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80s Theme Tunes - Part 2

Updated on March 6, 2017
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Martin has been a software developer for many years. This is mixed with a passion for retro machines and game,

80s Theme Tunes (Part 2)

Welcome to 1980's theme tunes part 2.

I had so much fun creating the first 80s theme tunes page I decided to create yet another one containing lots more of my favourite TV theme songs.

After all, there were plenty of shows around in the 1980's that had fantastic theme tunes; not to mention big hair, an abundance of hair gel, shoulder pads, ice-white socks, pastel shirts, chino's and espadrilles.

So sit back as we look at another few top tunes from TV shows that are classics from the decade that kicked off today's technology boom...

Cheers TV Show

Cheers was the bar where everybody knew your name
Cheers was the bar where everybody knew your name

Cheers opening titles

Cheers TV Show

Cheers first hit our screens waaay back in 1982.

As the series progressed we all grew to love the likes of Sam, Coach, Woody, Carla, Norm, Cliff, Frasier, Lilith, Diane and Rebecca.

Aside from the usual stars the show featured appearances from other well known stars from US TV at the time, with the likes of Fred Dryer, Tom Skerrit and Dan Hedaya appearing in the show.

Where everybody knows your name was the title of the theme music and became synonymous with the show.

Get yourself to Boston and relax with a great 80's theme song...

The Equalizer TV Show

Edward Woodward was The Equalizer AKA Robert McCall
Edward Woodward was The Equalizer AKA Robert McCall

The Equalizer Intro

The Equalizer

The Equalizer was one of my favourite shows of the 1980's.

Compared to the lighter action shows such as The A Team and Airwolf, it was a lot darker and had a more serious mood.

What made it a little different was the casting of the then 54 year old Edward Woodward as ex-special forces expert Robert McCall; a man who doled out justice to the scum of society, villains and general wrong-doers.

McCall was a cool customer. Smartly dressed and cruising the streets in his rather nice Jag, he helped out those in need by 'equalizing' the odds stacked against them.

No matter how powerful the criminal, McCall would outwit and defeat them in the end. Not only was the show quite groundbreaking, it had one of the greatest intro's and theme tunes ever. The music, the dark clips of criminals and potential victims really set the tone for the show.

It must be said that as introductions and music go, it's not as dated as most other shows from the same era. Let Stewart Copelands masterpiece roll...

StreetHawk TV Show

Jessie Mach and Norman Tuttle were the crime fighting duo in StreetHawk
Jessie Mach and Norman Tuttle were the crime fighting duo in StreetHawk

Street Hawk Opening Titles

Street Hawk TV Show

Street Hawk only managed one season, but it must be said that the bike was pretty cool.

Jesse Mach rode Street Hawk (which was able to reach speeds of 300 mph!) to dish out punishment to criminals

The nerve centre to plan routes and monitor the city was looked after by the geeky sounding Norman Tuttle - who designed Street Hawk and it's systems. It's actually pretty funny that you can control a multi-million dollar crime fighting unit with a Commodore VIC 20 and a bunch of LED's.

The theme music was by the band Tangerine Dream, and to me it's more memorable than the show...

Blockbusters TV Show

Blockbusters was fronted by the excellent Bob Holness
Blockbusters was fronted by the excellent Bob Holness

Blockbusters Intro


Blockbusters was a game show shown in various countries. It began in the 1980s and was still being shown in the 1990s.

The version I most remember is the UK version hosted by Bob Holness - who really played up the 'old fuddy duddy' character and made the show fun for the viewer, as well as the contestants.

Once Bob left the show it just wasn't the same - and everybody remembers the theme music.

All together now - Da Da Da Da Daaaaa, Da Da daaaaaaaaaaa....

Red Dwarf TV Show

Red Dwarf was a superb comedy show by the BBC
Red Dwarf was a superb comedy show by the BBC

Red Dwarf Opening Series 1-2

Red Dwarf

Ahhh now Red Dwarf is one of my favourite all time comedy shows - well up until the end of series 6 anyway,

The first two series had a slow and haunting title theme to match up with the vastness of space and being the 'last human left alive'.

From the third series on the theme tune changed to a more upbeat and lively tune, complete with lyrics (sung in the end credits only) that made no sense whatsoever .

Both are so memorable that they are included here. So either watch them or Smeg Off! I'm off to smoke a kipper...

Red Dwarf Opening - Series 3

Miami Vice TV Show

I Always wondered how Crockett and Tubbs could afford sports cars in Miami Vice
I Always wondered how Crockett and Tubbs could afford sports cars in Miami Vice

Miami Vice

Miami Vice

The show that had it all:

Shoulder pads, scantily clad babes, drug busting detectives that could somehow afford ferrari's and speedboats, espadrilles and lemon coloured socks.

Yep Miami Vice was the ultimate in 'boys toys' TV shows, and with a theme composed by the legendary Jan Hammer it had to be a winner.

Crocket and Tubbs must be one of the coolest partnerships of the 80's eh?

Hunter TV Show

Fred Dryer and Stephanie Kramer were excellent in TV's Hunter
Fred Dryer and Stephanie Kramer were excellent in TV's Hunter

Hunter Theme Music


TV's answer to Dirty Harry came in the form of Hunter, starring Fred Dryer and Stephanie Kramer.

This was a very good cop show that had two excellent central characters along with some real nasty criminals that you really wanted to see being on the end of some gun totin' justice.

Dryer excelled as sgt Hunter - blokes thought he was cool and women seemed to like him too! Kramer was superb as sgt McCall too - and for us blokes (or teenage lads as I was at the time!) very easy on the eyes.

The intro music was classic Mike Post and the whole show had the classic Stephen J Cannel and Frank Lupo look and feel.

I also tried to slip Hunters 'works for me' catchphrase into everyday conversation, but I could never quite manage to make it sound as cool as Fred did!

Any other fans of these theme tunes?

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