers teenager True Jackson a dream job as vice president in charge of his youth apparel line at his company called Mad Style.

At first startled by the harsh office politics she encounters-particularly with bitter and resentful older colleague Amanda-True gets a handle on things once she realizes that corporate life is no worse than swimming with the shakes in high school. True's best friends are Lulu who she hires as her assistant and Ryan who's always hanging out with them in True's office.


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