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A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood Review..Love Your Life With Mr. Rogers

Updated on July 6, 2022

Kiddy Style Opening

With the movie opening on the colorful miniature of the neighborhood and Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) singing in his childish designed house plateau, you go back to your childhood and find yourself willing to live in the fantasy world of the show like a kid and listen to the host that feed kids, with his calm voice full of inner peace, the very initial concepts of life in the simplest possible way. You focus on him when bringing the picture board and migrate with him to the story behind the pictures on it.

Would You Be My Neighbor?

A Disappointing Assignment

Moving on to Lloyd Govel, the person with an injured face in the picture Fred showed to the camera, he is a journalist and article writer in a magazine, married and has a baby. He has a big trouble with his father which results in a hand fight in his sister's wedding and face injuries. Lloyd is assigned by his boss to make an interview with Mr. Rogers, the children television host, and the boss clarified that he is the only person Fred agreed to make the interview with.

At first, he depreciates the mission and refuses to interview a children TV host, but accepts under pressure.

A Strange and Different Mission

He calls his assistant then receives a call from Fred himself. Arriving at the location of filming the show, he hardly can take minutes with him after the show, where Fred could not set up a tent in front of the camera after many trials to show it to children.

These few minutes are full of changing life words. Fred, answering Lloyd’s question about why he didn’t let them set up the tent for him, clarifies that he wants children to know that not everything adults do goes necessarily the way they planned. With his words, he addresses Lloyd’s case as well.

Fred, before going back to filming, does not reply to his questions but asks him questions about his injuries and his father. Every time they sit together to continue the interview, Lloyd doesn’t receive answers, rather, he is asked questions about his life, especially his father. At this moment, he decided to quit and stop interviews.

Fred’s Lessons to Parents

In his Interview with Oprah Winfrey, Fred draws parents’ attention to that if they remember how they were and felt in their childhood, they will be better to their children and will understand them. He emphasizes the concept of liking the child as they are and it is ok to feel confused. Valuable lessons for real.


Lloyd goes home and finds his father and his partner, treats him badly, refuses to talk to him, asks him to get out, shouts at his face as he was the reason behind his mother’s death with his betrayals. His father breaks down and moves to hospital.

Lloyd feels the need to see Fred. He leaves everything and goes to him again. When arrives at the show location, he finds himself involved in a scene of the hospital in the show, then he falls fainted, then envisions his dead mother telling him she doesn’t need his hate towards his father.

The Healing

Lloyd moves to Fred’s home, and after getting better, they head a restaurant. Then, he tells Fred he now knows why he likes the people like him; broken ones. Fred contains him by asking him to keep silent for a minute and think about the people that loved him. Lloyd now feels he forgives his father. He goes back to his family and sadly he knows his father’s dying. He goes to him, stays with him, and lets him know he loves him and forgives him for everything.

The Accomplishment

Lloyd writes the required article of 10k words, not only 400 as requested. He tells the readers about Fred’s impact on his life. The article is published on the magazine cover and well-received by readers.

In the end, Fred shows the audience in the TV Lloyd new happy picture with his family.

We Need Another Mr. Rogers

Influenced by the genius performance of Tom Hanks, in reflecting the beautiful character, I think we all need Mr. Rogers in our life. The haven person we can go to when we have an internal conflict that affects our life. The person whom when you see on TV, you have this inner peace he has. You, as well, feel relaxed in every scene he speaks in not only kids.

The whole movie is based on the article” Can You Say… Hero?”, and the story behind it. This makes it so touching to everyone, kids, parents, anyone. Decorations, in addition, contribute to transmitting the same feelings. You need to accept your life, love your life like Lloyd.


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