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90s Horror Movie Merchandise: Dream Giftbag - Episode #3

Updated on October 10, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

A movie within a movie. Now that is what I call psychological movie-making. Is anyone out there still hoping for a stabathon, but for the psychologically woven outer shell. So, basically, a Screamathon.
A movie within a movie. Now that is what I call psychological movie-making. Is anyone out there still hoping for a stabathon, but for the psychologically woven outer shell. So, basically, a Screamathon.

The 90s Horror Movie Scene Was Just Coming Down from the High of the Slashers, and Jason, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger Were Still All the Craze.

But, Psychological Horror Movies Were Beginning to Take Over. And, So Enters Hannibal Lecter, Ghostface, John Doe, And the Seeing of Dead People.

Back in the 90s, horror movies were all about the jump-scares, and the edging popularity of psychological horror flicks as they were becoming a thing. Silence of the Lambs released in 1991, and this was really the turning point for horror movies in the 90s as it was becoming more and more fascinating to audiences to have to spend the entire duration of a horror movie figuring things out. It reminds me of the old-fashioned trick to avoid memory problems, whereby the individual must spend everyday entertainment sources of media as a way to challenge the brain, whilst also relaxing and enjoying the very serene time that is spent alone enjoying entertainment media that comes in the floods these days.

The Nintendo console has long been used as a way for people to play video-games and yet test the brain all at the same time. Remember the Nintendo 64, a classic console nowadays and thereby superseded in the eyes of the modern gaming community, and yet it was the console that brought the video-game industry out of collapse. As it turned out, video-gamers wanted more of a brain teaser, than a basic piece of AI that does very little to test the mind and explore the inner concepts of the world surrounding, and Pac-Man and Space Invaders arcade style gaming had come to a vicious end.

Well, our point being is that consumers of entertainment in the 90s wanted more than the entertainment that they received in the 80s. Back in the 80s, culture was different, technological devices had shifted, and this ultimately led to a economic wide scale of industries changing their business models to suit a new technological era in time. Movies were a big part of this change, as many people happily consume television in their homes for extended hours, visit cinema theatres as often as they can, and now expect more from their home electrical devices. The 90s was no different, and the horror movies were almost like a tangled web of issues, and they wanted to take you deep in the psychological web of forming to self explore the human inner thinkings. Hannibal was the start of something entirely new in the works of horror movie making, and this led on to such great 90s psychological thriller/horrors as Se7en and Misery.

Thinking of the 90s I more or less come to the conclusion that audiences have had enough, and it has come to that point where clever slasher movies are emerging like Scream, which is a slasher movie (Scream) with its own slasher movie (Stab). A brilliant psychological horror slasher flick, and directed by Wes Craven (the name behind the creation of The Nightmare on Elm Street), this was a slasher that appealed to the teens of the 90s. Anyone kicking it back in the 90s, thinking about Apple’s bulky colourful original iMac, wondering why Nokia phones are so cool, and wondering why “Dude” is becoming so fashionably used in a sentence, then chances are you saw the Scream movie, and the first was the one to watch.

The second Scream movie, and god forbid the third Scream movie, were both alright sequels to such a well built psychological slasher flick, but they seemed almost like they were there to take the ruin the original, and none of the stories following onto the second or third were as well done as the first. Sure, people of the 90s who find this decade to be somewhat of a defining decade in their lives should remember I Know What You Did Last Summer and the goosebumps flick, The Sixth Sense. The more successful of horror movies in the 90s wanted to mess with the mind of the viewer, and in these tongue twisting plot holes and discoveries lye the success behind the most boasted about horror flicks of the modern age.

If you like, the 90s was the end for the great era of horror movie making, and this goes in the direction of slasher flicks, as these were the all time underrated movies that were satirically releasing throughout the 80s and 90s. In the 2000s, the slasher flicks always felt like they were a step backwards, because as graphics enhance, special effects improve, CGI becomes one of the best funded areas of movie making, what the people want is a slasher movie that takes full advantage of all of these technological changes. An advance in movie making technology, is the ability to make a far scarier, far more surreal horror experience that cans see gory characters like Jason, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and others haunting the living daylights of audiences watching these movies alone at home in the dead of the night. The was what made the horror movies of the 90s so great, as the 2000s introduced the fanatic success of paranormal horror, and the idea that what audiences fear most is the ghost dimension. When, in reality, it is the great slasher originals that make audiences most excited for a new horror release at the theatres.

  • Scream - What’s your favourite scary movie? (guys shirt) - $23.99
  • Scream - Poster (girls shirt) - $25.99
  • Scream - Poster (guys shirt) - $23.99
  • Scream - Poster - Hooded Sweatshirt - $44.99
  • Scream - Poster - Long-sleeve - $29.99
  • Scream - What’s your favourite movie? - Hooded Sweatshirt - $44.99
  • Scream - What’s your favourite scary movie? (girls shirt) - $25.99
  • Scream - What’s your favourite scary movie? - Long-sleeve - $29.99
  • Scream - What’s your favourite scary movie? - adult tank-top - $26.99
  • Scream - Poster - adult tank-top - $26.99
  • Scream - Poster - Canvas Wall Art - $43.99
  • Scream - Ghostface - Pop (figure) - $12.99
  • Silence of the Lambs - “Have the lambs stopped screaming” (guys shirt) - $23.99
  • Nightmare On Elm Street - Shadow (RED) - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99
  • Nightmare On Elm Street - Springwood P.E. (BLOODY) - guys shirt - $23.99
  • Army Of Darkness - “THIS….IS MY BROOMSTICK” (white) - guys shirt - $23.99

Guys, Alien 3 released in the 90s, and that means Alien merchandise, and this is not specific to memorabilia and merchandise items that are sole marketed for the third franchise movie. We have no hopes or desires to make an 80s horror merchandise list, so be in the know that these were the honest greatest items that we could find for the Alien franchises merchandise. We’re feeling pumped.

  • Alien - Classic Poster - guys shirt - $23.99
  • Alien - Attack - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99 - (might we add… we simply love the all-over print shirts for the Alien movie franchise, all of which can be found at
  • Alien - Fire - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99
  • Alien - Lurking - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99
  • Alien - Pods Closeup - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99
  • Alien - Pods - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99
  • Alien - Xenomorph - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99

Alien - Ship - all over print, guys shirt - $32.99 - (hey, just though I would add that I have had a bad feeling with this shirt’s animation print. Not sure though, might just be me, so it has been added to the list, regardless).

  • Sleepy Hollow - Poster - guys shirt - $23.99
  • Sleepy Hollow - Poster - girls shirt - $25.99
  • Sleepy Hollow - Logo - guys shirt - $23.99
  • Sleepy Hollow - Logo - girls shirt - $25.99
  • Sleepy Hollow - Logo - Hooded Sweatshirt - $44.99
  • Sleepy Hollow - Logo - Long-sleeve - $29.99
  • Childs Play - Childs Play 2 Poster - guys shirt - (black and white) - $23.99
  • Childs Play - Childs Play 2 Poster - guys shirt - (colour) - $23.99
  • Stab (from the Scream movie) - t-shirt - guys shirt - £13.67 - Available at
  • Halloween Impression Board - Throw Pillow - Available in different sizes (small to large) - the character prints include Jason (from Friday the 13th), Ghostface (from Scream), girl from Grudge, clown from IT, Freddy Kruger from The Nightmare On Elm Street, girl from The Ring (Samara), creepy doll from Saw (Jigsaw), Michael Myers (from Halloween), and the psychopathic talking Chucky doll from the Chucky movies - price starts at £15.53 - Available at
  • Scream - Travel Mug - image depicts Ghostface (from Scream) standing at a public telephone box making a call to one of his victims - £16.25 - Available at
  • Horror Movie Rules t-shirt (for guys) - reads - “Horror Movie Survival Rules. 1. You can never have sex. 2. You can never drink or do drugs. 3. Never say, “I’ll be right back”, ‘cause you won’t be back.” - £14.50 - Available at

Now, here are a few cool picks… cute picks… and your next purchase picks.

The cool picks

  • Dexter’s Latest Catch - image depicts Ghostface tied to a table using clingfilm of some kind with a light shining down on him as he pokes his head up from the table, but Dexter is nowhere to be seen - guys t-shirt - £14.92 - Available at
  • I Only Watch Horror Movies print Mug - (white background, black print writing) - has a 90s horror theme to it - £10.00 - Available at
  • Simple print “Do you like scary movies?” Scream inspired t-shirt - for guys - (black and grey) - £14.50 - Available at
  • Vintage Modern Scream - Framed Prints - customisable - starting price is £54.06 - Available at
  • Hannibal "animated face print” - Mug - (white background) - £10.00 - Available at
  • The Silence of the Lambs (without quote) - throw pillows - comes in two sizes - price starts at £14.99 - Available at

The cute picks

  • Scream! - contrast tank (white and black) - for girls - £20.00 - Available at
  • Scream! - contrast tank (red and white) - for girls - £20.00 - Available at

Our Sources

If any of the items listed above, or something that you had ideally in mind was not listed, then the following sources should have what it is that you are looking for.

Along with Red Bubble, Horror Merch has provided the best of the 90s horror movie merchandise. What we especially like about Horror Merch is that they sub-categorise all of the horror movies, making finding the catered to merchandise a breeze to find.

Red Bubble has given us everything that we were looking for in forming this list for you guys, and because of this, you should probably head over here first.

If you are in the market looking for movie merchandise then Grind Store is the one stop shop. But, for the horror genre it might be worth checking here, and then at various other online locations to full fill all of those horror movie memorabilia and merchandise needs.

Ahhh, the interest in being a horror geek. Is this you? Yes, then what are you waiting for. No, then this is still a smashing site for finding some unique horror memorabilia that could even come in handy as decorations for Halloween later this month.

Looking for something memorabilia horror specific that is specialised and difficult to get your hands on, then House Of My Mysterious Secrets may have what your looking for.

Not the flashiest horror memorabilia site, but they do sell some cool horror merchandise clothing items.

© 2017 Dreammore


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