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A Christopher Nolan 'Justice League' Film Starring Christian Bale as Batman in the Works?

Updated on March 6, 2013

So, the latest rumor surrounding the upcoming 'Justice League' film has come out in the recent days. It says that Christopher Nolan will take over the DC Universe and will have Christian Bale reprise his role as the caped crusader. Of course, we should take these rumors with a truck-full of salt, but they are interesting, none-the-less.

Who to lead this universe?

I have embedded the video for your viewing pleasure. But, in the video, it states that Christopher Nolan has reportedly taken over the DC Universe. This is not common with comic book universes. The Marvel universe is overseen by none other than Joss Wedon, who directed the fantastic 'The Avengers' movie, which grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide. That runaway success is the main reason why Warner Bros is pushing so hard for a 'Justice League' movie. DC Universe characters are largely more popular and ubiquitous with the populace than the Marvel characters.

Who will direct the film?

This one is definitely up in the air. We know that if Christopher Nolan is overseeing the universe, he would likely be a producer on the 'Justice League' film. He is already a producer on the 'Man of Steel' film, so it's not a stretch at all. But, the super group film still needs a director. The obvious candidate is Zack Snyder himself. If his 'Man of Steel' movie is as good and as successful as it looks and sounds from early reports, he will be a top candidate. For those who need a quick refresher, he directed 'Watchmen' and '300'. That should be enough for any action / comic book movie buff.

DC's plan and who to play Batman?

But, that didn't stop Disney from raking in enormous profits from the Avengers movie. Warner Bros wants a slice of the pie. 'Man of Steel', the Superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder, is seen as Warner's first attempt at crafting a new DC Universe. Warner Bros is taking different approach, it seems. Marvel made smaller films for each character and then grouped them together. Warner is taking the opposite approach. But, here is where we get to the Batman part of this rumor.

It was expected that Warner would re-cast Batman, so they could reboot the Batman franchise after the 'Justice League' film. But, it looks like Christian Bale is quite open to reprising his role as Batman. So, the odds are looking up of him starring in the 'Justice League' film alongside Henry Cavill, who plays Superman.

If 'Man of Steel' does as well as people predict, it will make a strong case that the 'Justice League' film will be an absolute juggernaut. Here's to hoping for more rumors before the expected release date of 2015 for the film.


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