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A Beautiful Photos Gallery of Aya Matsuura and Miki Fujimoto

Updated on July 12, 2018

A photo of Aya Matsuura back in 2005


Something interesting that you may not have known about Aya Matsuura and Miki Fujimoto

GAM was a pop music duo consisting of two members. These members are Miki Fujimoto and Aya Matsuura. The group was one of those Hello! Project units that lasted only until 2009. The formation of GAM goes back to June 2006 because of the creative idea of Morning Musume 17 producer TSUNKU. He is also in charge of production duties for Hello! Project.

What is GAM? A band history

The group GAM released one full length album and four singles including their 3rd one called Lu Lu Lu. This one reached #10 on the charts but only sold about 21,836 copies. The musical style of GAM is Japanese dance pop which can give you a surge of good feelings especially upon your first listen. According to TSUNKU, GAM stands for Great Aya and Miki. Whatever it stands for, the music is of high quality. GAM is a unit similar to the musical units like Not Yet and French Kiss. Aya Matsuura and Miki Fujimoto are both Japanese pop music singers that now have their own solo careers. They have also done modeling work for magazines. It would be a great disservice if we did not pay tribute to these two singers who are also VERY beautiful! Here is a look at Aya Matsuura and Miki Fujimoto in photos! The two beautiful singers are also best friends.

GAM: the singles of this group

The group’s first single is called Thanks! It was released on September 13, 2006 and it was an immediate success. The single reached as high as #5 on the Oricon Weekly Ranking Chart. It stayed in the Top 200 for five straight weeks. On October 18, 2006, the group released their second single called Melodies. This one would also do very well on the Oricon charts, peaking at #8. On March 24, 2007, the 4th single called Daisuki Rakuten Eagles was released. This was released as a theme song for the baseball team Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

A few awesome photos of Aya Matsuura and Miki Fujimoto

What Album Did GAM Release and How Well Did it Do on the Japanese Musical Charts?

Matsuura expressed a desire to go on a tour but Fujimoto insisted that the duo would need to record more songs in order to do this. So GAM released their only album called 1st GAM: Amai Yuwaku on May 23, 2007. The album reached the peak at #12 on the Oricon charts.

What happened to Matsuura and Fujimoto after GAM?

TSUNKU’s original intention was to permanently keep the group going but since Matsuura and Fujimoto decided to graduate from Hello! Project in March 2009, the plan could no longer be carried out. As for Matsuura, she has gotten married and given birth to a baby girl. However, Aya and her husband did not reveal any details about when the baby was born. Fujimoto who is now 32 years old has two children, a son named Toranosuke and a daughter by the name of Tsubasa which she gave birth to on August 1, 2015. I am addressing the personal lives of these two singers also to show that they do have a life outside of just being celebrities. Matsuura however did announce the birth of her baby girl on December 24, 2014.

It was reported just two days ago July 10, 2018 that Matsuura is pregnant with her second child. Last September (2017) Matsuura’s contract with Up-Front Promotion was terminated so she transferred to her husband’s (Keita Tachibana’s) independent management company. Congratulations to Aya Matsuura as she will soon become a mother of two children!

A performance of the song called Thanks!

Photos of Matsuura and Fujimoto during the career of GAM (2006-2009) and after

This photo of Aya Matsuura was taken back in 2010.
This photo of Aya Matsuura was taken back in 2010.
From the photo session for the single called Lu Lu Lu.
From the photo session for the single called Lu Lu Lu.
Taken during the tour for their first album.
Taken during the tour for their first album.
This one was taken during GAM's tour in Hawaii (2007).
This one was taken during GAM's tour in Hawaii (2007).

The song called Melodies

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