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A D O R A T I O N !

Updated on October 13, 2009




  when you have achieved adoration
before thousands of screaming fans
as you dance on the vibes of fate
that brought you to your pinnacle of fame
when a ocean of faces cry your name
and the electric squeals of the axes
move them in undulating waves as one
pause for a single moment and capture
the feel, and the taste of that multitude of love
breathe it in deeply on that day
for much later comes only the silence
of a satin box and a single face of death
hidden in the soil of man's mortality
and then what you knew as a charmed life
that great adoration that cloaked your world
is forgotten as time erases your essence

but on a much greater scale
if you simply get the chance to hear
"I wuv you mom, I wuv you too dad!'
from the honeyed petulant lips of your babies
wide eyes full of trust, loving only you
hugging a leg tightly and smiling with
perfect miniature porcelain gleams
savour that moment and cling to it's gift
for you are most truly loved in a bigger way
then the masses could ever pour upon your soul
and far too soon comes the silence
wrapped around you in deaths final grip
clasping you in the airless space
of a mahogany and brass container
that your babies, then grown will hug
and whisper, " I love you mom, I love you dad.
but your ears will not function
and your eyes sewn shut will not see
the glories of what love bestowed upon you

If we even get the chance at least once
to cause someone to say "I love you."
then we have achieved the adoration
that all were meant to bask in
and so few hang on to long enough
to appreciate the incredible beauty
it adds to life, as well as the ease
with which it helps to lessen death
when all that is sacred in this world
slips away with a sad sigh.


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