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8 pokemon we could all use in everyday life

Updated on June 15, 2017


Arcanine would be very helpful in everyday life for the reason of travel and cost efficency.

First and foremost an acanine has incredible speed. The pokedex says that an acanine can run 6200 miles in 24 hours.This is an average speed of 258 miles per hour. This means that if I wanted to go from New York City to Los Angelos, It would take 6 hours on him as opposed to a 30 hour ride by car. That is so fast, I'm not even sure why we would need a car anymore. Why does Ash even walk anymore why not just catch one of those?

Secondly, A pokemon in a lot cheaper to take care of than a car. All one would need to do is feed him every single day. There are no need to worry about health care cost. In the world of Pokemon, healthcare is subsidized uh... well nurse joy will take care of it free of charge. That's all that matters.



Need a body Guard? Have a knack for getting in tough situations? Hire a Hitmochan.

Hitmochan can outperform any human being on the planet. Rumor has it he can punch so fast, it can't be seen with the Naked eye. Should you ever get into a sticky situation and feel you are about to get attacked, Hitmochan's got your back. With a punch that fast, it can be concluded that he has lightning fast reflexes. No one, not even the sneakiest and most combat ready man can out fox Hitmochan.

What about noncombat situations? Are you stuck in an elevator that just won't open? Caught in a building collapse and you have a heavy piece of concrete weighing you down? A Hitmochan is also useful for that as well. Hitmochan's punches are so strong that he can literally get through concrete; it is only a matter of time. Lastly, the best part is Hitmochan only works for food.



Gyarados is so powerful, fast, and intimidating, he should be a legendary pokemon. Lucky for all of us, he's available to the general public.

Gyarados is good for the treasure hunt. Any sunken and/or lost treasure will eventually be found if Gyarados is looking for it. Not to mention he's good for military use as well. One hyper beam could literally obliterate a tank.



Onix is more useful business than he is for personal gains.

Onix can dig(not run or slither but DIG) at 50 miles and hour. I can't even begin to describe how in humanly possible that is. Just to put it in perspective, powerful updated industrial tools can't even dig at 1/4 of a mile per hour.

Rather than paying millions of dollars for mining equipment, we could throw out 8 pokeballs and have tons of gold mined before lunch. Sorry American workers, your jobs are being outsourced to pokemon now.

Onix is would serve the military so well. Imagine all the enemy equipment he could destroy. Almost nothing can stop him. It would take nothing short of a missile just to stop one onix.

The benefits also extend to the everyday John Doe as well. Rather hiring a company to dig a whole for your home's foundation hire an onix. Don't dig a hole for that mailbox; Let onix do it.


Voltorb and electrode

Voltorbs and Electrodes could be useful in that he could supply power IF you could extract it from them.

Voltorbs seem to have less power but they might be easier because they aren't as deadly as an electrode. An electrode may have more power than a voltorb but, they pose greater risks because they drain energy and they have a tendency to spontaneously combust.



Lapras is an easy going pokemon. Though her utility value isn't very high, in comparison to others, she would still be one of the more helpful pokemons because she is easy to tame. As a matter of fact they are often already mild-mannered, friendly, and tamed.

A Lapras would help us get across the rivers, lakes, and oceans. No need to have ships anymore unless of course you just want luxury.

He may look cute on television, but can you imagine if this thing showed up in your bedroom at night?
He may look cute on television, but can you imagine if this thing showed up in your bedroom at night? | Source


Ghastly, such a scary pokemon at first glance yet so convenient.

If Ghastly existed, we would never have to worry about losing things. Did you lose your keys in your house? Forget where you parked at wal-mart? Did your little brother get lost during the fireworks show? No worries Ghastly will find it all for you!

Ghastly could also be used as a military weapon. Ghastly is mostly made of gas (No Kidding). Anyone who breaths him could die in a matter of seconds. His body is made of poison so strong, he could drop an elephant in no time. With that kind of power, it's a wonder why any pokemon(besides wind types and kinds that don't breath like Onix) could stand a chance against him.

How likely would you be to catch a ghastly if it looked like this in real life?

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If you can get past the mischieviousness of this pokemon, Rotom is a valuable asset.

He possesses appliances and other machinery. He runs runamok playing pranks on people just for the fun of it. Rotom has been known to possess 5 different items thus far: A microwave, Refrigerator, Lawn mower, fan, and washing machine.

Assuming you don't get hurt in the process, you could have him do all of your chores for you. No need to go to the laundry mat. Fire your lawn guy because this guy does it for free.


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