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A Complete Waste of Time: 7 Things to Do With Soda Cans

Updated on April 29, 2011

Time Wasters!

Who doesn't love wasting a little time now and again?

Sometimes it's a nice stretch away from reality, that can bring you back into focus the best.

So for your hubbing pleasure, I bring to you 7 ways to waste your time with empty mountain dew cans. I hope you find it interesting and entertaining!

Doodle Dew

Get out your favorite sharpee and doodle on the bottom of your dew.

You can draw silly little things like I have, or be the next big thing in the art world by drawing extravegent designs all over the bottom of your empty dew can.

The Dew Pyramid

It doesn't take much to build a dew tower, and if you have a few soda drinkers in your home, you can get really big with your pyramid. The bigger you get, the more chances it will topple over and you can build it up again!

Snap Shot

Take a picture of your empty dew can next to your favorite cartoon character, fruit or various figurines you might have lying around your home.

Circle Dew

You can arrange your empty dew cans into various shapes and interesting designs.

In this photo I have arranged them in a circular shape with one can in the middle. Not all that intelligent, but definitely achieved it's purpose!

Dew Shaker

Take some spare rice from the kitchen pantry and fill up the bottom of your dew can with it. Then tape up the top of your dew can and shake shake shake!

If you feel like wasting more time, you can experiment with other things that can go in your empty soda can. Beans, buttons, paper clips and tictacs work well!

Last and definitely least...

Poke holes in your empty soda can!

It's a lot easier said then done. I first tried a pen, then a pokey stick. Finally made a hole with a nail clipper. The trick is to not crush the can while you poke the hole!

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Thank you for wasting your time on this hub!

Now get back to work and quit wasting your time! (Just Kidding!)


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    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 6 years ago

      What fun! Been a while since I tasted a Dew! Love 'em! High in caffiene!!