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My Top 10 90s cartoons

Updated on May 17, 2011

The 90s Greatest Cartoons...To me at least!

Do you remember the early 90s? I sure do. I remember waiting all week for Saturday morning to come around so I could watch all my favorite cartoons!

There was nothing better than sitting on floor in front of the tube eating Chips Ahoy! cookies and milk, while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Sometime I wish I could go back to those days. Now that I'm a dad, I'm looking forward to the time when my son gets up and does the same thing...hopefully I'll be sitting there with him!

In this lens I'm going to share with you my 10 favorite cartoons of the 1990s. Most of them came from the early 90s. Some of these cartoons are common and others are rather obscure, but none the less they were my favorite cartoons growing up.

My 10 Favorite Cartoons of the 90s

10. Sonic the Hedgehog

9. Bobby's World

8. Doug

7. Rocko's Modern Life

6. Wish Kid

5. Pro Stars

4. Captain Planet

3. Biker Mice from Mars

2. X-Men

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


# 10: Sonic the Hedgehog

My number 10 choice for MY top 10 cartoons of the 90s is Sonic the Hedgehog. I didn't watch Sonic all that much but if it was on and none of my other favorites were on I would stop and watch a few episodes. I really enjoyed watching him roll up into a ball and crash into things! Like I said Sonic was not my absolute favorite but it was better than most cartoons.

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#9: Bobby's World

My number 9 pick for my Top 10 favorite cartoons of the 90s is Bobby's World. I don't remember much about the show except that I used to watch is almost every Saturday Morning, and Howie Mandel was in it. I remember one episode in particular. It was a Halloween episode where Bobby and his uncle created an awesome haunted house. I tried to do the same thing in my bedroom with some big cardboard boxes...didn't turn out quite as awesome as originally planned!

Another thing I remember from Bobby's World is that Bobby's mom would always say "knock me over with a wet noodle" I don't know why that has stuck with me all these years, but it has!

Video Clip: Bobby's World cartoon

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#8: Doug

At number 8 in the list of my 10 favorite cartoons of the 90s is Doug.

What is better than coming home after school and watching Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonaise? My answer...not much! Doug was a clean, funny cartoon that always had me in stitches. I used to get my belt and try to strap it around my head like Quail never worked out right. I think I might have even worn underwear on top of my shorts, around the house a few times. I don't think my parents thought that was very funny though!...haha

I don't think it helped my homework grades any, but it sure kept me entertained while I was doing it!

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#7: Rocko's Modern Life

Coming in at number 7 on the list of my 10 favorite cartoons of the 90s is Rocko's Modern Life. All I can say is where else can you watch a cartoon about a wallaby? This cartoon was extremely funny and not as raunchy as Ren and Stimpy. All the characters were oddly shaped and had funny names, like heffer, his best friend. All in all it was a top notch show!

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Rocko or Ren & Stimpy

Which cartoon did you enjoy more?


#6: Wish Kid

Number 6 on my list of my favorite 10 cartoons from the 90s is Wish Kid. Wish Kid is a rather obscure cartoon from the 90s. It only ran like 13 episodes. It starred Macaulay Culkin as Nick McClary. Nick had a baseball glove that had special powers, each day he could have one wish and that wish would last all day. It was a fun show and since I was really into baseball back then I enjoyed the fact that the show centered around a baseball glove. For some reason I thought there were a lot more than 13 episodes but hey I haven't seen the show in 20 years!...hahaha


#5: Pro Stars

We are half way through with my 10 favorite cartoons of the 90s, and in at number 5 is, Pro Stars! Yet another short lived obsure cartoon from the early 90s. If you don't remember this cartoon, it was about three athletes, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Wayne Gretzky. They each had special talents and would go around fighting evil villians as a team.

Since I was into sports, I loved this show, and they always had some awesome gadgets, like shoes that turned into roller blades. I really think it was just another ploy to get people to be more environmentally responsible, but who knows, I still loved the cartoon. I just wish it had lasted longer!


#4: Captain Planet

Number 4 on the list of my 10 favorite cartoons of the 90s is Captain Planet.

This cartoon was awesome! I loved how each planeteer could manipulate different elements of the world around us. Fire, earth, wind, water, and heart. I remember as a kid most of the cartoons had an environmentally friendly feel to them, but Captain Planet took the cake in this category! I watched this show every chance that I got! I won't be shy to admit that I thought the blonde girl was quite cute so that helped things too!...hahaha

"With your powers combined...I'm...Captain Planet!"

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#3: Biker Mice from Mars

Number 3 on my list of top 10 cartoons of the 90s is Biker Mice from Mars.

Throttle, Modo, and Vinny, three of the coolest mice you will ever meet! I don't know what is was about this cartoon that drew me in but it had me from hello! I had all the action figures and there bikes. My nextdoor neighbor and I would sit around the house and play with those action figures for hours. We would switch out who was the villian and who was the hero, and of course the hero always won!

I liked the fact that they came from another planet and that Modo had a bionic arm. Modo was my favorite character due to the fact that he had super human strength and shot lasers from his arm! This was difinately an every Saturday morning watcher!

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#2: X-Men

Number 2 on my list of Top 10 90s cartoons is the X-Men. I used to watch this show all the time! I wanted so badly to wake up one morning and have some type of super never happened though :( I always enjoyed watching Wolverine, who didn't! But I think my favorite was Gambit. I love the fact that he could turn anything he wanted into an explosive, more or less. He could manipulate potential and kenetic energy!

I also enjoy the creativity that went into all the characters, their back stories, and their powers. I would always sit down and try to come up with my own characters and what super powers they would have. There is so much potential with the X-Men, it could go on for 100s of years! And the movies have been pretty good as well.

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Good or Evil?

To which side do you claim your allegance?


#1: Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles

My number 1 choice for my top 10 favorite 90s cartoons is....TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!

I'm sure you all knew it was going to be them. What kid that grew up in the 90s didn't love the Turtles? You couldn't go anywhere without seeing something turtle related! I always watched the cartoons everytime I had a chance. I owned quite a few VHS's of the Turtles, and I loved playing the video games on my SNES! I love the Turtles so much that on my 25th birthday I had my dad decorate a Ninja Turtle cake for me!...hahaha it was awesome! My personal favorite is Leonardo. I think it is the fact that he is a leader and my favorite color is blue.

Well I hope you all enjoy the Turtles as much as I do, and if not....WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!...hahaha

Turtles in a Half Shell...Turtle Power

Stand up for your favorite TMNT character...let your voices be heard!

Which is your favorite TMNT character?

See results

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What did you love about the 90s cartoons? Or just the 90s in general? Do you remember all of the cartoons?

Do you like the 90s cartoons better than the cartoons of today?

Come on in and SPILL YOUR GUTS, GUTS, GUTS...remember that show?...hahaha

Tell me what you thought about these cartoons, and any other ones that were your favorites.

Do you love the 90s?

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    • raelcalu profile image


      6 years ago

      I remember Captain Planet...nice.

      I can't seem to think of the name of the cartoon in the 90s (I think) that has this certain animal image in their uniform (found in their chest) that they could turn to.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A very fine list here, you've included some true classics.

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 

      7 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Captain Planet needs to be back on TV. We need him.

    • marruma profile image


      7 years ago

      Yes I do! Better than the 80's!!! Ok, from your list: DOUG! DOUG! DOUG! I loved doug!. Also, captain planet. I knew the song by heart.

      My other favorites were: Muppet babies, rugrats, bionic six, and mowgli the japanese anime version!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Doug was awesome!

    • auntjennie profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      I remember watching Doug, TMNT, Captain Planet and Biker Mice from Mars in the early 90's.


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