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90s Fads

Updated on March 26, 2015

This is a list of fads and fashions remembered from the 1990s in California. This could be a fun walk down memory lane, or a resource for someone putting together 1990s costumes. It can't be too much longer until people start throwing 90s partys.

90s Hair Fads


The Rachel from friends bi-level bob. -This was great if you were still growing out your 80s bangs.

Shaved head on woman, probably popularized by Sinead O'Conner

Scrunchies Worn as bracelets too.

Hair sticks for holding up buns

Long straight hair

Contrasting hair streaks


Long hair on top short on the sides.

The mullet was still around in many places.

The super short Ceasar cut. Think George Clooney.

Axel rose bandanna.

The fade. - or taken to the more extreme eraser head look.

90s Women's Fashion

1. Baby t-shirts. Close fitting short sleeve t-shirts. This started with snap under crotch shirts around 1990 that were called body suits where I was.

2. Rayon dresses, especially flower print with short tight sleeves and flared skirts.

3. Slip dresses usually worn over baby t-shirts.

4. Vests worn as shirts.

5. Drawstring pants.

6. See through lace t-shirts with vests over them, usually worn with pants that match the vest.

7. Long broomstick skirts

8. Short sleeve turtle necks.

9. Chunky shoes.

10. Platform shoes.

11. Ribbon choker necklaces.

12. Cropped shirts that show off your new belly button ring.

13. Plaid button up shirts worn as jackets and tied around the waist by the arms.

14. Heavy belts with large buckles to wear with jeans 2 sizes too big.

90s Men's Fashion

1. Hammer Pants

2. Dress shirts without a collar

3. Wallets with chains that attach to a belt loop.

4. Mod revival suits with short pants and high buttons.

5. Hip hop saggy pants. These got started in the late 80s, but were going strong in the 90s.

6. Nylon sports jerseys

7. Plaid button up shirts worn as jackets and tied around the waist.

8. T-shirts with the picture on the back, and a little badge over the heart on the front.

90s Jewelery Fads

1. Everything silver. No gold.

2. Lots of piercings all over the body. Eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings.

3. Ear rings get small.

4. Pendant necklaces on a black cord.

5. Pendant ribbon chokers.

6. Silver thumb rings for men.

90s Makeup Fads

1. Roll on body glitter

2. Funky color nail polish. Glitter, and dark urban decay colors. Black nail polish worn by young men.

3. Plum, to almost brown lipstick.

4. Plucked eye brows.

5. Realistic fake tatoos

6. Hair Mascara

7. The goth look. White foundation, dark everything else.

90s Dance Fads

1. Lambada

2. Swing dancing - In the movie Swing Kids (1993), From a Gap commercial. (1998)

3. Raves

4. The macarena

5. Country line dancing

90s Toy Fads

1. POGs

2. Tickle me Elmo

3. Beanie Babys and Beanie Baby collecting

4. Tamagotchi

5. Magic the gathering card game

90s Shoe Fads

1. Doc Martins

2. Birkenstock sandals

3. Platform shoes

4. Chuck Taylors - Popular every decade since they came out.

5. Hiking boots with dresses for women.

6. Women's chunky shoes. Platform shoes with rounded toes and square flat heels.

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    • profile image

      jenniferblachly 5 years ago

      Don't forget tight layered tank tops (usually two at a time) worn with cargo pants and sandals. Very abercrombie, late 97-98 look for girls.