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A Century of Movies: from 1920 to 2020, a Film for Each Decade

Updated on July 12, 2020
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My passion for writing can be traced back to my middle-school days. Since then, I always loved creating stories and writing articles.

100 Years of Movies, and Only 11 Recommendation?

I know,I know. How is possible to summarize one hundred years of cinematic history in only eleven movies? It's almost impossible, but I will try my best. I will suggest films for the most part different from one another. Different countries, different genres,diffent authors. I'm sure you will be pleased by my choices. So, let's start with the first movie, lets start from the 1920.

METROPOLIS - Fritz Lang(1927)

The first and also the oldest movie on this list is Metropolis, the masterpiece of Fritz Lang. The only mute film on the list, is considered one of the greatest movie of all time. A rich boy,who live on the top of Metropolis, meet a poor girl and immediatly fall in love with her. He try to follow her, but end up in the downtown of Metropolis, where he begin to see the true face of the city: a place fill with poverty and and violence,where the 95% of the population is forced to live. One of the first science-fiction movie ever made, where the message is clear: only with the union of the different classes life can prosper.

MODERN TIMES - Charles Chaplin(1936)

Next on the list is Modern Times, written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. A factory worker start to become crazy and is forced to quit his job in order to recover. Finally out of the hospital, he is mistaken to be an instigator and immediatly caught by the police. The life in prison is perfect, but when he's freed he try to return again in prison. One of the masterpieces of Chaplin, this movie is a ferocius critique to the terrible condition the people were forced to work in order to survive. The tone is funny and lighthearted, but the message beyond it is clear. The only way to survive is to work, but the stress caused by it make you die.

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE - Frank Capra(1946)

Arrived in the '40,let's talk about Its' a Wonderful Time, by Frank Capra. An angel is sent to heaven to stop a businessman from taking his life. When he tell him he has nothing more to life for, the angel show him what would have happen to the people he loved if he wasn't born. One of the most popular movie in american history,and also one of my favorites. A movie that's benefecial to watch, sweet, caring and gentle, almost a bedtime story. The moral of the story is simple: be kind with others, be caring and don't lie, and life will reward you.

Paths of Glory - Stanley Kubrik(1957)

Let's change genre talking about a war movie: Paths of Glory, by Stanley Kubrik. During World War I, a platoon of soldier refuses to attack the enemy in a suicide mission, so a general accuses some of them of cowardice, sending them to the gallows. The only person who can save them is their commander officer. One of the many masterpieces by Kubric, who describe everything surronding a war as evil as war itself. While millions of soldiers risk their life every single second out in the front, the one in charge play with their lifes while seated in thei chairs. A movie against war and the people involved in it,a true masterpiece by one of the greatest director of all time.

THE GOOD,THE BAD AND THE UGLY - Sergio Leone(1966)

We return in Europe and we talk about the most famous western of all time: The Good,The Bad and The Ugly, by Sergio Leone. Three bounty hunters races one another in order find a treasure buried in a remote cemetery. Last movie of the Dollar Saga, is one of the most famous movie of all the time. Everything in this movie is perfect: the scenery, the music, the sound, the actors,the tension, the story. Nothing will ever surpass the graveyard scene at the end of the movie, this can tell you how much beautiful this movie is.

THE GODFATHER - Francis Ford Coppola(1972)

Let's return in America, with one of the most famous movie ever made:The Godfather, by Francis Ford Coppola. Vito Corleone, the don of the Corleone family, wants to transfer his criminal empire in the hand of one of his sons, Michael. He doesn't want any affilation with his family, but some trouble will force Michael to accept the role. The most famous gangster movie of all time, The Godfather is a cult for the ages, loved by everyone in the world. First movie of a trilogy, both the first and the second are considered to be some of the best movie ever. The atmosphere, the music, the dialogues, and most of all the actors have elevated this movie to the top, to be one of the most loved trilogy ever made.

THE THING - John Carpenter(1982)

For the '80, its finally time to talk about an horror movie. I'm talking about The Thing, by John Carpenter. Based from the novella Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell Jr, it tells the story of a group of reseacher in Antarctica that are attacked by a mysterious alien being, a parasite that can imitate all organism he touch. One of the greatest horror movie ever made, where the spectator is left clueless of who the alien has mutated into, leaving him with a sense of constant doubt and fear.

PULP FICTION - Quentin Tarantino(1994)

For the last decade of the 20th century, it's time to talk about my favorite movie of all time. I'm talking of Pulp Fiction, by Quentin Tarantino. The story follows a lot different characters, in four different tales that all have something in common with one another. Without a doubt the masterpiece of Tarantino, a movie so well made you can rewatch it a thousand time and you would still find something new you didn't catch before. A brilliant story, brilliant music, brilliant characters, with a style of montage innovative at the time. For me is the perfect movie, one that everyone should watch at least once.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS - Peter Jackson(2001-2003)

Finally into the 21th century, we finally approach a saga and the fantasy genre. I'm talking about The Lord of The Rings,by Peter Jackson. Based by the books written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the story follow a group of companions in their journey to destroy the One Ring, an object that in the wrong hand could destroy the human world. Perhaps the most famous trilogy ever made, and without a doubt the most acclaimed by the critique, with 17 Oscar received. The perfect fantasy movie, from the cast to the music all. A true gem.

LA LA LAND - Damien Chazelle(2016)

A new decade, a new genre. This time I'm talking about the musical genre, and in particular about La La Land, by Damien Chazelle. A pianist and an aspiring actress fall in love as we follow them across the four seasons, while they try to found their place in the world. This is one of my most favorite movie,even though I don't love musicals and I don't like when people sing in movies. And maybe this is why I particulary love this movie. The songs are catchy, simple but at the same time beautiful. The dancing are well choreographed and shoot perfectly. The story is simple but not obvious, and the characters are amazing. If you are like me and don't like musical at all, give this one a chance.


As the time of this writing,we are currently in the seven month of the year, but as we know, the pandemic as made all of us unable to do the things we love the most. One of this things is going to the cinema, so I'm unable to suggest any movie. I have watched Birds of Prey, but that's it. I heard good things about a lot of movies, but I haven't seen them yet, so I won't talk about them. I think 2020 is more of a movie than any real movie ever will be, so let's just hope it goes away and that life will continue as normal in the future. When the time come, I will write again a list about the best movies of 2020, so whatever movie goes in first position will be the 11th spot on this list. Thank you all for reading this article, hope you like it!


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