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A Cereal Thriller.

Updated on November 8, 2009

Just an ordinary day,
and I was changing his diaper,
when to my horror I found
a huge circular growth
swollen and grainy,
on the tip of his
little wing-wang.

Nothing had been there
the day before,
but now, what was this,
a tumor on my precious baby,
some bizarre disease.

I started to run with him
to call the doctor,
But he seemed quite happy??
so being the inquisitive soul
that I am, I took a baby wipe,
and swiped at it.


It fell off in a soggy heap,

next to a much tiner, drier

one just exposed in the folds

of his  soiled pamper.

Hysterically I realized that
it was no weird growth,

but instead was nothing
more then a cheerio
that had tumbled from his
chubby little fingers,
and slipped into his diaper,
which was soon wet,
and caused the little
oat doughnut to swell
where it wound up on
the tip of his
now, not so privates.

Quite embarrassed
by my stupidity,
and relieved that the doctor
hadn't made the diagnosis,
I re-pampered him tighter,
and laughed for weeks to come
every time I saw a box of Cheerios.




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