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Fahrenheit 9/11

Updated on April 3, 2013

A Controversial Documentary as only the mastermind Michael Moore can tell

Moore's newest documentary is perhaps the most intriquing and controversial documentary that I've ever seen. The film is based on the controversies surrounding George W. Bush's administration during his four year term from the election scandal to the "War on Iraq." The film presents many factual evidence to support how Bush hasn't been the ideal President, and how the "War on Terror" has affected many American families and soldiers. However, many viewers may not like this film because of its' obvious biased point of view, but it does make a lot of valid points. I remember when I first saw this film, I didn't want to believe in many of the things Moore's documentary said. However, from reading "Rolling Stone" and watching CNN confirming this information, it was perhaps the most startling and frightening revelation I've had. The film displays many powerful scenes that will make viewers interested throughout the movie. Whether your for or against George W. Bush, "Fahrenheit 9/11" will definitely make viewers think about the current situation.

The film shows various powerful yet disturbing scenes that make "Fahrenheit 9/11" a great film. In one scene, it shows a woman named Lila Lipscomb that initially supported the war in Iraq, yet it also shows her distaste in Bush's decision to go to war after the death of her son whom served in Iraq. The film also shows many Iraqian families being killed by our own soldiers with one scene where a mother cries asking why we're attacking their country. Scenes like these put things in perspective about how the events of the war on terror and Iraq has affected everyone. As I watched these scenes, I couldn't help but think about how bad things must be for our troops to fight a war that could've been avoided. Or for that matter, why did we go to war in Iraq to begin with?

Moore's powerful direction raises various questions about our "Commander and Chief." Whether you like Bush or not, the film portrays a lot of evidence that would make even the most common Bush enthusiast wonder about him. Moore goes over many of the controversies surrounding George W. Bush like his ties to James R. Bath (accountant to the Bin Laden family) and the Bin Laden family. The film goes on to mention that, after 9/11, the Bin Laden family was free to leave the country without anyone even questioning them about Osama. Not even one, which is like Moore's film suggests, very suspicious. I admit the most startling revelation of all was the fact that Bush only sent nine thousand troops to Afghanistan to search for Osama Bin Laden and let many of the Taliban leave. Moore's direction in this film will raise all sorts of questions about the propaganda surrounding our nation. That's not to say that this documentary isn't without its' flaws.

The film is extremely biased against George W. Bush, so it fails to be a objective documentary regarding 9/11. However, for what it is, Moore's powerful documentary raises a lot of disturbing questions about George W. Bush.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is perhaps the one of the most controversial yet intriquing documentaries ever made. Michael Moore's direction using many powerful scenes will keep the viewer interested throughout the film. Whether your a Republican or Democrat, "Fahrenheit 9/11" will definitely make viewers think about the first four years with George W. Bush as President.


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