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A Bit of Holiday Cheer for Anytime of the Year

Updated on November 18, 2013

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The opening credits start rolling. The familiar tone starts jingling along as I take another sip of my Miller Lite. I cuddle back down into my favorite place in the world: my love’s side with his arm firmly wrapped around me. I’m enveloped up in a cozy blanket on the couch with my head resting on his shoulder. It’s just before Christmas time and we have snuck away on a little family weekend with his parents and brother to Tavernier Key. Everyone is gathered in the living room, drinks in hand, relaxing after a nice day on the water. It had been a little chilly without wind in the Florida sun, absolutely perfect.

Before the first scene is even over, my boyfriend and his father have tears in their eyes. These tears are from extreme laughter with their feet kicking in the air and everything. It is an unofficial family tradition that we watch this movie as many times during the holiday season as possible and every time it gets better, not because the movie changes, but their reaction is infectious. Even before a funny part starts rolling, everyone is giggling away with each other in anticipation.

This is simple happiness that comes with watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that lights so much Christmas spirit in all of us and is why I have compiled a bunch of the best quote from this hilarious family experience to share with everyone. I know that the holiday season is long gone, but I feel that a little bit of cheer and laughter is good any time of the year and who can say no to such a fantastically funny movie?

Just in case you have not had the pleasure of seeing this hilarious classic, here is a quick summary (without a spoiler): Clark (Sparky) Griswold has this grand idea of a big old fashioned family Christmas, where the entire family comes together to celebrate the Holidays. Little does he know what he has gotten himself into once the house is full of the entire extended family. Through all of the dysfunctional dynamics that come into play, a hilarious account of family bonding appears.

Some of the most incredibly hilarious parts of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (In my opinion):

Surprised Clark?

Kith and Kin

Shitter Was Full!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Rant

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    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 4 years ago from South Florida

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my hub! I have played Spore before actually, I even have the app for my iPhone (I'm a closet gamer geek!)

    • samowhamo profile image

      samowhamo 4 years ago

      Oh my God to me this is the funniest Christmas movie ever made I could hardly stop laughing I thought it was so funny the first time I saw it. Oh by the way thank you for commenting on my Spore article when you said you love Spore does that mean you have played it before or is that the first you have heard of it just curious.

    • profile image

      Strumrgrl 4 years ago

      Every family has their holiday favorite. "A Christmas Story" is one of our favorites. Nice to hear what other families enjoy. Thanks for sharing!