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A Christmas Story Christmas For Your Family

Updated on February 11, 2013

Celebrate Christmas With The Movie Classic "A Christmas Story"

Are you a fan of the classic movie, A Christmas Story? It's the funny tale of Ralphie and his family's Christmas holiday. The only thing that Ralphie wants is a BB gun, but he's not having any luck convincing the adults in his life. Their response? "No way, kid. You'll poke an eye out!" He's determined and keeps trying to find at least one grown-up who will listen to him. In the meantime, he has to deal with the antics of his family and friends.

When I was younger, I didn't put this movie on my favorite list. But it's there now! My husband and son love this movie, and we watch "A Christmas Story" every Christmas. Sometimes, we watch it several times. It's funny, a little twisted, and the characters make you love them.

I started thinking, why not have A Christmas Story inspired Christmas? This lens is for people who'd like to do just that. I found tree ornaments, decorations of the houses from the movie, a tree skirt, and of course, the leg lamp -- as a tree ornament and a lawn ornament.

Start by watching the movie, decorate the house and tree with A Christmas Story ornaments, and round out the evening with A Christmas Story monopoly game. Enjoy! I dare you!

PARENTAL WARNING: The movie isn't G-rated, so please be aware of its language and twisted kind of humor - it may not be suitable for your family and isn't suitable for little kids because of language.

Photo courtesy of Amazon A Christmas Story, Instant Download

Memorable Movie Quote

Ralphie: I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

Mrs. Parker: No, you'll shoot your eye out.

Watch A Christmas Story With Your Family with 2-Disc DVD

A Christmas Story Movie Trailer - Video Trailer of the Classic 1983 Movie

Official movie trailer advertising the offbeat Christmas special.

The Actors in "A Christmas Story"

Melinda Dillon ... Mrs. Parker

Darren McGavin ... The Old Man - Mr. Parker

Peter Billingsley ... Ralphie Parker

Ian Petrella ... Randy Parker

Scott Schwartz ... Flick

R.D. Robb ... Schwartz

Tedde Moore ... Miss Shields

Yano Anaya ... Grover Dill

Zack Ward ... Scut Farkus

Jeff Gillen ... Santa Claus

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament

One memorable moment from the movie is when the father opens a crate, delivered with his new lamp -- in the shape of a sexy leg. The mom thinks it's atrocious, and to her dismay, the dad proudly sets the leg lamp in the front window. For all the neighbors to see.

Memorable Quote

Mr. Parker: Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.

Mrs. Parker: Uh, I think that says FRAGILE, dear.

Mr. Parker: Oh, yeah.

Fra - Gee - Lay : Classic Scene

Stamped right on the crate, the word "Fragile". Check out this hilarious scene - it's become a memorable moment of the movie.

Decorate Your Tree With A Christmas Story Themed Ornaments

From lights to decorations to the tree skirt, you can decorate your tree with A Christmas Story themed ornaments. Two of the memorable moments of the movie are made into delightful ornaments: The Leg Lamp and Ralphie's Bunny Suit. You can also add house ornaments from the Ralphie's neighborhood: Ralphie's House, Bumpus House, the elementary school, and Chop Suey Palace.

A Christmas Story Decorations

Celebrate the hilarious and offbeat comedy of A Christmas Story. Decorate your home, tree and yard with scenes or ornaments from the movie. You may find your own version of The Leg Lamp.

"I Dare You" Scene

To Lick the Pole .... watch this memorable scene from the movie, "A Christmas Story".

Ralphie (narrating as an adult):

Over the years I got to be quite a connoisseur of soap.

My personal preference was for Lux, but I found Palmolive had a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor - heady, but with just a touch of mellow smoothness.

Life Buoy, on the other hand...

Christmas Story Leg Lamp Lawn Ornament - Share Your Leg Lamp With Your Neighbors

Ralphie's dad wanted the whole neighborhood to see his new leg lamp. Here's a Christmas Story Leg Lamp Lawn Ornament. No pulling the drapes closed over this one, as it sits proudly on your lawn.

Top A Christmas Story Party with Cupcakes

I saw these cupcakes and had to add them to this lens. You can make your own Leg Lamp Cupcakes with these easy instructions. Love this, and thanks to lensmaster Party Animal for sharing these.

Ralphie (narrating as an adult):

Oh, life is like that. Sometimes, at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at it's zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters decend upon us.

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    • profile image

      glowchick 6 years ago

      I love this movie! My family watches it every year :)

    • CastleRoyLisa profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago from Rhode Island

      My husband would rank this movie the all time best Holiday movie made, most years it is on all day On one channel played over and over on Christmas. Well he has it on most of those many hours lol in the back ground while we cook while we eat lol but it is ok a great movie and I love it has become such a tradition in our home Merry Christmas .love the lens.

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 7 years ago from Southampton, UK

      This is just a terrific movie, one that I hadn't heard of until I moved to the USA either. It's no wonder it's become a cult movie. This is a great showcase lens for it, nicely done.

    • JenniferAkers LM profile image

      JenniferAkers LM 8 years ago

      A Christmas Story is a funny movie, though it's got a PG rating for some adult language.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I had never heard of this film, but it certainly looks like a good one to watch with the family.