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9 Life Teaching Films for the Women in Their 20s

Updated on June 12, 2016

If you think that your teenage years are the best time of your life, then you are doing your 20s the wrong way. Being in our 20s is one-of-a-kind. It is a phase in our lives that is full of opportunity to learn, succeed and fail from challenges, what not with graduation, employment and falling in love-- life.

Sometimes, we just want to crawl in bed and cover ourselves with our blanket from the adult life. While we’re at it, why don’t we watch these movies that inspire us to be better and empowered.

Devil Wears Prada

On top of snagging Mr. Right, to become successful is one thing every lady in their 20s aim. That is why we can all relate to Andrea Sachs, a fresh graduate from Brown University, who is striving to make it in the Big City. Set in the magical city of New York, Devil Wears Prada is a movie revolving how Andrea work her way as a secretary for a fashion magazine, she has no business doing.


For us who are only starting our careers, the film will teach us the kinds of sacrifices we make for our jobs. We may not immediately have the work we want. But, our current jobs are important in shaping us into evolved individuals.

Reality Bites

If you’re in your 20s now, then you were babies or toddlers when the film was shown. It may be a movie from the 1990s, however, it highlights the timeless conflict of career building and finding love that even the Generation Y can relate to.


The Millennials or Gen Y is very idealistic. We want to have the best jobs worthy of our talent and effort. But the real world doesn’t work that way. Reality Bites teaches us humility and hard work to achieve our ambitions. But through it all, even if we are perpetually broke and we may feel like a failure, we should still enjoy our youth. Why don’t we belt out a line or two from The Knack’s My Sharona?

500 Days of Summer

Summer and Tom’s relationship is life and love in a nutshell. Wrapped in a geniusly created film, we can take valuable lessons from 500 Days of Summer about living life and being in love. We will learn that something that feels so right is not actually right. Also, as we grow older and more experienced, we will realize why some things never worked out.


Summer and Tom will teach us that on our journey towards meeting our soul mate, we will meet people who will prepare us for the right one. Yes, it will hurt, but it will be a beautiful learning experience. And the greatest lesson of all is that expectation is way different than reality. You should never assume or see something more in your non-existent relationship. But, nobody forbade you to enjoy every experience.

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

An adaptation of the literary classic by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is a story of family, love and women empowerment. The movie shows a modern woman trapped in a patriarchal society, where women’s choices for having a better life is only to marry someone rich. They believe that every woman cannot make sensible decisions for her life. Elizabeth Bennet proved them all wrong.


This film is perfect for the 20 somethings because it will educate us about not selling ourselves short. Who you are and where you are from should not define where you are going. We have to know that we will always have choices to choose a path that is better for us.

It will educate young ladies that success and money are important, but it should not be the core of our aspirations whether it be in love or career. You have to believe that, just like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, things will turn out better in the end. Fairytales only come true when you work hard for it.

Pitch Perfect

This movie will make you fall in love with acapella while singing to some, if not all, of their songs. But, all the fun and singing aside, Pitch Perfect is a contemporary film that will teach the young to come out of their shells, and never hesitate to share their talents. We may be afraid to focus on our passions, especially if our parents are down on our necks setting very high expectations for us.


Sometimes, all we need is a little push and encouragement from the people around us to reveal our real selves. Don’t let a heartbreak and fight with friends happen for you to realize what you can become.

Blue is the Warmest Color

From all the film on this list, this movie brushes the issue of different preferences and sexual orientation. However, if you look closely, the important learning we can gather from the movie is hardly about sexuality. It talks about self-discovery and romantic love.


Adele’s first love helped her to the road to self-discovery. It was never easy. Fortunately, she has someone to she could count on while she rediscovers herself. Also, gender and sexuality do not make love less magical and heartaches less painful. Millennials will find out the importance of accepting who you are and loving passionately.

Mean Girls

A lot of articles are written about Mean Girls and the knowledge they impart to teens. What is not realized is that some of these ‘lessons’ are applicable to those who are in their 20s. The first lesson is to be yourself. Yes, it is a cliche advice. But, Caddy acting like a Plastic was disastrous to her life, relationships with family and friends and even her grades. You don’t have to play dumb or cool for people to like you.


Also, remember that revenge is a double-edged sword. When you go get revenge to someone who’ve hurt you, you will only end up hurting yourself. Hate is something the world is already full of, yet, it is something we continue to give.

He's Just Not That Into You

In our 20s, we meet different guys from college and work. But, we should remember that just because a boy gave us a bouquet of flowers means that he liked us. Chances are he may be interested, but not totally into us.


He’s Just Not That Into You will show this important lesson. It is a movie with a powerhouse cast compiling stories of people who will teach the lesson that some people will just pass in our lives and will not stay. We may have hung out a couple of times with a boy, but it does not equate to dating or just because you have been married does not mean that he is your soul mate. You will realize that the movie is not just about ruining love for you, but seeing and accepting the reality of life.

The Proposal

So much can be learned from Andrew and Margaret’s character. Andrew taught us all about the hard work required to chase what we really want in this life, whether it be our career or in love. Our parents may not agree with the career choices we make, but we should stand by what we believe is right for us.


Tyrannical boss, Margaret, did not become who she is, just because she wants to be mean. She has insecurities despite her success. We will learn from her character that every person has a private battle. Don’t feel like the universe it singling you out with all the hardships of making things work in life.

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You can now get out of bed and be a renewed woman with a new perspective. These are the years to show that nothing can bring down the fierce goddess in us. Show the world what you’ve got and win this life.


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